Hype House Reacts To My New Car!

Thomas Petrou

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    1. Diana Brazoban

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    3. Ava Smith

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    4. Layla Lou

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    5. Flower Girl Edits

      Hot dog water lmao 😂

    6. Aiden R

      summon summon summon musical.ly

    7. Aiden R

      we need musical.ly back the old ogs

    8. Vanessa Hennek

      I am comitting to watch every single vlog of yours and will coment the same thing on every one of them...

    9. Fayruz Alharbi

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    10. Maura Lerman

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    11. Destiny McRae

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    12. Yuritzia Rodriguez

      thomas trying to cheer up chase "happiness chase!" Thomas "true love kiss heals ur craps" Mia:"it made it worst" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. E Rose

      Chase be like sometimes i dont wanna be happy

    14. XxsweetcherryblossomxX

      Wait who did he break up with

    15. Roxanne Smith

      hot dog water

    16. Ciara Richardson

      Hotdog water

    17. Stqry Tapes

      No one: Chase: wE’rE gOinG oN a TrIp iN oUr fAvOrItE rOcKeT sHiP Hes so cute-

    18. naliah1223

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    19. Leah Gannon

      Hotdog water🤣😂

    20. Xhjciccicci Ifiduducuv

      Don’t mind me rewatching the vlogs 👁👄👁

    21. brie A

      3:19 that was absolutely hilarious

    22. Barner Perry Adyson

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    23. Queen Namadala

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    24. bethany Music


    25. Sydnee Basnett

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    26. Megi Ahm

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    27. jhw w

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    28. Miguel Pena

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    29. Miguel Pena

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    30. Steve Peck

      just so you know i have the same hoodie as Calvin.........im a 12 year old girl

    31. Chioma Gaming and Lifestyle

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    32. Daisy-mae Ratcliffe

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      Hotdog water- Nick Austin

    34. Gabriella Lafogg

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    35. Grandpa Yoongi

      Who else noticed Alex's hickey?

    36. Katie Playz

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    37. Courtz hoare

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    38. Alexa claire

      Calvin: *points an active flamethrower at Ryland* Ryland: You're still a Virgin! 😂

    39. Barner Perry Adyson

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    40. Emi Koyanagi

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    41. random acc


    42. Crystal Darville

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    43. Kelsey Hunt


    44. Sara Ali

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    45. Leah Montero

      Nobody: Tony: it’s like a roller coaster


      I know I'm a little bit late on this video but hot dog water

    47. Izabella Hughes

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    48. Ashley Orehowsky

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    49. Kiely Morrow

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    50. 『Våñîllã Ättåçk』

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    51. Mary Johnson

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    52. enriqueta casarez

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    53. Amna Kazmi

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    54. peachy edits

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    55. Celery Ell

      Sometimes Chase don’t want to be happy

    56. Midnight *Gacha*

      Chase need to say sorry to charli or propose to her maybe 😇😏

    57. Sheyna Medel

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    58. Gacha Moonlight

      Thomas: Be happy chase Chase: Sometimes I don't wanna be happy

    59. Tata Sooalo

      Hotdog Water.... LOL

    60. Isha Noor

      Hotdog water!!

    61. Alena Degrange

      Kouvr said stop sign buddy lol

    62. Pink gamer roblox

      Tomas:be happy chase Chase:sometimes I don’t wanna be happy

    63. KiTkAt

      by nicks request: hOtDoG wAtEr (btw whos here in 2020)

    64. Nat and Layzz

      At first tony sound like I’m not even gonna say😂😂🥺🥺

      1. Nat and Layzz


    65. Katie Ginis

      Chase at 2:53 🥺💖👑

    66. michael Franklin

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    67. Emma Blankenship

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    68. Chelsea Casimiro

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    69. Sukanya Ashok

      Tell me chase dose not look like willy Wonka🍫

    70. Valeria Bonilla

      I agree with tony

      1. Valeria Bonilla

        Thank you

    71. Natasha dockery

      Ondreaz is so cute

    72. Natasha dockery

      Stop Thomas you are not a loser

    73. Aviv Silva

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    74. Renai Hubbard

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    75. CloudyxAKKM

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    76. Ellie Dagostino

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    77. Sophie Nybøe

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    78. Nitasha Martinez

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    79. Makay Reed

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    80. kate bacon

      I'm only commenting "hotdog water" bc nick is my favorite

    81. charlie low

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    82. Mckinlee Winling

      Chase: why does the lighting look so good. Thomas: steps on it Chase: oh my f**k

    83. Carla Ramirez

      It was the mia part for me🤣🤣🤣


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    85. s vargas

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    86. Cloudyxgamer Girl

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    87. Jumana Alzubaidi

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    88. Mysterious Gamer

      No cap chase is the boy version of charlie perfect together

    89. Juana Morales

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    91. Bryanna Rudy

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    92. Sophia Tercero

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    93. Areeba Tamkeen Syed

      2:54 😂😂so cute❤️

    94. Layla Evans

      I’m sorry but Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy 🙃

    95. Mia Flo

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    96. Janiya Dixon

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    98. Life with Doir

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    99. Itz Maddie Here

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    100. Akin Tomcat

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