Goodbye TikTok

Thomas Petrou

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    Goodbye Tik Tok
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    1. Behcet isa

      Bruh thomas and Michael are so disrespectful like what has kio done to u

    2. Brianna Klerks

      ?? butter nut

    3. Alejandro Garcia

      4:31 I literally thought that was me 🤣🤣

    4. tanya rivera


    5. Dante Salas

      Butter nut

    6. dilly miters

      Lmao yall are talking about kio and liv im thinking: Thomas’s hickey is shining bright af

    7. Fan Dreak

      I see Addison I click simple as that

    8. saliya wilson




    10. mariam geladze


    11. Tran Lam

      im not meaning the you know s thing

    12. brianna ciafrei

      it is not band

    13. xwwewomen fanx


    14. Fereshta REZAIE

      Lol butter nut 🧈 🥜

    15. destiny segura

      thomas in every thumbnail: 😧

    16. Anael Sheja

      sorry for y'all i aint in america so i am lucky how is it living with trump

    17. Sky Tabin

      Jesus loves you pray to God!

    18. Nesta Njuguna

      Butternut 😀

    19. Mini_Sunflower Plays!

      Butter nut

    20. Mary Hernandez

      It's okay there's this app called likee that's just like tiktok

    21. Addison Always

      You thought

    22. Tanya Taylor

      Butter nut!

    23. simone kirkland

      can you make your videos longer

    24. Caroline Cobb

      Butter nut

    25. Alexander Cardinal


    26. Alex Bailon

      Still not banned

      1. Sydney Addie Kate

        Update: it’s still here

    27. emma6911 emma6911

      Ok this might be random but how are his eyebrows so clean tho ._. NOT FRICKEN JOKEING HE HAS NICER EYEBROWS THEN MY DAD

    28. Dareen sherif


    29. Mark Marcus


    30. April Ortega F-Stanis

      No not in Hollywood yay only in China

    31. Savage Truth


    32. Brandon Cooney

      I'm so glad it's getting banned. Now you'll all have to get a real job.

    33. Kristen Rivera


    34. Jacob Priebe

      Imagine needing to get a real job

    35. Suhaila Shepl

      Just stick with tiktok

    36. Dragomeir

      God this video so funny even the title even made me laugh. You really think these goodbye tiktok videos are emotional.

    37. michael Franklin

      butter nut!!!!

    38. Q. K.

      We won Mr Stark Tik Tok is gone : D

    39. Lyr1cal

    40. XxBeast 21xX



      GUYS i get it, kio and olivia broke up we don't know what happened. we can all just get over it

    42. \\ McBandz //

      Greatest thing that happened to America

    43. Lucas

      Boohoo, gonna cry?

    44. Leon Dajshinshin

      And may it never return

    45. Zooey Kyrie Vizmanos

      “WhOs MiA”

    46. Zooey Kyrie Vizmanos

      ThAnKs FoR tHe HiCkEy MiA

    47. Dom Andal

      Dame da ne Dame yo Dame nanayo - Tiktok

    48. fake tears

      byebye cringetok

    49. Kate Williams

      Nobody: Not even the bug in ur room: Micheal:”I’m just frustrated because Olivia dosent like me.”

    50. Marah Hossam


    51. Jillian

      I love nicks and rylands friendship and nicks laugh is so funny

    52. lourdes villalobos

      ship Olivia and Michel

    53. _dxddy_lxser_

      butter nut

    54. Sarah Clark's Clark

      Come on his own life insurance policy is to be the first to see you soon and we can get a chance for the delay and a half hour to the right to be a good time with my wife is not an easy to get a chance to win the game is at the end result in a few weeks ago by the way I can do it for the first time in the morning and I will be able I was just thinking that we can get a chance to get a chance to win the game and I am a little bit of a few weeks ago by the way to get the best way to go

    55. Emma._.Jane22

      I love Michael ❤️❤️

    56. Chris Murphys


    57. dayna diamond tehe

      0:08 0:53 damn you know he only has 1 body count when he shows his hickey 2 times in less then a minute

    58. Ava Giardina


    59. Veronika Sukova

      How about Justin Bieber and also make sure that Jaden Hossler is there.✨

    60. Heaven peelman

      It’s not over they are looking into it

    61. Shut Up


    62. Itz Maddie Here

      Literally if TikTok gets deleted just use Likee oh and butter nut. also pause at 5:48 for a surprise

    63. Luna Gonzalez

      “I’m in pAaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiNnnnnnnnnn”

    64. ii_bubblie

      The welch's gummies in the corner just vibin.

    65. hxneyMillie

      does anyone else simp over michael ohh just me

    66. hamaidi h

      Butter nut 😂

    67. Sister Love

      Butter nut

    68. Zac Scooter

      The hype house should move to Canada

    69. Paul Mansfield

      Butter nut

    70. Emily Burns

      Honestly Micheal, I think that if you had Calvin and Patrick in ur vlogs maybe it would actually be funny.😂😂🤷‍♀️ my opinion! Lol

    71. Dtrixs Reid

      I love love love love love love love love 💗 you all

    72. Madison Chesswas


    73. GangstamanXD

      Butter nut

    74. Ice Cub

      I’m going to watch all of his videos today

    75. 77kingfresh

      Lmaoooo 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    76. Ann Page

      The only person that can save tiktok is charli d'amelio

    77. Karly Grace

      i can smell Micheal's breath from here and i live in Florida

    78. vspcharli dameilo


    79. mistyhxrizon


    80. Anastasia Georgiades


    81. Clara Jackson


    82. Caroline Ciarelli

      why do I kind of ship Michael and Olivia though...

    83. Ella Harding

      butter nut

    84. Niyah Robinson


    85. Naileah Chavez

      i feel bad for kio bc olivia is a clownnnn

    86. Duaa Elfarra

      at 54 seconds puase it and look at thomass neck

    87. Madelyn Bundy

      microsoft is going to buy tiktok

    88. Lindsey Miller

      I feel so bad for kio

    89. Rihanna Cobaxin

      Butter nut

    90. grvce


    91. Nechama Kap

      31 more days until it's actually over

    92. Megan Lancaster Lancaster

      I’m I the only one joe thinks Michael is a little cute 😅💗💫

    93. Xryiza Speed builds

      What are those balls on the ceiling called?

    94. Sunny Side UP

      butter nut :D

    95. Geoffrey Hoffmann

      did i ask

    96. Molly Franks


    97. Hay Lee Kleinsmidt

      It's the perfect eye brows for me

    98. Wolfy Cookies


    99. Dominick Kleinmeyer

      Yes support a racist