I Caught Nikita Taking A Pregnancy Test!

Thomas Petrou

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    I Caught Nikita Taking A Pregnancy Test!
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    1. norman? エマとレイ

      Pregnant Nikita, would I be HI ?!

    2. Tatiana Stanley

      cart tamale

    3. Caleigha and Skyla Bakeman

      I have the hype house pants 😃

    4. Rosa Burciaga

      love this video so funny and can i be part of the hype house please

    5. Dakota Lopez

      Card tomolly

    6. Mia sass

      Say hi to addison from me

    7. Faze5_vibezz

      card tamale

    8. Eve Sullivan

      Lmfao I clicked on this and then realized she doesn't have a uterus lmaooo

    9. Shirley Herring

      Is Nikita preg

    10. Harper Whyley

      You say crilden watch when you swear all the time

    11. shark 50


    12. zoie kelso

      Thomas I like your wallpaper on your phone :)

    13. Aubrey Reeves

      Card tamales

    14. Altea Jonusllari

      How the hell can nikita have kids tell me now

    15. Daniel Schwartz

      Who decided it was a good idea for you guys to go out into public??

    16. Jessica Lagunas

      Your corn like summer watching the HUfast channels 7

    17. Elqwenalae Robert

      car tamalie

    18. Henley Hutchison

      I- Isn’t Nikita a boy tho-

    19. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Card tamale."

    20. Avery James

      Who knew that Calvin Knew how to drive a bus I didnt

    21. Karlie Grayson

      Sorry but when it says anything caption like what you're doing on HUfast channel it says talking it's taking no offense

    22. Anais Bhullar

      Card to molly

    23. Shanice

      Nikita can't have babies.........but if there was a baby nikita they would be extra problematic 😑


      Okay these vlogs would be a lot better if Thomas didn’t have that annoying fucken Laugh or giggle!!!

    25. Nasreen Saeidi

      Thomas in every thumbnail: 👁o👁

    26. Aliyah Ramirez

      Can you stop putting your title as something that never happened

    27. Concepcion Gonzalez

      not tryna be rude, but you destroy everything you own. like... geez be grateful. there are people in the world that don’t have a roof over their head.

    28. Addison Rae

      Lol hahah so fun

    29. Imogen Weimer

      Nikita is a man

    30. Mia Romero


    31. Teagan O’Brien

      People over the age of 15 watching this and still thinking it’s inappropriate....... My 11 year old mind because of my and my sisters traumatized childhoods🤫🤫🤫

    32. iisweetdreaxes

      Card tamale

    33. Aesthtic vsco Sister vlogs

      card tomale

    34. Ada Rhee

      *thomas’ pride and happiness in his video from the beginning went from this 😄to this 🥺 so fast from the diss track*

    35. Brandy Gilkes


    36. bella cook

      Card tamale

    37. Nayelli

      Card Tamale

    38. BRILEY Valencia

      Card tamela

    39. ᴀʟᴇx_ LoSeR

      Pfft me a child watching this like: bro they dont know what i know which is good 👁👄👁

    40. Aniyah Hammond


    41. Aniyah Hammond


    42. Aniyah Hammond


    43. Carliza James

      Yes he wants Hannah to sit on face

    44. Carliza James


    45. Andrea Is Ur mom


    46. Andrea Is Ur mom



      That moment when Larri realises he is still part of the hype house

    48. Emma Boblitt

      i love how michael asked for a pregnancy test 😂😂

    49. Tootsy McCarthy


    50. Heidi paloma Cabrera

      Hi I wish I was part of your hype house crew and I wish I can meet you one day and be part of the hype house

    51. Sally Walker

      Card tamale

    52. Maria Hernandez Angel

      card tamale

    53. Miley Knott


    54. Jamile Mejia


    55. Eddie Brodie

      You always shoot in the morning

    56. Vicky Geldenhuys


    57. 면역자

      AYO LARRAY VIDEO IS BOMB 💣 BITCHES “this aint a race tony lopez caught a case”

    58. Among Us

      There is only like 2 colored people in the White House oop I mean hype house

    59. Ariel Rubalcava

      Omg I’m 12 dude

    60. Sukhmani Dhillon

      Literally no one but Thomas hehehe

    61. thatgurl. nay2


    62. Jamie Slater

      Let’s start off with Bryce Hall

    63. Gabriella Haddad

      Card tamaly

    64. DEJUAN FF

      Dumb title nikita a whole dude hahaj

    65. Fadinq_Galaxy

      Card tamale

    66. Gaelle Chidiac

      u sure laugh a lot :)

    67. Matthew Richards


    68. Andrea Vintage

      She physically can't get pregnant

    69. Hailey Marie

      Card tamale

    70. Clayton Hunt

      i love you

    71. Matthew Diaz Rivas

      Card Tamale💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😂😂😂💖💖💖💖💖

    72. Jesus Cardenas

      i am 19

    73. Mary Reyes

      Cart tamale

    74. Mary Reyes

      T-T‐Tomas I can tell your breath stank

    75. aaliyah

      Card tamoli

    76. ella mei

      the camera is shaking more than the body doing the conga

    77. Zoe Diaz

      Card tamale

    78. Notsunshine

      Does anyone else think they r acting like the sway house

    79. Ella pena

      card tamale

    80. Lily Weller

      Card tamalle

    81. Isabella Reggiardo

      Card tamale


      Nobody LIterally nobody everyone is adicted to everything ME:WHATTTT literally every youtube video thomas does hes always laughing and the ppl hes laughing at his never laughing and its funny bruh,LMAOOO

    83. Morgan Hackworth

      Nikita I've said it before and I'll say it again. *SWEATSHIRTS ARENT MASKS*

    84. caylee ratliff

      i got 4 more days intill my b day

      1. Sara Haque


      2. Sara Haque


      3. Sara Haque


    85. caylee ratliff

      yall me me so happy every time i watch ur vid

    86. Gamer Girl

      Thomas looks like Sid the sloth from ice age them eyes look like dis👁. 👄 👁

    87. Tahmina Hasan


    88. Sunshine Queen

      Card tamale

    89. Alex Turner

      Dumb bus

    90. Alisa Murray

      Card tamale

    91. Paris TC

      Paper : tanna if your watching this I will let you sit on my face Thomas: paper there’s kids watching this Also paper: guys I was jus kidding I wouldn’t do that Me: yea sure paper😂 Also me : I really hope Thomas pins this!😕🙂

    92. Brittan Merrick

      is no one gonna talk abt how micheal was showing nikita his b*lls?😭😭

    93. Ava Motta

      I know Nikita can’t have kids but just imagine a baby Nikita like.........YASSSSSS

      1. Samara Cervantes

        Honey Rose that’s true :))

      2. Honey Rose

        @Samara Cervantes she can get some one have a kid for her

      3. Y0_its_Travis

        Some trans people can get pregnant by a Injection but that would be cool

      4. Ava Motta

        @ENEME MVELASE very true

      5. Ava Motta

        @YOUNG GEE OXNARD COGANG ya nikitas transgender


      I favorite person from the hype house is nick austin

    95. Kaylie Bosserman

      Card tamale

    96. Maria Garcia

      hewo ++++++++++++++++

    97. Mason Kline

      He’s peeing

    98. Hype_sway_FAN _

      So on Friday I have to get braces and Halloween’s the next day😫😢😤


        @Hype_sway_FAN _ aww thanks:)))

      2. Hype_sway_FAN _

        @JENNIE MOSCA aww thank you hope you have an amazing day


        hope you feel okay.....good luck i guess and happy early halloween:)))

    99. Sora-chan

      Title: "I Caught Nikita Taking A Pregnancy Test! Me: wait can Nikita get pregnant and whos the dad.......