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Thomas Petrou

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    James Charles Gave Me A Makeover!
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    1. Imani Figueroa

      crunchy nugget

    2. Aliah Birks

      Crunchy nugget

    3. shanley Hunt

      crunchy nugget

    4. Kitty Mosher

      runchy nugget

    5. Kadie Ma

      2:04 Thomas and Mia kissed in the back :0

    6. CarlC France

      Its 8 inches thick so there is no possible way you can say it looks weird 🤣🤣🤣that part took me out i love james ❤

    7. RUBY Castillo

      i love james thomas make more vlogs with him and larray plz you didnt even turn inti james

    8. Alissa Aubertin

      Crunchy Nugget

    9. Jennifer Ciambriello

      Crunchy Nugget LMAO

    10. Ms.Diva07 #2

      Crunchy nugget

    11. Alexandra Hernandez

      Thomas:okay... Me: omg that meme 😂😂😂

    12. Aliana Manasek

      "crunchy nugget" love u hype house

    13. Pink gamer roblox

      yesterday i went to a restrunt and this girl who looks exactly like mia i live in Virginia uh child anyways soo

    14. Dena Reynolds

      Chunky nugget

    15. Stqry Tapes

      0:45 kinda true I love when chase is in the vlogs

    16. • Mariane •

      Crunchy nugget

    17. Charlie Yusubov

      when Thomas says I have that cut in my eyebrow because my brother threw a phone at me.... Me remembering when my sister threw a phone and my eye and when I threw a toy drawer at her eyebrow and the same thing happened :D

    18. Brianna Castillo

      Thomas: how do you guys do this I fell soo ugly James : oh well you are 😂😂🤣🤣

    19. Emma W

      Omg James was hilarious in this video

    20. Analee Rodriguez

      crunchy nugget is what i hear lol

    21. Abigail Shaw

      cruncheie nuggets

    22. olivia_lunemann

      Crunchy nugget

    23. Samantha Irving

      Crunchy nugget

    24. RUBY Castillo

      i love james and larray thomas make more vids with james and larray plz

    25. mahdyar

      thomas is king b**ch 😏😎🥇🔥

    26. Eliza Schuyler Hamilton

      Chicken Nugget

    27. Farvin Akter

      just noticed this is likee the only video thumbnail without Thomas opening his mouth- (or am I wrong?)

    28. Amna Atif

      crunchy nugget

    29. _Crafting_with_nina _

      Crunchy nugget

    30. Madeline nadia Nababan

      i kept replaying the james part, he's soo funny in this vlogg lmfaoo

    31. Paula Orriols

      crunchy nugget

    32. Janai Perez

      Crunchy nugget

    33. Wolf GamerGirl

      crunchy nugget

    34. Skipz Gang

      Wow that one time to mouth isn’t open!!!!

    35. 『Våñîllã Ättåçk』

      Crunchy nugget:>

    36. Xxpotato_GachaxX

      LOL I’m dead! James in this video was a literal BAD B-

    37. Amber Devore

      James is just brutal but it's hilarious

    38. McKenzie Meyers

      crunchy nugget

    39. Rainbow _plays

      Crunchy nugget

    40. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      The whole time Thomas was with James’s I was wheezing 😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣

    41. Students Lighthouse


    42. Melinda Popovich


      1. Nancy Lamothe


    43. Rékendra Sargeant

      i can see it now james being harsh on thomas for 4 minutes straight.

    44. Neth Raj

      crunchy nuget

    45. Pink gamer roblox

      Team tia for life

    46. Mohib Ullah Khan

      "Thomas turn off the camera" 😌😭

    47. Natalie Cardenas

      Eyebrows make you mad but the most the time you’re happy

    48. Breton Magazzu

      ¨Yea when i was little my brother threw a phone at me¨ *IS YOUR BROTHER IMJAYSTATION?!*

    49. Delilah Macedo

      None: literally none: Mia: coconut Only Mia would say that 😭💀

    50. Noor Vlogs

      Omg hoos ideal what’s this

    51. Ashrita Rao

      james is suposed to be exited to do your make up

    52. _.softly_vlogs

      Thomas Ik you won’t see this but you should give charli the camera for a day video idea

    53. Meloddy

      ⚠️BEWARE⚠️ if u have tic tok stay, tic tok takes ur information ℹ️. If u have ZYNN the tic tok creator made that app cuz it’s rlly similar. & no❤️ I am not lying. how does tic tok take ur information? u know when u make a video tic tok needs to access ur camera and audio something like that, they can see ur photos. ZYNN is tic tok but just yellow & looks like snapchat a lil. Bye ❤️

    54. MAR ALR

      Thomas, I fell so ugly James well you are me dying

    55. JactheACE Hey guys

      Country nugget

    56. AyaCheikhali789

      Your videos make me dizzy

    57. life why

      Yall I am coming........................👉💩🎒

    58. astro x

      He didn't show us the make up

    59. Heejeh Sung

      never thought the day would come when nailea went to the hype house...

    60. VannidaHope

      When you RELIZE that the Oreo stack from James house is from khloe kardashians Oreo video on toutube

    61. Zainab Mokachar

      Me: Looks at title: Also me: Sees the same face Thomas makes for every thumbnail

    62. TikTok Tiktok

      crunch nugget

    63. kiristofer betsargis

      Omgg I love this side of James 😭😭🥰🥰

    64. Gracie Evans

      You can’t tell me that’s a cat. That’s a tiger. THAT is a TIGER. 🐅

      1. raiinclxuds

        Tigers are cats.

    65. Diana Rocha

      Crunchy nugget

    66. shamyandshaiel Jennifer

      Thomas:Doesn't feel wierd or is it just me James:I litrally still 7 inchens tall 😂😂😂

    67. shamyandshaiel Jennifer

      Thomas:Do u stare at the camera the whole time James:Thats kinda the point 😂😂😂😂

    68. shamyandshaiel Jennifer

      Thomas:How do u guys do this i feel so ugly James:well u are 😂😂😂😂😂

    69. shamyandshaiel Jennifer

      Bahaha james tho with the tiliting

    70. Leonie Stam

      3.59 so true

    71. afghanyar123

      Crunchy nugget

    72. Gwyneth Revis

      you are the most important but you also have the biggest bank account. 😂

    73. tehe boop


    74. the Queen of Halloween

      Grayson Dolan said that as well

    75. Ana Mendoza

      I wish I could wish I can met the everyone I love everone

    76. Ana Mendoza

      Love you Thomas and the whole hyea house

    77. himadri raval

      Crunchy nugget!!

    78. Michelle Tran


    79. Jessica Gilchrist

      Crunchy nugget

    80. b0t


    81. Bailey Berry

      I literally LOVE nailea!!!!

    82. ASMR with Amber

      Your eyebrow is like 〰️


      No one: 3:15 a random guy in the back seat with his phone

    84. Kabir Kapoor

      nothing is more clickbait......

    85. Alysia Alvarado

      thank u James for the pink drink bomb

    86. Kyle McFadden2007

      crunchy nugget

    87. Emma Staats

      crunchey nugget

    88. Niamh Hackett


    89. IamAshely Playz

      Your cousins are weird

    90. Emma Kelly

      Is it just me or did his expression slightly change for the thumbnail

    91. Marina Pappas

      crunchy nugget

    92. HEY STOB IT!!

      I'm like literally scared like wtf is gonna happen everyone keep saying "god bless u" I'm so scared what's gonna happen

    93. lxmon._. kels

      ᴀᴛ 2:04 i love her voice

    94. Moonlight Taylor GC

      4:51 its still 8 inches thick XD

    95. Hannah Khan


    96. T Gabrillo

      Thomas in all his thumbnails: 😮 Thomas in this thumbnail:🙁 Me: IS THIS REAL DID HE MAKE A DIFF FACE my friend: 😮

      1. T Gabrillo

        I don’t like my comment 0-0

    97. b e a

      the only time when his face is different in the thumbnail 💀

    98. Estelle Gard

      klick bate alarm

    99. Morgan Hodge

      2:12 I- LMAO I CAN'T

    100. Jennifer Wheeler

      Crunchy nugget