My name is Thomas Petrou and I daily vlogged for 3 years of my life. It was an amazing experience that led me to create The Hype House with my closest friends. Here's my life now.

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  1. trinity davies

    Rainbow unicorns xx

  2. Milan and Alison

    yes let her join

  3. 24 Himanshi Pradhan

    its over

  4. Shalom Machiridza

    thomas bro plz be inthe youtubers vs tik tokers fight plz you can fight danny dunncan plz bro think about don't be a bitch

  5. Itz_eva

    The Noah “hey” 🤣🤣

  6. Ximena Arriaga

    any one here after the jaden, mads, nessa and josh drama????

  7. MishPlays - Roblox Gaming

    Addison's voice is Soooo sweet 🥺🤩

  8. Little Been

    Sweet leemer

  9. emma. rblx

    blue bear

  10. Arafa’s vlog A

    Addison:HELLOOOOOOOO! Papper:this is not a tiktok house anymore!

  11. Victoria Negretti Antonetti

    You should fill Michael's room with his girlfriend

  12. Neat S


  13. emma. rblx

    rainbow unicorns

  14. McKenna McQuivey

    “Green Apples” Michaels hair looks great, and I was convinced that Mia was gonna kill him at some point 😂

  15. Colson topics

    they do be coping Pauclub fucking a i love pauclub

  16. Live Videos

    Nick is in my room

  17. Camilla Avila Salas

    Charli after she opened the tolilet: and stay there:)

  18. BRAXTS

    i will cash you and make change lil boy-

  19. Jimmy 501

    man tiktokers are stupid as hell dude

  20. Jimmy 501

    how is this a fucking prank

  21. Thebestgirl 0973

    Thomas the whole time: hėhĖhehehehėhėhėhhė

  22. Myla Martinez

    blue bear

  23. CharmlyLucks

    green apples

  24. Henry Mason

    I loveeee this coupleeeeee

  25. Gurleen Kaur01


  26. Maria Ortega

    I love when Mia gets sad it is so cute both are to cute😘😍🥰 cutes couple ever 🥰😘😍

  27. Mia Turcios

    Green apples

  28. Arianna Spicer

    Anyone else see how often calvin says mother effer

  29. Olivia Hall

    hold on first thing i look at is that it is posted on THE 1ST OF APRIL... APRIL FOOLS DAY!

  30. Kinley Zuck

    egg bunny

  31. West wood Family

    Larry's gay

  32. Katie Davison

    Michael looked like someone from Greece with his hair like that and the white shirt🙃

  33. Alba De La Cruz

    Big balls or Pack of peanuts I don’t know which one

  34. TikXTok Page

    It's over

  35. Gracie Atkinson

    How much is hype club someone pls tell me

  36. faiza frazana

    The way Nikita change her face quickly 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  37. Shianne Her

    Left foot

  38. Tasmine Cattron

    green apples

  39. S Nation

    Okay now we need fillings nai room of pictures of vinnie

  40. Janalynn koschak

    Green apple

  41. It’s just Jamz

    No wonder Michael does not have a girlfriend he doesn’t shower

  42. Dj Fun

    spongy lamma

  43. Tere Longe

    thomas: IGNORING MIA me: mia will be beating micheal so she won't care

  44. Terrie Josia

    Hypeclub is $20 a month. I better see some bare ass checks for that price.

  45. papanani

    am i the only one who thought he looked like Oli London in the thumbnail

  46. Kaia Hessey

    Why is no one talking about how Thomas has his wallpaper as Mia 🥺

  47. carlene Gleeson

    Green apples

  48. FN Minus

    Just for Mia Pink Teddy Bear

  49. Brianna Delgadillo

    hi my

  50. Justina Maloney

    let nessa join

  51. Javier Ponce

    Well i guess next video its going to be a part 2 of its over but this time its not noing to be April fools day 😂😂😂

  52. clemシ

    il sont vrement foux les americins mdrrr

  53. Blake Hei

    i need more content of that pool fr

  54. Knight

    Fluffy tomato 🍅

  55. stitch lelo

    i love michaels hair!!! I think its looks amazing on him

  56. umaima tahoor

    Birds aren’t real me: oh wow YOUR SO DUMB

  57. Mariyam Sura Zakariyya

    It's over

  58. Jayla Alexander

    I’m happy you didn’t have nessa not Bc of what happened about chase it Bc she boring I don’t like her

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  60. Christopher Valencia

    Green apples

  61. Ilana Gonzalez

    ✨Green apples✨🍏

  62. Ciara Varney

    I never win stuff like this :/

  63. Masentle Motale

    no one: me when i hear thomas laugh(giggle): :)

  64. Alina Rodriguez

    dude i read the last book

  65. vijaya kameswari

    RIP thomas 😂😂😂. And mia when she's annoying is literally me 😂😂

  66. Paula Lopez

    GREEN APPLES 🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏😂🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏😂😂😂😂😂🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏I will JOIN the hope club as soon as possible!!!!!

  67. Niamh Walgrove

    little Leo

  68. Bob Smith

    I love your vlogs they make me laugh

  69. Reagan Games

    I sub to the hype club and I CANNOT LOG IN 😡😡😡😡

  70. Nate Luby

    Happy birthday Mia

    1. Nate Luby

      Mia id a

  71. Swype nj boys nach Fan

    they are so cuteeee 😍🥰

  72. Misha Casablancas

    Where's Hera when they filled his room?

  73. Mariyam Sura Zakariyya

    Sweet lemur

  74. Nakita Mohler