I Caught Tony Sneaking Around...

Thomas Petrou

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    I Caught Tony Sneaking Around...
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    1. Evelyn Hernandez

      Who is here in 2020

    2. sun flower

      1:57 poor chase

    3. Chantell Moyo

      micheal is mean

    4. Madelyn Hemler

      Micheal is mean

    5. Karolynne Jackson

      Michael is mean

    6. Flower Girl Edits

      Micheal is mean lmao 😂 he’s not though

    7. Vanessa Hennek

      I am comitting to watch every single vlog of yours and will coment the same thing on every one of them...

    8. Janette Wiliker

      Micheal is mean

    9. Aliyah Serna

      Micheal is mEaN

    10. Emma Wonton


    11. Lyanna Tablas

      I love cranes 👉🏽👈🏽❤💞😍😍

    12. Abigail Atnafu

      Micheal is mean

    13. Busi Mpela

      Michael is mean

    14. Yuritzia Rodriguez

      when mia is in a bad mood and michell say "wanna see how i get rid of mia" thomas says "no" and throws clothes at her and mia starts to yell at michell🤣🤣🤣

    15. triple trouble truffle

      chase seems so emo yet trying to be a part of the whole thing

    16. Roxanne Smith

      Michel is mean🤣

    17. Guili's World

      Michale is mean 😀

    18. Jordan L.

      this title didn’t age well

    19. kyla sisengchanh

      Michael is mean

    20. Elisabeth Romero

      I just votives that the raising canes they went to was in pico and I live there😂

    21. triple kkk

      when Rylin screamed: My ears: 👁💧👄💧👁

    22. Ryleigh Taylor

      Michel is mean

    23. Leilany Gaona

      Thomas: I caught tony in my car again Tony: Get out I'm playing games

    24. Rat demon

      Micheal Is mean :)

    25. Dylan Deuschle

      Michael is gay

    26. Grandpa Yoongi

      This vlog is hilarious chaos!!

    27. Crybaby Makayla

      I just relized that they went to the canes literally 10 minutes away from where I live


      Tony does not even get alarmed

    29. syd_and _ruby

      What sneaking with minors???

    30. Weird Cousins

      Micheal is mean

    31. Pan San


    32. firdaws ezekiel

      Michael is nice.

    33. Payten Jenkins

      i love how out of all the place three of them hide is behind the curtains and under the blankets

    34. Mia Delaney

      Michel is mean

    35. Kodi Moore

      Michael is mean


      this was on my birthday


      Michael is mean

    38. Izabella Hughes

      Where’s nike

    39. 『Våñîllã Ättåçk』

      Michael is mean

    40. Nylah Calvin

      To Tony Lopez 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    41. Celina JOBSON

      Micheal is mean? 🤣


      Micheal is mean- Thomas Petrou

    43. Black Lab Vlogs

      Thomas: Tonys been sneaking in my car for, three nights in a row and were gonna catch him in action Toe Knee: iM PLayinG gAmeS bRo SHuT thE doOr!!!

    44. Annabelle Baas

      Mickle is mean...🤐

    45. Savannah Bray


    46. Brianna Duenez

      Michael is mean

    47. Mildred Thompson

      micheal is mean

    48. Neel Adithya

      Micheal is mean

    49. Gabriella Olvera

      LOL tony : IAM playing games in the car shut the DOOOOOORRRRRR

    50. Kanishka Sarkar

      This is why Thomas sold his tesla 😂

    51. Sophia Moss

      i’m numb and TIRED ok no one ask questions’

    52. Maryem Fares


    53. Ellie melon

      Michael is mean 😂

    54. _Crafting_with_nina _

      Michael is mean

    55. Madeline omg

      Michal is mean

    56. Leilah Young

      Michael is mean🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 jk no he's not but Hes funny when he gets drunk

    57. PJ Pringle

      Micheal is mean

    58. Rebecca Boxwell

      Tony and Ondrea is such a mood especially Ondrea

    59. Angelique Knowlin

      he was playing games in the car

    60. It’s your girl Yare

      Comment Thomas said : Michel is mean

    61. Sophie Nybøe

      Micael is mean

    62. Betty Foons

      idk y but i want to have powers to make me do anything and have anything so i can be apart of the hype house

    63. Betty Foons

      my neighbor is mean to meeeeeee like Michael >:(

    64. Julia Cacapava Campos

      tony is like a 6 year old

    65. Aarna Manek

      👇🏻if you like hype house

    66. Aarna Manek

      Swype house wooo Make a swype house would be so fun

    67. Jhander blake ry Alcoba

      Boring Tomas



    69. kate bacon


    70. Neth Raj

      michael is mean

    71. Rajesh Trikandiyoor

      Michael is mean 😁

    72. Among us everyday

      Michael is mean

    73. Lucy Moreno

      Michell is mean

    74. Ace 45

      They act like they are Thomas’s children. They kind of are.😂🤣

    75. Kayla Williams

      Awww that the end kourv hug thomas aww

    76. Rosie Leveton smith

      Mia and Micheal arguing Kouvr: Thomas I’m home 😂😂😂

    77. M & M

      Michael is amazing

    78. amber rokop

      Micheal is mean😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    79. Toxic Diamonds

      michael is mean

    80. Emma Faith

      Tony Lopez is funny tell him he is so cute

      1. Just Me The Kween

        daddy chill

    81. Annie Lopez

      Michael is mean

    82. Ashley Miranda

      I have a crush on the lopez brothers☺😉😲

    83. Animals only Club

      Michal is mean (I probly spent it rong)

    84. Let's get to 400 subscribers before December 29

      Nobody: Literally Nobody: Tony: Bro go away, I am playing games

    85. Let's get to 400 subscribers before December 29

      Dude the Hype House is soooooo big and Tony and Ondreaz decided to hide under blankets

    86. Let's get to 400 subscribers before December 29

      We gotta luv how Tony and Ondreaz didn’t even try

    87. Zoe Laverne

      Mia is so maen

    88. Cristal Valerio

      micel is mean

    89. Simone Diaz

      bro thomas was giving us a hint...

    90. Jacqueline Ramirez

      Michael is mean. I love mia she is hilarious.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    91. Itz Maddie Here

      micheal is mean

    92. Akin Tomcat

      Michael is mean

    93. Ella Jamison

      there needed to be an RIP headphone users thing in there in the beginning

    94. Dakota MSP

      I love Ryland

    95. afghanyar123

      Micheal is mean

    96. Baddie bubbles Lol

      I love how ondreaz not only didn’t try but was eating 😂 lmao I have mad respect

    97. Marcela Ontiveros

      I love how everything he says no to happens

    98. Tia Ammari

      Micheal is mean

    99. Tana Hale

      Every one is talking about Tony but what about ryland ❤

    100. Mayumi Grace Uy

      i was wearing headphones and i turn the volume up and the sound killed me