Connor Tried To Hit On Nikita!

Thomas Petrou

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    Connor Tried To Hit On Nikita!
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    1. Imani Figueroa

      purple patatos

    2. Blox Girl

      Mia is so right the puffs are so good

    3. Blox Girl

      She is so

    4. Kyeanah Robinson

      Why did Tayler get so jealous when Larry said Thomas is the best person?

    5. rae

      Purple potatoes

    6. Tesharna Beecher-Jones


    7. Rylynn Streifel

      Purple potato

    8. That wierd Bish

      1:40 I love how Michael was saying how sorry he was to Kouver (I might have spelt her name wrong) for spilling on her😂

    9. Aliana Manasek

      thomas puffs are great im not a bab and i still eat them

    10. Nayelli

      Purple potatoes

    11. Lucas Ensley

      purple potato

    12. Alex Music

      why is it so shaky? is my internet playing up?

    13. livydd ldd

      It's sad cuz nikita seems like she could be a nice sweet person but she keeps canceling herself 😩

    14. saliya wilson

      purple potatoes

    15. Sophie Moran

      Purple potatoes

    16. Avery Maar

      purple potato’s

    17. Gabriela Siarez

      Purple potatoes

    18. Lorianne Valentín

      Purple potato 💜


      Purple potatoes

    20. Speesy Cheesy

      How much is shipping!!!!

    21. pineapple. chvr

      Omg! his videos are super funny

    22. Kendall Thomson

      purple potatoes

    23. Wolf GamerGirl

      purple potatoes


      bro mia is right on the baby snack

    25. Madeleine Jiricek

      It's the where's summer is it winter for me

    26. Paul Russo

      Does Papper play roblox

    27. Hana Hadid

      purple patatos

    28. Layla Brunner

      Purple potatoes 🥔

    29. Katharine Kemner


    30. Olivia Freidhof

      purple potato

    31. Dora's Vibe

      purple potatoes

    32. decca anzie

      is none gonna talk about that Thomas has they same experssion in each thumbnail and also at 2:25 he touch mias sToUmCh

    33. Jayli Cando

      Nikita- ur not doing ur job ur supposed to be a like charli and addison a yound child star

    34. Jayli Cando

      Chase like oh well this is my life 0:31

    35. Dani.Savage .Gaming

      i was thinking him hiting on nikita ...but then again u clikbait.

    36. Donia Ayyad

      ur room is probably the only clean room in the hype house lmao

    37. Yahaira Merino

      "Is it cause I'm fat" lamo

    38. Vlogalexa

      It’s the moan for me😭😂

    39. Jake Cole

      I just fought some dude named brody he used to bully me... I beat his ass i broke his nose and his lip bled :/ i think I fractured his jaw

    40. Functionelle Catering


    41. FRuiTY_loops

      6:15 who was nonstop rewinding that dance to laugh😂😂😂

    42. Your Mom

      not gonna cap the strawberry apple baby snacks are FIREEE

    43. Gabe Diaz

      purple potatoe

    44. Shalone Ndayirangije

      Oh. My. God I think tay tay likes ray ray 🥰

    45. Jxrxick

      Connor: because im FAT!

    46. TvSeries & Movies

      I like baby food too just like mia 😹

      1. TvSeries & Movies

        Mostly the strawberry yogurt melts

    47. Kim Cookie

      I love potatoes but what makes them better if they are purple potatoes

    48. Rubi Time

      Purple potato’s

    49. Faridaelnemr Elnemr

      Thomas: They're completely free just pay the shipping and handling Me: OH wow thats so cHeAp

    50. Maria Valle barrios

      nikita said sir you are nt doing your supposed to be like charli and addison and be a young cild star

    51. Sage Jones


    52. Refuzeyy _

      Sooooooooo are still friends Larry AND Taylor

    53. Gaming with niya

      I don’t know why but baby puffs are soooo good😂

    54. Ky Plays Roblox

      It’s Taylor messing with Larry for me😂

    55. Teagan Davis

      For some odd reason I ship Taylor and Larry

    56. Lovely BTS

      I hope you put more clips of chase

    57. Kali Her Xiong

      No offense tho❤️

    58. Carly Taylor

      I'm madly in love with Chase Hudson. I love everything about him. His personality is incredible and unique. He's just so loving and caring and I love his vibe. He's so cool. I love him so so much. He's the best. P. S THOMAS If you see this message show it to Chase please 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    59. Faria Fizal


    60. Chloe Brown

      Bryce Hall should really post more bc as of rn Thomas has him beat by a million.

    61. Nick Henry

      Why he hitting on a guy

    62. 파크 론자.!

      I wonder what chase watched for him to moan a lot

    63. Fan Edits

      Purple Potatoes

    64. Gacha._.nugget

      Purple patato

    65. Cade Vidrine

      Honestly puffs are so good as in the baby snacks

    66. Jillian

      No not even anyone Chase: I’m lady liberty 🗽

    67. Moonlight Alex

      purple potatos

    68. Mya Kellman

      purple potato.You guys are my favorite and that is a fact!!!!!

    69. Aesthtic vsco Sister vlogs

      Purple potatoe

    70. Nateasha Davis

      Eww but Purple Potatoe lol

    71. Vlogs with Jholenny

      Connor in his head " I like you I dont give a Fuck bout your boyfriend come on lets link" lol

    72. Smile Play’s


    73. 10K SUBS NO VIDEOS

      Larry tallllllll

    74. ruby hancock

      Purple potatoes

    75. Wole Samuel


    76. Wole Samuel

      You know Nikita is transgender so that means you’re gay

    77. Wole Samuel


    78. janelle Luna

      Purple potatoes

    79. Saraya Tikaram

      Purple potatoes🍟😂❤

    80. Angelise Courts

      Purple Potatoes

    81. Kalay Hutchins

      Thomas is the best

    82. Michele Andreina

      Day 1 of trying to get pinned/commented on/noticed

    83. Petunia Xymon

      I love baby snacks

    84. ruthden

      Purple potatos 🥔

    85. lucianne Williams

      What does Thomas call chase? Lionel? ❤️

    86. lucianne Williams

      Aww poor tayler 💔💔💔

    87. Moh

      Std test

    88. Noah Gurnick

      std test

    89. Faye _

      Ne-key-ta lol that’s what Connor said

    90. Mark Moler

      Purple potato

    91. Kashvi Sharma

      purple potatoes

    92. The boogie Bunch

      I can barely see rylands face and I’m still in love with him 😌✨❤️

    93. Mariel Guarneros

      “It’s gone pls don’t hurt me pls” 🤣

    94. zoi plavoukos

      purple poptatotoes

    95. HoneyAngel Playz

      It's the chains being ✨free✨ but costing ✨20 dollars✨ for mee..all jokes lol

    96. Tessa Smith

      they have a think for purple objects fr.

    97. Sally Life

      wait my name is Sally😳

    98. Melany Muñoz

      Purple potatoes

    99. Brandi Bell

      They always apologize for not wearing masks THEN go out and dont wear masks. Cant wait til they all have coronavirus