Confronting Nick About Where He's Been!

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    Confronting Nick About Where He's Been!
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    1. John Behnam

      Paper looks like a pug

    2. Analicia Morales

      I wonder who is the oldest in the hype house? But I love your videos :)

    3. Just MiaLouise!

      Fluffy paws

    4. Rev Miller

      Chase Hudson: Don’t judge me don’t judge me Me: did he just repeat it?

    5. Honey Roblox

      fluffy something

    6. Olivia Delves

      My local target is across the world lmao

    7. jacquai nutter

      Yall make really good videos keep on going pls

    8. niahduhh

      micheals hair looks crunchy

    9. Lyanna Tablas

      i has the merch follow me on tiktok so u can see(NO CAP) lyatab28 or lyatab2008

    10. Menace Empire

      fluffy paws

    11. serena nodal

      anyone else had that sour face while Michael was eating the candy

    12. grac7780 grac7780

      My favourite hype house member is Michael

    13. Ellie Mattsson

      Nick was on a mission to find out if birds are real or not so yeah that was he was I know It

    14. Kimberlee Peterson

      Mia talking whith her mouth closed it was so cute🥰

    15. Laryah Shannon

      I got the merch last week I love it they only had the black shirt though

    16. Among Us

      A lot of people know the talk with your mouth closed trick I think I do

    17. Rayley Cooke

      Fluffy paws

    18. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Fluffy paws."

    19. Sophia Chavez

      Next to the Nirvana merch... nice

    20. Faze_ Editz804

      Fluffy paws

    21. Willma Bergman


    22. The Grainger Kids

      Hi :)))

    23. Rhonda Willbanks

      fluffy paws

    24. Go go squeeze Squad

      How high are u

    25. Rachel Johnson

      Fluffy paws

    26. Jada M

      Fluffy paws

    27. Maribel Canales

      Not pump up the jam😭🤚

    28. Poppy Simmonds

      Fluffy paws

    29. Charli._.dunkin edits

      Fluffy paws

    30. Ellen Garcia

      Do you ever fell like a wast of space

    31. Erickjohnson0912 O

      Michaels always been the finest 😭

    32. Angeline DeLaRosa

      Fluffy paws I love you Mia your the Best

    33. Noelle Suzanne

      Me and my friends snorted citric acid last night LOL

    34. Nikita Sch

      check out my new game about hype house members :

    35. Its_Jxde

      Fluffy pause

    36. Madelyn Kelley

      I looked online for the hype house merch target and i found it

    37. Claire's Stuff

      Fluffy paws

    38. mofiz uddin

      I don't think this is a clue of the hype house falling apart because he said that he had been working on this for 7 months that was when all the famous people were still in the house

    39. Reed And the boys

      I love that spray

    40. Renae Taylor

      Fluffy paws

    41. shaquissha hunter


    42. Nia Baker

      We have no target in UK so sad

    43. xPearl Gamingx

      I just wanna know Kouvr’s real name 😔✌🏻 (I aInT tRynA bE wEirD)

    44. Catie Bleakley


    45. Tereasa dyck

      why did calvin get cute and pattrick turend ugly?

    46. xoSelenaaMariixo

      the fake laughing is just too much for me to sub

    47. Iisha Koenig

      Luffy pause

    48. idk idk

      EEEK tomorrow or on monday im going to target to see if they have the hype house merch!!!

    49. Toxic_ Playzz

      luffy pose

    50. Ava Frost 2024

      fluffy paws

    51. Patrick Hernandez

      Bro I literally do this all the time good job MIA

    52. Alexandra Guia

      those are not even sour they are pu**ys

    53. Idk

      i got mine at target

    54. Liany Pena

      Thomas: *laughs* what am i doing *laughs again* Me: ur doing something that i don't really know why ur doing it

    55. Yoelis Santiago

      mia's new talent "gdvydcgdc wcdcgyudicfv"

    56. Emma Medina

      I saw that at target and I was like wtf

    57. Erica Hidalgo

      I just bought the merge and it's so comfy

    58. Gabriela Davila

      Nick looked so shy!!1

    59. Shiny 623

      Calvin did that right the cup song like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    60. Malak Salama

      Did anyone realize that after they tried the sour candy someone was watching ana oop after and they were watching all the TikTok drama

    61. Avery Smith

      i know he asked him if he had corona😂😭😭

    62. MEME BOY

      Fluffy paws

    63. Matthew Richards


    64. Vaishnavi Burangey

      Love you and Mia ❤️❤️ you guys are adorable ❤️

    65. displayed_steamer

      I fill like it's just me or that Mia look like that little girl from wreck- it -ralph

    66. Rylee OBrien

      Awwww Mia and Thomas are so cute

    67. grace brown

      Hi I’m your biggest fan love yous❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    68. Brooke Playz

      Thomas in every thumbnail 👁⭕️👁

    69. Carli Smith

      Kova looked like she was having a seizure and I should know because I’m epileptic

    70. Nini Dznelashvili

      i think i found nick😊😍🥺😳


      omg mia looks like the youngest from the despicable me when she talks with her mouth closed and fluffypaws

    72. Elliana Rehberg

      Hi I love you so much

    73. Leah Shell

      Can you make your vids longer please

    74. Sabine Foster


    75. Mackenzie Murphy

      Fluffy paws

    76. Sophia Grover

      We need to see more kover

    77. Lxni m0ane


    78. LiLo

      1:08 Calvin likes the weirdest stuff bruh no cap😂😂

    79. Abigail Moreno Gurrola

      fluffy pals

    80. BMB

      Fluffy paws

    81. ekram the best

      i love nick hi nick the cute nick hah

    82. Addyson Barton

      I could do the sour challenge I love sour stuff

    83. Jayla Noles

      I am sooooo proud of chase bc he eats oh’s!! Oh’s are my fav cereal ever

    84. anna dostal

      thomas have the hype house try dirt flavored’s nasty

    85. Emily Stryletski

      this is literally the funniest vid

    86. BlackDahlia9002 !

      Ok. She gotta go to Americas got talent! Lol

    87. luisa Angelo

      Ahahah they so funny

    88. Lexi Price

      that doesnt taste like anything hint hint CORONA lol

    89. Alissa Aleman

      Fuffly paws

    90. Ensaf Rahmattalla

      luckly paws

    91. dAnIeLlE aCoMaN

      The sour candy is not even sour

    92. Dakotah Flanagan

      When Mia talks with her mouth closed, her face is cute

    93. Dakotah Flanagan

      Wow, Mia's net worth is more than yours

    94. EYECIE games

      Cole was definately high during this video 😭😂

    95. nikolina 600

      I love sour candies i would taje thag so good and i hear girl that make "past bedtime story" someone was whatvhing her lol

    96. ItsYaGirlJade :3


    97. Alma Gutierrez

      fluffy paws

    98. Cute Wolf

      Mia is so cute.

    99. Leah Montero

      `That’s how you know the hype house is ending in 2021

    100. Shane Smith

      Thomas had Covid he didt react to the sour