I Met Mia's Family!!

Thomas Petrou

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    I Met Mia's Family!!
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    1. Amin'ah Hopkins

      thats it nick austin is my offical bf lol

    2. Isabella Persad

      Awww Charli woke up Chase

    3. Blake Roost

      What it looks like mias a child is that ok in America

    4. Claire Kang

      That introooo

    5. Caleigh Whisenant

      jelly kittens

    6. Imani Figueroa

      yellow kittin

    7. Alessandra Asebedo

      why is no one talking about the fact that maddison beer was there

    8. Liz Keusseyan

      Nobody's gonna talk about the fact that Mia's brother looks sooo much like Joaquin from Riverdale, (Rob Raco)??

    9. stylish mills

      I thought Mia's brother was Aidan Gallagher

    10. Premendra Verma

      jelly kittens

    11. Andi the roblox pro

      jelly kitten

    12. Faze5_vibezz

      jelly kittens

    13. cookinq Chvr

      Mɪᴀ ᴄᴀɴ ɪ sᴛᴇᴀʟ ᴜʀ ʙʀᴏᴛʜ𝕣🤫😏

    14. tanya rivera

      jelly kittens

    15. ꧁itz._. donut꧂

      The thumbnail- thomas you know that he is skinny and ur like BIG but no offense

    16. Haven Rice

      thomas: what would you do if tiktok got banned charli: put my school uniform back on and try on another app that on had me dead lmaooo🤣

    17. Bailey Marie

      They getting real confident with these double non skipable ads

    18. Eleanor Birch

      jElLy KiTtEnS 🐈‍⬛

    19. Raychel Johnson

      jelly kiiiitrreeeenssssss

    20. Dawn Picotte


    21. Trinity Beam

      you should do more videos with nikita

    22. Skullz _

      Yo how did I not know nick vapes 💨

    23. TheFishingVortex

      madison beer may have been better clickbait btw

    24. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Jelly kitten

    25. Emani TuslyL

      Mias brother looks like he would be a replacement for Aladdin

    26. Jocelyn Playing roblox


    27. Leslie Contreras

      Nobody: Them casually hanging out with Madison bear:

    28. Elqwenalae Robert

      jelly kittins

    29. Jasmaine Shorty


    30. Ejay Rosemond

      jelly kittens people listen to Mia and I also need a new phone pls Thomas. and my mum and dad are paying rent and I want to surprise them with a iPhone 11 can u pls buy two or the. I will need to choose out if both of them. I am not being mean but if u see this can u please buy 2 please. if u thanks and if u see this comment my TikTok is ejay246 and my instagram is Ejay.hiphop24

    31. Enrique Garcia

      So we both talking about how mias brother is Walmart John stamos

    32. Mehrin v

      Michael 💁🏻‍♀️😂

    33. Kendra Myers


    34. Pauline Gramaje

      jelly kittens

    35. sytherr 23

      i love how u hang out with minors thats so sad

    36. Rylea Staples

      Jelly kittens

    37. Emily Taylor

      I love your videos thomas ✔︎

    38. Lucas Ensley

      jelly kittens

    39. Ruhi Singh

      That is lord shiva. Literally guys disrespecting hindu culture is not funny!!!

    40. vlzx

      Nadie: Petróleo al principio de cada video: :0

    41. Tayton Riggs

      How do you join the tier thing?

    42. Tara Gillespie

      Jelly kittens

    43. Mia Previsic

      Why is nobody talking about MADISON BEER being in the video

    44. Lily Weller

      Jelly kittens

    45. Kat Wunderlin

      jelly kittys

    46. Andrea Johnson

      Mia's brother kinda looks like Timothee Chalemet

    47. Emily Mendoza


    48. Caroline Martin

      Charlie:everybody wondering why tiktok is getting deleted,it’s bc Thomas starting posting dance vids Thomas:omg Charlie

    49. Riley Vaz610

      Jelly kittens

    50. iiEmilix

      Ok but I have a feeling cha cha is back- I-

    51. Shaurri Mcleod

      O g Charli is a savage omg

    52. Layla Ibrahim

      Nitika your top please change it

    53. Cassie & Kathy

      Mias brother looks like chase and y’all can’t lie

    54. Alana Useda

      Mia is funny

    55. Giselle Molina

      jelly kittens

    56. Giselle Molina

      1:49 ik u guys see that big ass hickey on his neck

    57. Joe Ha Nah

      Woahhhhhh her brotherrrrrrrr ~~~~~~~~

    58. Dudiss

      "wow you rich " Lol

    59. Pieter baeten

      Jelly kittens🐱

    60. Adopt me Team

      Jelly kittens

    61. jeyliancely vega

      Jelly kitten

    62. ramona swaney

      jelly kittens

    63. Blessing__Osayi_Queen


    64. Maryam Akhtar

      Why does charli hold the camera like that

    65. destiny segura

      thomas in every thumbnail: 😧

    66. Pan San


    67. Pan San


    68. Pan San


    69. Pan San

      Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas

    70. Pan San

      Thomas book Thomas

    71. Jordanna S

      Charli : if TikTok was banned I'd move to Canada 🤣

    72. Kate Hollon

      Jelly kittens

    73. Wolf GamerGirl

      Jelly Kittens

    74. EMMA avakin

      whenever in any new video the thumbnail like he does the same pose with his mouth open like in every video and pics

    75. nevaeh fox

      Mia brother look like chase

    76. Isla Kelly

      How did charli wake up chase 👀

    77. Fernanda Ojeda

      “I thought God was like.. God” -Nick Austin 2020

    78. Nesta Njuguna

      Jelly kittens 🐱

    79. Keira Gwendolyn

      Nick- I thought that a god was like... God

    80. Saleena Hopkins

      what is mia's brother's name? i gotta know 😔

      1. Gabi Trimble


    81. Keilly Escalante

      I want Chase and Charli to date again there so cute together

    82. Isabelle Durbridge

      Mia should get a channel

    83. leo lincoln


    84. Hannah Palmer

      Mia said macarons and I said were

    85. Ava Stokely


    86. Sophia Averyknight

      I was drinking the CHARLI during this like the like button if you had the charli :)

    87. Allie Halstead

      Charli wanted to say I would kill myself

    88. Its_Raiinbow_ rosiie

      jelly kittens:)

    89. Zoe Chalmers

      WTF do I do with my life

    90. Stephanie Chavarria

      Did nick have a vape

    91. Kayla Kallbreier

      How dare you Thomas tiktok is now getting deleted 👇 👇✌


      Jelly Kittens

    93. _XIMENA LUNA_

      Is everyone gonna ignore at 1:38 jake and Patrick hugging 🥺

    94. amanda bailey

      jelly kittens love y'all

    95. Codey Elliott

      Jelly kittens

    96. Tonya Harris

      WOW nikita

    97. Kitty Limy1

      They were at the old hype house for a min

    98. Lia noboa

      Charli: I jUsT Falled ME: FALLED?

    99. Carolina Becerra

      Am I the only one who thinks that Mia looks like Nina Dobrev?

    100. Monika MejiaWolphagen

      mias brother omgggg