Confronting Larray About This...

Thomas Petrou

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    Confronting Larray About This...
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    1. Thomas Petrou

      I re used 2 bits from a vlog that got deleted from HUfast after an hour of being up. I just didn’t want the funny bits to go to waste

      1. Alysha McIntyre

        Omg hiiiiiii I watch your videos every day!

      2. Paris Thomas

        thomas why do u guys move so much

      3. Vanessa Kodua


      4. rgalat1975

        wait......u are moving are you taking mia

      5. Dani Mother of Dragons

        Thomas Petrou they weren't funny hun

    2. elbia chacon bonnilia

      Am i the only dunkin here all the hype men are my idols but i LOVE CHAR🥺

    3. Emma Mae

      🥺when I saw the house I started crying cuz I miss the old hype house lol 🥺

    4. lea arzola

      Blue berry muffins

    5. jasminqxmiinty _

      oml why did chase look so innocent and cute at the end

    6. Niya Adams

      0:55 we not gonna talk about how he caught the ball like its a glitch

    7. Shaefer Hutchinson

      All I could think about was how adorible nick looked drinking the pink milkshake.

    8. Jefry Cordero

      I got a big smile on my face when Mia’s said “I don’t know what her starter would be though” Lol

    9. Declan Novak

      it’s the shaking camera and terrible face angles for me

    10. Victora Johnson

      God bless!

    11. angel gov

      This is soo creepy, about 2 months ago i had a dream that i went to the hype house and it was the new house shown in this video. Like wth!

    12. Trin Lad

      Blueberry muffins

    13. Uzi Luthuli

      They shouldn’t move

    14. Uzi Luthuli

      Nick and ryland should make a HUfast channel

    15. Bbg.Brook

      Blueberry muffins and chase looked so innocent and the end its just so cute🥺🥺

    16. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Blueberry muffins."

    17. Free Edits

      Blue berry muffins

    18. e

      At the end chase looked like a 7 year old waiting for his mom to open the door😂

    19. Bennny Boy68

      Turn to Jesus

    20. crazy fam


    21. Imani Figueroa

      blueberry muffins

    22. Angelica Hernandez

      Blueberry muffins

    23. Ciara Duncan

      i dont know why but chase at the end is very funny

    24. IltL! tih!


    25. Lisa Azevedo

      Blueberry muffins

    26. Leyonna Singleton

      STOP MOVING 😂😂😭😭

    27. Mariah Segovia

      omfg! my little sister and me call my big sister's bf blueberry pancakes! lol!

    28. Dalilah Sangster


    29. Cotton Candy The Twilight Wolf

      Blueberry muffins also Chase looking so innocent in the end is cute 🥺

    30. sophia perko

      blueberry muffins

    31. Abrahan Payes

      i ship sienna and chad so hard

    32. Abrahan Payes

      is no one gonna talk about how they all are not wherein g mask at that restaurant and the waiter is ??? saddle ranch......

    33. Camila Barrera

      blue berry muffins

    34. Tia Baumert

      lets talk about im 10 and chase if 6 inches taller then me..

    35. Kaylee Dominguez


    36. Kylie Rapp


    37. Kayla Chavez


    38. Guadalupe Jimenez

      Chase looked so innocent at the end 🥺😊

    39. Hailey Marie

      Blueberry muffins

    40. Ana Sofia Gallardo

      am i the only one that thought jake was like 17?

    41. Rachel Seeley

      Has anyone ever noticed that chase and mias brother look so much alike

    42. Isabella Perez

      Blueberry muffin

    43. Chelsea Mears

      The girls in this group can never compare to the vlog squad. So overdramatic ear piercing babies yikes

    44. Faze5_vibezz

      blueberry muffins

    45. Aniyah Smith

      Only reason I watch Thomas is to see the hype house

    46. Amelia Argott

      Blueberry muffins For Thomas

    47. Lilly Muchiri

      Blueberry muffins

    48. Faytje love

      blueberry muffins

    49. Emily Sharman

      Me on Yt: 👁👄👁 Thomas every 3 videos: “welcome to the vlog we found a new house”

    50. Sally Walker

      Blueberry muffins

    51. Namara Hernandez


    52. Jennifer Bahena

      Aw lmao chase at the end 😂🥺🤍✨

    53. Rose Griffin

      blueberry muffins

    54. BRILEY Valencia

      Blueberry muffins

    55. ngun tlung

      blueberry muffin

    56. Celena Rivard


    57. Ngarangi Paahi

      Is no one going to talk about how jake and thomas in the store passed fgteevs toy

    58. Chelsea Bree

      They move so much

    59. Alexa the world’s friends

      Chase looks old at the end

    60. Alexa the world’s friends

      Blueberry Muffins

    61. Jerri Naniot

      blueberry muffin

    62. Patrick Hernandez


    63. aaliyah

      Blue Barry muffins

    64. Kehlani

      omg so true

      1. Kehlani

        1:18 not him saying chase is black BYE

      2. Kehlani


      3. Kehlani


    65. Phoebe Blair

      fluffy potatos

    66. Alejandra Delgado

      Can I have your old house

    67. theo

      Who's here for Larray and Larray only ?

    68. Riley Rigdon

      Blueberry muffins

    69. Michelle Keahey

      I weigh more than mia and i have lost like 10 pounds because i stopped eating. AND IM 15

    70. DANA Dev

      Awee chase at the end🥺

    71. Sharlene Faith Tajan

      It looks like the very first house🤧

    72. Dani Mother of Dragons

      These videos are so bad...worse then back in the day dobre brothers ...I don't get have the resources why not make decent content ?

    73. Shiny 623

      Love that Capri Sun chase was drinking my fav is strawberry kiwi 😉☺️

    74. Annika Wagner

      no wonder he puts so many ads .... for that house

    75. Ofaloto Fangupo

      get it so that crazy fans wont show up any more

    76. oh boy

      jake looks like aiden gallager

    77. Ava Isabelle Del Rosario

      I came her for LARRAY

    78. Hogwarts_25

      “Nick really needs that to be honest” 😂😂😂

    79. Patrick Marroquin

      blueberry muffins

    80. Positive Vibes

      Blue berry muffins

    81. Jade Wilson

      Blue berry muffins

    82. Gianna collier

      okay but like chase at the end :(

    83. Ali A


    84. Frozen Potato

      Blueberry muffins

    85. Tom MbekeEkanem

      1:17 "He's black, I have to" lmao 😂

    86. Maya Queen

      Blueberry muffins

    87. Nicole Anastasia

      I think Michael looks like an actor named Montana Jordan

    88. levina

      chase to ryland: "ur fcking short" ryland: "im taller than u" chase: "no ur not"

    89. MandeeW2004

      Jake is beautiful. Wow

    90. Quinton Plays

      Can I move in

    91. Savannah Gault

      I love how chase and rylen are fighting and chase is drinking a Capri sun I love those I am right there with you chase lol

    92. Adelaide Bertolina

      That house looks beautiful!!!

    93. Jaysce Reese

      Chase is so cute and innocent 🥰🥺

    94. Sienna Gunning

      Chase looks so innocent and like a child at the end

    95. Marley Laird

      blueberry muffins

    96. MY - 05HR 842035 Forest Glen PS

      The next can u include chase and charle

    97. Brooke Kanyur

      blueberry muffins

    98. Maheen Haris


    99. Mia playz rblx

      You moved into that huge house like about three months ago and you’re already moving‼️💀😭

    100. the manager of the mystery shop :}

      why does chase looks so smol and innocent at the end.