I Walked In On Chase Doing This...

Thomas Petrou

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    I Walked In On Chase Doing This...
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    1. Sadie Wilhelm

      do yall ever see a comment and wish 'woww i wish i wrote that' its so sad :(

    2. Maryn Paige

      I think Jack is a robot...

    3. Joanna Palacios

      Water gator 🐊

    4. Jason Gonzalez

      kover is packing

    5. Keiri Hernandez

      Why don't you guys play among us in real life in the hype house how it's so big

    6. Tatiana Stanley

      water gator

    7. Camila Castellanos


    8. Bennny Boy68

      Turn to Jesus

    9. Allie & Laelynn


    10. Sophia Lasch

      Green apples

    11. triple trouble truffle


    12. Fatima Younes

      YASS AND I FINISHED TJE VIDEO! And water gator

    13. Melveliss Martinez

      So is nobody gonna talk about how Thomas ended the membership because he wasn’t giving good content?

    14. Aliyah Serna

      Water gater

    15. Gamegirl

      I love how chase was not going to tease Siana

    16. Zoe G

      Water gaiter

    17. Kaylee Vlogs

      People who actually stayed to the end: water gator

    18. Sophie :D

      Watergater idk if that’s how you spell it 😂

    19. Faze5_vibezz

      cant tell if she said water hater or water gator so i put both

    20. Kamryn Burns

      People that are new “Omg this is so short Fans from a long time “Eeek this is SO long And also my Gigi and poppy have a blue corvette

      1. ava aday


    21. Lea Palmer

      Water Gater

    22. Monserrat Cano

      Me think of what the hype house eat

    23. anonmous Gurl

      What happened to tony?

    24. ej

      water gator

    25. jxkk k

      Tana's Face Was Like: >:O

    26. Jaileen Gomez

      my birthday was on oct 3

    27. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Water gator 🦖💜✊

    28. Riley

      is it just me or does anyone else love tanas laugh 🌚

    29. Aubrey Reeves

      Water gator?

    30. Martin Rayo


    31. Jennifer Johnson

      dang thats fukin dope

    32. Alayshia Dickens

      Where did Tony go

    33. Makaiyah Mann

      My respect for chase went 📈📈📈📈📈📈when he wouldn't tase sienna

    34. Chloe Teague

      Did they just say Cole Sprouse follows them

    35. Hafsah Bby


    36. Rihanna Rose

      Chase did whattttt😱

    37. Julia Wilgus

      Water Gator

    38. Amy

      Poor chase, he just was having a massage😔

    39. Kyah Kuyvaya

      anyone else try and stop chases faces on the face he used for the thumbnail

    40. Hannah Margeson

      can u include chase more pweese

    41. Dylan Morales

      What is bang bros? Is that some Netflix series

    42. Nancy Tillson

      Someone pls tell me why on Michaels tit says 4-15-50

    43. Shawn Zimmerling

      natily this will cost you nothing BUT the shipping is three hundred dollar thomas laughs nope thomas after this video emailing natily i want your purfume now natily ok ok ok thomas

    44. alexis M

      can a 14 year old be in the hype house ?

    45. Lilly Humes

      there so funny i love thomas laugh lol

    46. Nayelli

      Water gator

    47. Lucas Ensley


    48. Avamari Torres

      Water gator?

    49. AJ J

      Love u all

    50. AJ J

      I'm the hype houses #1fan

    51. thatgurl. nay2


    52. Cynthia Hernandez

      Chase: “No I’m not naked! I have underwear on!” Me: Awww 😢😭

    53. Jasmine Shagluf

      Fill jacks room with pictures of siena PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    54. Lily Weller

      Water gator

    55. ariya lalloo


    56. Delphi Diggory

      “Take that team10”😂😂

    57. Leia Sheridan

      XD Thomas: Comment Down Bellow Mia: wAtER gAToR But water gator

    58. Gabriela Siarez

      Water gator

    59. Yvonneee Orser

      All I want in life is to hang out with papper


      You guys are such water gators.

    61. Lexi

      Dude they should do just a video of them playing among us, that would be so funny hahaaa

    62. Bear17 K

      that dudes voice was so deep god

    63. ⟭⟬ yanna ⟬⟭

      youtube is getting real comfortable with double ads no skip 😭🤚

    64. Wilberlis Duran

      Ryland are you single

    65. gwendolyn mae

      4:09 is what you’re here for thank me later HAHA

    66. julissa loa

      I think tanna was on crack head hour

    67. Spencer James

      Welcome back to the vlog.

    68. Elqwenalae Robert

      water gamer

    69. Yulitza Nunez


    70. Faatimah Parak

      Great ,now you just need to go back to the old hype house !

    71. Royale Ari

      "Water gator" LMAO

    72. Gloria Valdez

      Water gator or water hater

    73. Marilis Hernandez

      Michael sing's amaizing

    74. Zowee mckenzie Watts


    75. Nikitaali

      Thomas: HEHEHEHEHE me: plz stop

    76. Ryann McHaffie

      i am LIVING for jack and sienna's relationship

    77. Pipers Fanlove

      MY NAME IS Priscilla THEY SAID IT?

    78. Aubrey Barnes

      Can u play among us white us on live

    79. Chase Hudson


    80. Leloz Hussain

      WAIT I love the hype house BUT..... IS THE hype house NEW TEAM 10??

    81. SophiiePlays Rblx !


    82. Lillian Imodia

      No one: Literally no one: Nikita:" I feel like I'm in bangbros" "Hey do you wanna go for a ride dadddy"

    83. Abby Muirhead

      Water gater

    84. val blackwood

      fly me out ther help you play amung us

    85. Mal evil

      I love Cole spouse

    86. aaliyah

      Water gater

    87. Dolores Castillo

      why are they always in alexs room??!!!!

    88. Gigi’s Show

      @thehypehousela :)

    89. Aesthetic. Butterfly

      Ok I’m confused did Ondreaz and Tony just moved out or did they leave the house??

    90. Maddison Prince

      Tana looks high at all times lol

    91. Josephine and aubreyanna Besties

      Pls fowwel me on tiktok

    92. Grandpa Yoongi

      Water Gator

    93. diddlyyydinos

      I think you should make the new Hype House members move out for a day then invite the OG Hype House members to come over for a day 😂

    94. Sophia and Kierstyn

      I like how there all wearing kouvr merch

    95. Montserrat Stuhlhofer

      Water engater or smt 😂

    96. Emily Lewis

      They seriously have so many cars, how many you need? Hahah me: All of them

    97. Dum Kidd

      Where is TONY

    98. destiny segura

      thomas in every thumbnail: 😧

    99. Isabell Lopez

      Water gator

    100. Lilly Muchiri

      Water gator