I Bought My Dream Car... Then Crashed It

Thomas Petrou

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    I Bought My Dream Car... Then Crashed It
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    1. Habiba Abdi

      purple bananas

    2. Rosa Burciaga

      love your videos can i be be part of the hype house please

    3. Lucas Ensley

      purple bannanas

    4. saliya wilson

      purple bananas

    5. Ava Lynn Vitale

      Where did Larray say he was banned from? @3:00

    6. ramona swaney

      purple bananas

    7. destiny segura

      thomas in every thumbnail: 😧

    8. Wolf GamerGirl

      purple bananas

    9. 『Våñîllã Ättåçk』

      Purple banana!!!

    10. Gisella Davis

      purple bananas


      Purple Banana's

    12. Faith Emma

      Dear Thomas this is for mia, if she is mad at you she can eat breakfast lunch or dinner on the handle on your new car ps I love you guys💓💕💖💗

    13. Lilly Vid

      This whole vid is so funny 😂 Lol

    14. Nathan Smile

      Mia’s brother looks like 5 from umbrella academy

    15. Sumera Kenneth

      no one not even the tesla thomas:u aRE HoT to

    16. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      I swear Michaels jokesss are killinggg meee the whole time I was dying of laughter lolol

    17. Andrea Shearman

      Purple bananas

    18. Aberash Yoseph

      Pruple banana

    19. Kanalu Kaneholani

      purple bananas

    20. Kanalu Kaneholani

      I want a chain for free please

    21. Saraya Tikaram

      Purple bananas🍌❤😂

    22. Addi F

      Did Thomas get his eyebrows waxed lol haha

    23. ffion jones

      How are yall

    24. Brandon Valentine

      Purple Bananas

    25. Itz Maddie Here

      purple bananas

    26. Lilly Muchiri

      Purple Bananas

    27. Natalie Dayman

      Purple bananas

    28. Juan Ibarra

      Hey Thomas I would love if u have a restock on ur chains in like December and it would be good so plus they are rlly nice and they are like abt to run out maybe a can’t get one lol

    29. 10,000 Subscribers Challenge

      The random person who likes this will become a billionaire in the future

    30. Paul Mansfield

      Purple banana

    31. Aileen pineda

      At 2:33 he said if I want a hype chain swip up so I did and I got out the video 😂

    32. Maryna Visagie

      Purple bananas

    33. Meera Al shamsi

      The second logoan Paul

    34. tehe boop

      I love how larrays a scammer outside of Roblox too 🙀😻

    35. Itzcammie Assasins

      Purple bananas idk

    36. Jamilet Gutierrez


    37. Angela Ann

      When Thomas said something about Timothèe Chalamet I thought the camera was going to turn to him and my heart started racing then it turned to that Jay kid or whoever he is😂😂😂

    38. Gabriella Lafogg

      Purple bananas

    39. Yael Martínez


    40. sofia hoban

      i asked my mom for one of the chains and showed her a picture.. i forgot she can’t see well and thought the chain said “hoe” let’s just say i’m not getting that chain any time soona

    41. Aishwarya

      ✨It's the not crashing the car for me✨

    42. annelise Estrada

      Purple bananas

    43. Paris Thomas

      Mia is gorgeous

    44. Victoria Hochstuhl

      Ok but why are they always at that restaurant😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    45. Georgia Young

      purple bananas

    46. Anna Boeckman

      Markell Omg.

    47. Rihanna Cobaxin

      Purple bananas

    48. Rehani Pugh

      Mia's brothers looks like Timothée Chalamet and Ian Somerhalder morphed together 🥰


      Have not rcvd the chains yet and the tracking doesnt give me anything... hoping for thr best...

    50. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      Purple bananas

    51. Gloria Valdez

      Purple bananas

    52. Sachi D

      Isn’t it so nice that Thomas is focused towards his career and doesn’t get involved in any drama !! That’s passion !!! He works so hard wish him luck ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    53. krotchy

      is anyone gonna talk about Madison beer?

    54. Unicorn Mel

      Is t chain free

    55. julianna beltran

      i bought the chains and its been almost 2 weeks and it hasnt come...

    56. mannequin hairstyles

      purple bananas

    57. Girl Cellist

      I wanna live in the hype house so bad 😂

    58. fateme p


    59. Anais Bhullar

      Purple bananas

    60. Makayla Lister

      Purple Bananas

    61. Alexis E

      Nobody Nick: omg he is so ugly

    62. Jenna Pierce

      i love thomas videos they always make me die laughing its the amazing vlogs for me

    63. Malena Amidi

      why does mia’s brother kinda look like aidan gallagher or is it just me-

    64. Zamyra Williams

      Purple Bananas 🍌

    65. Nayely Garcia-Alvarez

      I thought mias brother was actually ?timothee?

    66. swype house fan

      purple bananas

    67. Harriet barton

      I got a.chain like 2 weeks ago and i'm just like to my mum is it here.is it here.and she's like no its from L.A it will take for ever to get to WA

    68. natalie hernandez


    69. Fabian Brooks

      why i watched this video i got a notification know. like youtube i watched this

    70. Jazmin And Jessicat owo

      The chains are free! But I live in Australia so 21$ international shipping

    71. Sofia jaratapia

      Purple bananas 😁

    72. Cynthia Ciupeiu

      Why does Mia’s brother look like a mixture of Aidan Gallher and Timothee AND sound like chase

      1. Cotton Candy The Twilight Wolf

        LaUv~😚🙈I love him tho 🥺

      2. Cynthia Ciupeiu

        natalie b. that’s what I’m sayinnnn

      3. natalie b.

        LaUv bY lAuV

    73. Terrie Josia

      I am on a Markel Mission.

    74. Prettyyyxgurl

      the sound he made when he jumped off his car LMAO

    75. Alondra Avila

      purple bananas 😎

    76. Leanne Murray

      purple banana

    77. Amira Gang


    78. Annadamo Stone

      Purple bananas

    79. melanie brooklyn

      My brain cells are hurting by reading the title;-;

    80. Megan Sprowl

      pink bananas........ oops i mean purple

    81. Gacha_Potato Boo

      Purple bananas

    82. Alondra Raygoza

      Thomas I ordered the hype chain and was t hasn’t cam in it’s been 2 weeks

    83. Gabriela Siarez

      Purple bananas

    84. X•maya_ Lya•x

      When mias brother jumped into the noisy “heya”

      1. X•maya_ Lya•x


    85. zoi plavoukos

      purple bananas

    86. Regan Lisman

      Purple bananas 💜🍌

    87. Werifestxriil Tiktok

      No I loved the tesla so many good memories

    88. Mason Wagner Vlogs


    89. Leanne Blanchet Haslam

      thomas face in every thumbneil(idk how to spell it) rlly said copy n past😂

    90. Mia Pena

      I got a hype chain Thomas it is on the way

    91. lina solo

      purple bananas

    92. Inês Gomes

      Purple Bananas

    93. Trevin Emanuel

      Go back and get the Tesla and just keep both

    94. unknown unknown

      purple bananas

    95. Thee Mr Clean

      The best part is I live 5 mins away from the Porsche dealership he dropped his car off at lol

    96. Violet’s Crew

      pURPEL bANANAs

    97. Emmanuelle Grace Mihigo

      purple bananas

    98. Clare Foley

      Purple bananas

    99. Tonia Henry

      are we gon pretend like we can see larri

    100. Taylor Pshybyshefski

      We’re is chase