I Caught Them Doing This...

Thomas Petrou

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    I Caught Them Doing This...
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    1. Hazel San Luis

      you guys got a puppy!

    2. Imani Williams

      Michel committed suicide- 🥲

    3. Trinity Grace

      Sour Egg 😂 x

    4. Paige kirk

      sour egg

    5. Jess Riley

      anyone else actually generally concerned about what happened to michael from the start?!?🥺🤣

    6. Brendl Bay

      Sour egg

    7. Mercy Croy

      U did that tumptitle for clout

    8. Magdalena Ilic

      Sour egg

    9. zoe so

      I love how he is so greatful

    10. Ciara Hurley

      vinnie moving in? also sour egg

    11. Vida Alonzo

      LOL - (

    12. Arianna Montanez

      sour egg

    13. Rayana Deshog

      I love your videos

    14. Kavayla Clay

      Sour egg I feel like no one comments the things they say

    15. Carla Gerber

      Sour egg!! Lol

    16. Kaleria Patterson

      sour egg

    17. Aesthetics with Layla

      Sour egg

    18. Chloe Baddie

      Sour egg start with a vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv! :D

    19. Layla Ibarra

      sour eggggggggggggg

    20. Mylah Lopez

      Thomas’s Face On Every Video 👁O👁 😂😂😂

    21. Daniela Estrada

      sour egg ahahahaha

    22. Kamylla Campos

      U guys moved 3 times in 1 year

    23. sofía Petko

      Sour egg

    24. Cinnamon Sister

      Wait is chase not there anymore

    25. Callum Byrne


    26. Gacha Marie

      I hope they do a tour that's not as short some day.

    27. Nikita Dunsmore

      oooof every time they Nikita i jump lol because my name is Nikita and i am not use to Americans saying it ( my name is Nikita and i am also British lol)

    28. Sadeem Ali

      sour egg

    29. Kaylee Mcarthur

      Sour egg

    30. Nicolette Kollias

      sour egg

    31. Dileinis Soriano

      sour egg

    32. Leyna Nationalesta

      Michael's doing some butt squats ✨✨🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Sour egg."

    34. Delaney Walton

      Give the guest room to angel

    35. alohi newman

      Sour egg

    36. niamh hi

      No one: Thomas: standing awkward with 0 enthusiasm

    37. Samiyah Ali

      Sour egg🥚

    38. Izabela Mae

      Bryces filmer guy is wearing SAM AND COLBY merch! i stan

    39. Nevaeh Lewis

      Why are u moving

    40. Raegan Heimbach

      Sour egg🥚

    41. r o x y

      nobody in the comments: me: WHAT HAPPEND TO MICHEAL WHEN HE JUMPED xD

    42. Hannah Hendricks

      Did anyone notice that someone was wearing @samandcolby merch during the hole santa yhing

    43. Hayden Farley


    44. bhuvi s

      sour egg

    45. kent stephens

      How did these people pass school

    46. Taleah McGuffey

      Sour egg lol

    47. levina


    48. levina

      damn levi was living in a damn nice house

    49. levina

      "ever since the beef, ive been obviously eating it" - bryce hall 2020

      1. Rebecca R


    50. Sara Journey

      Sour egg

    51. Marcia Gill

      sour egg

    52. Megan Mayorga

      Sour egg

    53. obey che1f Keef

      Where is chases room or lil huddys

    54. John Jacob


    55. Estelle

      Mia you happy about the sour egg

    56. Claire and Carly Daily

      Sour egg

    57. Bubble X Vibes

      Sour egg lol

    58. Bulorne

      Sour egg

    59. Vong 04

      Does anyone know where it’s located

    60. Cody Saunders

      Sour egg

    61. makayla Shearouse

      Sour egg

    62. Melissa White


    63. Tara Jayaraj

      My birthday is on December 19

    64. Malaia Santos

      What about nick and Rylands room

    65. Jessenia Camacho

      Make the vids longer like 20 min. Videos plss

    66. Charlene Toft

      Sour egg 🤣 🤣

    67. Laxswag

      What happened to chase nick and ryland

    68. Sofia Marentes

      Love you guys oh and btw sour egg

    69. Sak Kenza

      Crazy how the day hype house was created was on my birthday

    70. Amahlee Brown

      sour egg

    71. Faith and Friends let's go

      I was here sense week 2🤭

    72. Carrie Clark

      Sour Egg

    73. Yomaris Kuwonu

      sour egg

    74. Isabella Leavines

      I miss nick and Ryland and chase in the videos

    75. Michelle Rodriguez

      Wait did Chase leave

    76. Azara Kettner

      My birthday is december 19 yay

    77. Lily HORRIDGE

      Sour egg

    78. Maisie Trench

      That little kid had a big house

    79. Gabrielle Hamrick

      #Sour egg

    80. Isabell Lopez

      Sour egg

    81. Gabriella Louissaint

      did he actually jump lol

    82. Makayla Mercill

      sour egg

    83. Lori Lee

      Sour egg

    84. Megan Weber

      okay but that bit with Nikita and Taylor? what about charly. lol

    85. emilyplays adoptme

      Sour egg

    86. emilyplays adoptme

      I am part of Hype house still

    87. Lxllian

      Sour eggs c=

    88. summer Lol

      Sour egg

    89. Just Tay

      Sour egg

    90. Isabell Perez

      Is chase still in the hype house

    91. Vivi Ma

      Sour egg ;):)

    92. devils_fin

      sour egg

    93. E-girl Rxma

      Sour egg-

    94. Kaliona Villalobos

      Ik I can’t be the only one obsessed with Michael😭😂

    95. Gamer Squad

      Sour egg

    96. luckyakabarrio


    97. Madelynn Bowman

      Y’all are moving the day before my b dayyy

    98. Betty Christopherson

      Sour egg