Handcuffing Jack & Sienna For 24 Hours!!

Thomas Petrou

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    Handcuffing Jack & Sienna For 24 Hours!!
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    1. Wedy Atanacio

      Am I really the on,y one comment fishylama for Mia

    2. MariaPlayz

      Sushi luma

    3. Camila Barrera


    4. Melina Kiefer

      Sushi lama

    5. Ravzanur Demirci

      Do a video w Charlie and Chase

    6. Ravzanur Demirci

      Do chacha plzzzzzz

    7. Michael Davison

      Sushi lama

    8. Jackie Blankenship

      Sushis llamas🍣there's no llama emoji:(

    9. Josefina Saucedo

      Now we need chase and charli

    10. Abigail Pellow

      Sushi llamas 🦙

    11. Kamren Morgan

      are we just going to ignore that when mia threw the key out the car it hit another car

    12. ali a

      SUSHI LLAMA 🍣 🦙

    13. Random._. Stuff

      Sushi llama

    14. Angel no

      Pls handcuff chase & charli 🥺

    15. Mariah Segovia

      me at 1-4:Santa is 100% real! me after my dad tells me he's not real:...I am still to young! my sister was a teenager when she found out!

    16. I_aubrey

      Sushi lama 🍱🦙

    17. Dakota Lopez

      Sushi llama

    18. Megan Vowell

      purple corn 💖

    19. Alana Halpin

      sushi llama-mia

    20. Kaitlyn Swafford

      Yall need to handcuff ryland and the dude he dont like idk know his name lolz

    21. Starlight

      Sienna:I dO wAnnA Do ThiS Me:But- You puTT iT On YouRsELf

    22. Brayden Young

      *sushi* 🍣 *llama* 🦙

    23. Sally Walker

      Sushi llama

    24. Petey Pablo

      Your content is trash

    25. Sara Flores

      Sushi llama

    26. maya rashid

      We need charli and chase

    27. kyla gockel

      ZHC bough that bus

    28. Que Duong




    30. A. Champ

      ur laugh is too annoying even though content is good

    31. Victoria Astuto

      can you please do charli and chase next pleaseeeeeee

    32. Indigo Ortega

      Crem chez wham

    33. Ditoo XD

      Thomas you should keep those smelling salts for when someone is drunk and make them smell it

    34. brooklyn eve


    35. Niannalyn Helgen


    36. Aesthetic Sunflower

      sushi llama

    37. Larissa0 Romero

      Sushi lama

    38. Arriane Greene

      Sushi llama

    39. Olivia Y !

      I miss always high mia in Alex’s vlogs

    40. Marce y Sofi

      ana oop is punchin in theaairrrr sskskskskkskskskskksksks look her up

    41. Kymara Saint Louis

      Chase literally died after smelling the salt😂

    42. Lillyplaysroblox roblox

      Sushi llama

    43. Katie Lynch

      all the people who actually commented "sushi llamas" V

    44. Abbey Haugen

      sushi lama

    45. tiffany lamin

      do charli and chase

    46. Brooke Mabery

      sushi lama

    47. Kaylie Bosserman

      Sushi lama

    48. Parillo Boys

      Charli and chase

    49. Kiana Gisby

      we need charli and chase to be handcuffed

    50. marlxy

      I love how the girls had like the slightest reaction to the salt while Micheal looked like he was dying 🤣

    51. ꧁Honey Bee꧂

      i want more nick and sienna

    52. marnie line

      nick do be quiet at the moment

    53. Royalty Shalyssa

      Sushi Llama

    54. bella cook

      Sushi lama

    55. Ava Frost 2024

      sushi lama

    56. Freida Pinkston

      chase and charli pleaseeee

    57. Casper Bitch

      Excuse me sir smelling salts are for when someone got the shit beat out of them and they unconscious so u use smelling salts to wake them up

    58. Among Us

      I love patty’s outfit

    59. Lilly Muchiri

      Sushi lama

    60. Nivea Riddle

      Sushi lama

    61. Tereasa dyck

      everyone who watched to the end and comenteded sushi lama

    62. Eliana Solis

      When they played the music did anyone else think of sam and colby😭

    63. Memo _08

      Sushi llama

    64. Makenzie Cowell

      Jack: your under arrest Sienna: for what stealing your heart Jack: your to smelly

    65. Heidi Walton

      They are so cute together

    66. Aubrey Reeves

      Sushi llama

    67. Sofia Inshirah

      why do you have 30 ads for an 8 minute video

    68. Siomari Fana

      ✨SuShI lAmA✨

    69. Annaleigh Barbee

      sushi llama

    70. Juryanna Garza

      Sushi llama 😘

    71. Nwelolude Mayekiso

      I wonder what would happen if Larray tried a smelling salt thingy

    72. Jaime Wood

      Thomas: comment down below Mia: Sushi Llama Everyone watching: nah imma comment whatever I want Me: no one wrote sushi llama 😢 ok I will 😁 SUSHI TO THE LLAMA 🍣 🦙

    73. Adeleine Morris

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    74. Laney Brown

      To the 1% reading this have a wonderful day

    75. Sujan ;-;


    76. Cake doh


    77. carinas crazy world

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    78. Naarah Vincenty

      Sushi lamma

    79. Apia Møller

      Sushi llama

    80. Marielisr20 9

      :) every video from a HUfastr I like I writes a smiley face to see witch HUfastr notices me :)

    81. kelilahthebest

      Sienna is a hard simp for Jack 😆

    82. Masmoud Malak

      Litterally no one: Nikita: Thomas hang out with me when I'm drunk. Also Nikita: It's fine 👁👄👁

    83. Stqry Tapes

      2:43 idk if its just me but I didn’t like that he made that joke because he looked very hurt by the joke. All I’m saying is that you guys need to be careful how you joke about your friends because jokes also hurt your feelings sometimes :)

    84. Beatrice Vermeulen

      Sushi Llama

    85. Hrrr Hdhd

      You think with this vid we forgot about charli and chase

    86. Pink Smiley

      I don't usually watch you guys, but I gave it a thumbs up for Santa playing the piano!

    87. Amelia plays Roblox

      handcuff charli and chase

    88. Kenzi Jade

      Sushi Llama

    89. samuel kwan

      holyyy michael is so funny

    90. Mikhia Oden


    91. Summer

      Has anyone ever told you , you have an irritating giggle...🌝

    92. zoi plavoukos

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    93. Alexandra White

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    94. Kerrington Keefer

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    95. Alia Hamu

      expectation: sushi llama reality: SUSHI LLAMA

    96. Hailey Marie

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    97. Samantha Ponce

      Sushi llama 😌💅🏽hahaha

    98. Darcey Norman

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    99. Omer Siddiqui


    100. XxFallingSunsetsxX

      'Comment down below..' '..SushiLlama' 'hAhE'