Confronting Bryce At Sway!

Thomas Petrou

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    Confronting Bryce At Sway!
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    1. Ruby Federkow


    2. Kerry McWilliams

      Lemon grass

    3. Aaron Wilkinson

      i am 11 and i can crack an egg with mu fist l

    4. Alexi Gaspari

      Lemon grass

    5. Alexi Gaspari

      Guys my sister and I are huge fans would you Mind saying hi back in the comments

    6. Maddie and Lexi Neon maker

      I love how Michael skipped everyone who didn’t know his name ✋😭

    7. Charli Damelio

      No one: Thomas’s files: big bird

    8. Lola Martin

      Lemongrass Micheal was like what’s MY NAME 😭 oh btw thomas i LOVE ur vidios ans i think i have watvjed them all would u mind making one every hour of the day to keep me entertained? Thank you xoxo

    9. Telixca Sillett

      Lemon grass wtf ok.-

    10. Manal Djellali

      lemon grass

    11. thedinos army


    12. Cherry Neufeldt

      Lemon grass


      lemon grass

    14. abig7890 abig7890

      lemon grass

    15. Shaunna Bruce

      Bryces bathroom is bigger then my bacemeant and my bacemeant is really big

    16. Delaney._. Reese

      is nobody gonna talk about the file about Kouvr's puppy??

    17. Hannah Rathbone

      anyone notice addison just casually on the wall

    18. Mason No

      Dude you gotta open the big bird bit movie and how does paper react to a paperclip

    19. Alexis Call

      Lemon grass I love y’all plz notice me I watch all of y’all’s videos and I am subscribed to all of y’all❤️❤️❤️

    20. Kinlyqeen99

      Lemon rat

    21. Tiger Beast playz

      Lemon grass

    22. assya prd

      Why no one know Micheal's name ?

    23. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Lemon grass."

    24. Susan Lane

      Lemon grass

    25. FH - 05DG 815031 Springdale PS

      lemon grass

    26. stedodd09

      michal we love you xx

    27. alyssa mclay

      are we not gonna talk about how thomas is never wearing a short in the outro like ok.?

    28. Kimberly

      Lemon grass

    29. avah sullivan


    30. It’sabbie lexver1

      Thomas Is a different type of human

    31. Opposite Twins

      Lemon grass

    32. Kaysaan

      I remember when all he did was talk about team 10, and couldn’t get in. Was barely getting like 4K views. Put that work in

    33. Layla_Limelight

      btw lemon grass

    34. Layla_Limelight

      theres a picture of addison in bryces living room 1:00

    35. Rhonda Willbanks

      lemon grass

    36. Riley lol

      Calvin: AAAAÈÂÆIIÎEÆ Mia: did your voice just crack? Calvin: no

    37. Skylar Romano

      Bryce's bathroom is bigger than my whole second floor in my house no cap.

    38. Makinzie MG SQUAD


    39. Cody Saunders

      Lemon grass

    40. Willma Bergman


    41. Susan Lane


    42. Bradlee Brooke and Adlee


    43. Sunshine Queen

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    44. grace ponsonby

      lemmon grass

    45. Bailey Grist

      Lemon grass

    46. Hannah Kennon


    47. Hi Megan

      Lemon grass

    48. Hilary Compere

      lEmOn GrAsS

    49. Naomi koernig

      Lol Thomas's files

    50. Nikita Sch

      check out my new game about hype house members :

    51. aaliyah

      Lemon grass

    52. Abbie Turner

      lemon grass

    53. Raeleen Reveles

      Lemon grass

    54. Aubrey Reeves

      Lemon grass

    55. Lexie Rintoule

      btw not trying to be a smart a$$ but if u crack a egg on the floor and take the shell away and let the puppy eat it it will give them protean

    56. Zoe Tarantino

      You’re Ethan Dolan?....

    57. The District Reseller

      thomas held the egg the wrong way...

    58. Gabriella Nelson

      i can break the egg and I'm a 14 year old girl lamo

    59. Willow Gossett

      Poor Micheal

    60. Jodie Price

      you have like two other videos about Confronting Bryce

    61. Hailey & Rylee Prince

      Lemon grass

    62. Hennessy Serrano

      Lemon grass

    63. Keira Herring

      Bryce bathroom is the size of the entire up and down stairs of my house

    64. Torance Persing


    65. Shalaya Yazzie

      Not the file saying “ giving away kouvrs puppy”😂

    66. Camila

      Lemon grass

    67. Aileen Solorzano

      poor michael😂... I love you !😂❤️

    68. Kpop_dragon

      Lemon grasses

    69. the three siblings vlog v

      Lemon grass

    70. Im a Chicken nugget

      6:01 second hand embarrassment and anxiety went through the roof 📈📈📈📈

    71. Life with Mya Peroid

      You rude

    72. Daylon Harris

      can i get ur phone number

    73. Maddy M

      Lemon grass can you do a part 3 of Omegle please

    74. Its Just Annie

      the ending XD

    75. Miah Elizabeth

      Lemon grass😂


      Lemon something

    77. Eva Leigh Kepa

      you're ethannn dolan....

    78. Kayana Hart

      limen grass

    79. Serenity Archuleta-Hall

      Lemmon grass

    80. Teresa Olvera-Morales

      I didn't know that Conner had a girlfriend

    81. Carly Brazell

      Lemon grass

    82. Stephanie M

      lemon grass

    83. Eimear Kelleher

      His bathroom is bigger then my room


      Mike= week

    85. Aria Knight

      Lemon grass

    86. Jessica Shoesmith

      Is it just me or would Michael be the first person you would recognize ......

    87. Kit Kat and friends

      Lemon grass, u guys should go on omegle more with Michael because this was so funny

    88. Indi P-S

      Lemon grassss

    89. Waves .Roblox

      Lemon grass

    90. Waves .Roblox

      ITS Michael!!!!

    91. Iisha Koenig

      Lomen grass

    92. SimplyyAngel

      The fact that Bryces rom is the size of my house

    93. •waffles•

      I need more Omegle vids

    94. Germain Carl Daniel

      I love you Guys

    95. Serena Khamis

      I love Michael 😍

    96. Sky

      u are the best thomas ilysm

    97. Sarah Michael

      remeber when hes vlogs were 5 min longe

    98. Tatiana HUSSEINI

      lemon grace

    99. Mia cifuni

      Did anyone see the thing saved on the computer that said “giving away Joubert puppy”

    100. Piata WAIARIKI

      the fans wanna know... did Nick add her on snap?