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    1. Crash Holliday

      I think Addison is on drugs

    2. Brandon Borden

      Left foot

    3. William Haase

      Addison has such a good personality

    4. Jacinda Joseph

      Left foot 🦶🏽

    5. allison miranda

      omg thomas laugh kills me. and his jokes are not funny but he makes them funny some how

    6. Comfy Gaming

      Left foot

    7. Kitty Mosher

      left... foot

    8. Halle Suarez

      “F*ck of broke boy, you ain’t taking my money”

    9. Trinity Scheible

      Left foot

    10. Mackenzy Mcbride

      Why is chase the funniest person in the hype house

    11. Lilly Olivares

      left foot

    12. saleena pahal

      Left foot

    13. Delilah B


    14. Stqry Tapes

      Chase is so cute and funny we need him in the vlogs more 😂

    15. Samantha Watters

      Thomas: it’s like we’re camping Chase : ya except we live in a mansion Me: 😂😂😭

    16. Laila Badran

      left foot

    17. Alysha Pajunen

      left foot

    18. FlightJordan

      Left foot

    19. Zariah Pacheco

      left foot.

    20. Fan Dreak

      Why I’m just now discovering this video

    21. Malina Dannenberg

      Left foot

    22. Autum Driesbaugh

      left foot

    23. Mariel Ragadio


    24. B M

      Left foot

    25. triple trouble truffle

      left foot 💞💝💓💓💝💝💞💝💓💝💞💞💝💓💘💘💖💕💖💘💘💕💓💝💞

    26. Random.Emma012

      i know that i am not the only one who watches all thomas's videos right?

    27. saliya wilson

      left foot

    28. LilShawty_XD

      *Thomas talking at the end ne: OMG THE CAT!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    29. Barner Perry Adyson

      Left foot 😂


      left foot

    31. jana eleter

      hello fellow peeps

    32. jana eleter


    33. Kenna 24

      "I have Mia here to protect me...Hi Michael hi paper. Hah I don't know how to spell his name

    34. Yareli Orozco

      Left foot

    35. sheila kazimi

      Left foot

    36. katelynn lonewolf

      left foot


      Left put

    38. Paulina Munoz

      left foot

    39. Emma Loo

      left foot

    40. 바보Girl모조품Human


    41. Tran Lam

      I'm late butt does chase not look like a cat and act like it In this video

    42. Gabriella Lafogg

      Left foot

    43. Lavida Manygoats

      left foot

    44. Sylvie Masters

      Left foot

    45. Adopt me Team

      Left foot

    46. Neil Becerra

      left foot

    47. salima

      best moment in the video 3:48

    48. 100 subscribers before Christmas

      Lowkey chase looks like Robbie from gravity falls

    49. Nylon Gachas

      Chase is a cat 0-0

    50. Samantha Watters

      I love chase 🤣🤣

    51. Kaiden S

      “Thuck off you ain’t thaking my money” -chase 🤣😂😅

    52. Kaiden S

      I like chase a lot more watching clogs w him in it

    53. Malenas_beans

      left foot

    54. xX polarlikesfriedchicken Xx

      0:46 that’s me on a day-to-day basis

    55. Speesy Cheesy

      Chase is so funny lol

    56. Free Edits

      Left..... foot.

    57. Paula Orriols

      Left foot

    58. Sophiebuggie


    59. Wolf GamerGirl

      left foot

    60. L B

      Left foot

    61. Jenisha Radhoe

      Left food

    62. leo lincoln

      lmaooooo i love addisonnn

    63. Marah Disi

      Left foot

    64. Kamili Realty

      I-Left fo-ot

    65. Kyndall Clark

      Left foot

    66. Honey bee's

      Noone: ..... Me: LEFT FOOT LEFT FOOT

    67. Tsvetomir Konov

      No offence but addi is kinda being mean but ...💖

    68. Jesus Christ

      No one else gonna do it so Left foot🦶🏼

    69. charlidamelio fanpage

      Addisons laugh is everything

    70. Yehimy the cutest unicorn

      Left foot

    71. XHoney.Mashupsx X

      “You ain’t takin mah Mooney” JSHSJAJAJ IM DYING CHASE WTF

    72. XHoney.Mashupsx X

      ps: chase never got his hat back :(

    73. Areeba Tamkeen Syed

      And comment down below Chase: left foott...😂😂

    74. Slime_time

      I'm the only one who HATES michael

    75. 『Våñîllã Ättåçk』

      Left foot- I-

    76. Isabelle Porter

      Left foot ✨🥥💙💙

    77. iiAurorasii

      Left foot

    78. Matilda Jacobson

      Left foot

    79. Gisella Davis

      left foot

    80. NoxtuNaL

      Adisson day

    81. Natalia Mendoza Valadez

      left foot


      Left foot - Chase Hudson / Lil Huddy

    83. Italia tafoya

      Left foot 🤣

    84. Anna Abhilash

      left foot

    85. priella Ashu-samson

      its my birthday

    86. Desiree Camino

      left foot

    87. Jojo Foulkes

      Left foot

    88. Mckenzie Dreisonstok

      left foot

    89. MilkyLila

      *left foot*

    90. Melissa Morales

      Happy Birthday Nick

    91. Hilabeth Siqui

      Left foot 🦶

    92. Nabihah H

      Left f-foot.

    93. Simon Young Linck


    94. HappyLand_ Squad

      With the trim button where is the audio button 😂😂

    95. Aaleah Francis

      Left foot

    96. Mayowa Ifanse

      Left foot

    97. Edamame Yay

      Left foot

    98. Alexis McCue


    99. Olivia Hunsicker

      Left foot pffhhhh

    100. Stephen Redden

      I would like to be Addison