My name is Thomas Petrou and I daily vlogged for 3 years of my life. It was an amazing experience that led me to create The Hype House with my closest friends. Here's my life now.

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    is nailea's voice okay?

  2. Gibby Wawa

    Gummy soda

  3. Thot God

    One moment of sentiment when Vinne leaves to go home Another moment of Connor without a shirt trying to fight someone

  4. Yacoub Muhammad

    I think that Charli and Chase broken up Right now But charli if you see this meesege plsssssssss reaply

  5. Nouha Nourhane


  6. y

    Doing what 🌚??

  7. Johanna Barretto

    The way James read me/us 3:58

  8. Maya Evans


  9. Tiktok- Memes

    tommas i am big fan chase is funny

  10. Shalina Vagai


  11. Conrad Hickman

    Mingo ham

  12. Evanna Rafferty

    I Love u Mia 🙂🙂

  13. Jocelyn Hansen

    Strawberry octopus 🐙

  14. Bevan Hooper

    Puppy cute

  15. Karen Hernandez

    I love u guys so sos much and im only 8 😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  16. Lindiwe Romero

    “Fluffy rice” I love you’re content they make me laugh, and smile.

  17. Harry _ Tomlinson 23

    Gummy Sarah

  18. Kaye_Gamer Uwu

    What happened to you’re daily vlogs?

  19. Kawaii _Dinosaur

    This video made me realize how broke l am 👁💧👄💧👁

  20. Laveah Poor Bear

    Not gonna lie Michael looks like my dad🤣

  21. Yasmin Martinez

    Pizza crust

  22. Bongo Cat Draws

    Mango ham

  23. Michelle Olivar

    Mango ham

  24. Eve Flores

    Fluffy rice

  25. Angela Roman

    *Mango ham* bich

  26. Haylie Arreguin

    Calvin:”I left mines in my car to” Me: he has a car now🤨

  27. Karlee plays Roblox with you

    Gummy soda

  28. Life with Addy

    Spongy llama 🦙

  29. Giliani Garza


  30. Karlee plays Roblox with you

    Wiggle peanut

  31. Isadora Pereira Lima

    Eu sou a única que ainda shipo eles, mesmo depois da babaquice que o chase fez com a Charli?

  32. Isadora Pereira Lima

    Algum brasileiro assistindo e entendendo nada tbm.

  33. Leah LovesParis

    The most random intro of the century

  34. Maddison McGuinness

    I have the same birthday as kouver

  35. Bunny Queen Gaming


  36. Tatum Neel

    I'm 14 and literally know and played with all these :)

  37. xenia ballesteros

    nicks new girl

  38. mac 22

    lol leo😩

  39. Ziarre Matthews

    Mango ham😂😂😂

  40. Amber-Leigh REX-KULATEA

    blue christmas

  41. Paris Tuigamala


  42. Yual Welday

    The symbol looks like a devils trap from supernatural

  43. omlmike

    mango ham

  44. Alisha Surkovic

    Gummy Soda

  45. Hailey N

    Not Mia in the background ahhh I dropped a potato on the floor lmaoo

  46. Miriam Cruz

    Who the fuck still watches hype house it’s gone

  47. duda Mattos

    Vinnie you are the owner of my heart

  48. bureeqo mohamed

    I know that I’m late but could you keep your camera still

  49. Njt Anything


  50. Jess Lis

    Larray´s Gay

  51. Gabriella Keene

    mango ham

  52. Kenan Sua

    Spongy lamba

  53. •Mya•

    I missed about 100 episodes apparently Kouvrs getting married what

  54. Jarielys Vega

    Sorry I’m late but ‘mango ham’

  55. L and L Playz


  56. Allybugs28 Paul

    Nicks not a man he is a teigy

    1. Allybugs28 Paul

      A twig

  57. Sophie Neale

    I feel like they were drunk at 2 AM

  58. Sienna Granatiero

    Taylor: “i must be stupid” Thomas: “he has something in common with Ryland” Taylor: “he f**ks a LOT of girls” HAD ME DYINGGGG

  59. Sienna Granatiero

    Mia: “this is little Stormicles room” Thomas: “let’s not touch the sheets” Mia: “mhm” Me: you just moved in.....

  60. abby williams

    I love pugs ❤️

  61. Chelsea and Jamisyn

    swipe house

  62. Kylee Williams

    Spongy lama