Jack & Sienna Have An Announcement!

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    Jack & Sienna Have An Announcement!
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    1. Trinidad Daher


    2. ii.pxmxlx. ii

      4:56 🥺

    3. Cloudyxkaityn

      Your face in EVERY thumbnail is 👁⭕️👁

    4. Evette’s Vlog channel

      Purple corn 😂

    5. Alejandra Gonzalez

      Sienna and Jack confuse me so much like what the heck

    6. Joy Akinyi

      hi thomas i am ten years old and like watching your videos i am from kenya

    7. Imani Figueroa

      purple corn

    8. Kaelyn Stone

      purple cornnnn

    9. Nicole Chacon

      4:58 is what you looking for

      1. Nicole Chacon


    10. Lila Venegas


    11. Dakota Lopez

      Purple corn

    12. Gioh Sung

      Not me just realizing these people are like Team 10 of my era..

    13. Carlos Cepeda


    14. cristian Gonzalez

      Purple corn

    15. Maria paula Carrera


    16. Ashton Ouellette

      Purple corn

    17. Jeffrey Aguilar

      ther dating

    18. Amaka

      Sienna and Jack: kiss Also them: we're not dating we're *best friends* Me: Best friends with benefits✨✨

    19. Gertie Laine Turenne

      Purple corn

    20. Aubrey Reeves

      Purple corn

    21. Michael Villaluz

      Okay no one is talking about how mia side i feel ugly and thomas side you look beatuful😃😃😃

    22. Minnie O'Rourke

      i ship nailea and jake sooooo much, ahahaha

    23. jenifer henriquez

      purple corn

    24. Linnea Wälivaara

      who is that guy lookin like lilhuddy


      4:06 LOL He loves Kouvr so much. I love them

    26. Mindy Leah

      Mias brother should have his own channel

    27. Op2k

      Chase: where’s weird scary mask Also chase: for legal reasons these where not found in my room Like what the heck why do you even have those Lol


      purple corn i said it

    29. Emilly Antunes

      4:57 kiss Sienna and jack

    30. Carloyn King

      I love Larry he is my sound Davi

    31. Carloyn King

      Tell kovrn that she is my favorite HUfast ❤️🌹

    32. Lilianna Lugo


    33. Satine Terry

      is Larry drunk?

    34. Gaby Nicole

      Purple corn

    35. Maria Dominguez

      Purple corn

    36. Nayelli

      Purple corn

    37. Chaz rioz

      More chase!!!!! 🥺💜🖤💜🖤 I need more chase in the vlogs.. 🥺

    38. AJ Brenner

      purple corn

    39. Najma Abdi

      they really pulling the CoUpLe Of bEsTiEs card

    40. Lucas Ensley

      purple corn

    41. Amelia Sheikh

      Isn’t he over 18

    42. dreamy aesthetics

      They kissed?!

    43. Denika Moore

      On the last video I just saying I couldn't comment done but I'm doing it now done

    44. thatgurl. nay2


    45. Avi cado

      if sienna and jack are “bestfriends then im dating larray

    46. cass is here

      "sUbScRiBe!! oh and bY tHe WaY i just happen to not have a shirt on!" what a coincidence!

    47. Victoria Diaz

      Hey Thomas can you get me a German Shepard and husky but the have to be baby’s and a taser pls and thx u you will get more subscribers

    48. saliya wilson

      purple corn

    49. Lily Weller

      Purple corn

    50. Elly Axworthy

      Purple corn

    51. ariya lalloo

      Purple corn

    52. Vanesa Mendoza

      Purple corn 🌽

    53. Megan Carle

      Michal laughing the pain away😂

    54. alison here

      aww at 3:40 Thomas was sooo sweet and told her that she looks beautiful :)

    55. Cpt. shikz

      Purple corn ? What even

    56. Veronika Wadhwa

      5:14 wait have they really known each other for seven years?

    57. Bronx Velasquez

      Michael is such a chach

    58. Cora Dreher

      Alex’s reaction when they kissed is so funny omg

    59. Emely H.

      Dude I remember Thomas from back in the team ten days dude has grown so muchhh..😳

    60. Your Mom

      purple corn💜🌽


      Thomas laugh annoys me a bit ngl

    62. Haha Masala

      Purple corn

    63. The H Crew

      i love how your always smiling

    64. Daniel Cordero


    65. Gabriela Siarez

      Purple corn

    66. Ariana Soto

      Purple corn

    67. xdaisiez lol

      purple corn

    68. Wilberlis Duran

      Ryland your AC will work as soon as i get there

    69. Queen B

      PURPLE CORN!!!

    70. Jessicaa Abbott

      Any time these tik tokers or you tubers get with someone they won’t admit it and will say we are just best friends! Like come on we all know!

    71. Crystal Family

      bio if they kissed they dating

    72. Morg_ba _Borg

      Omg I love the hype house !!

    73. diamon_ ash1

      There friends with Benefit

    74. Rayana Nafisa

      who else is hereafter finding out Sienna got paid to kiss Jack??

    75. Crackhead Pasternak

      Mias brother is cute

    76. Nica Iledan

      🔯PURPLE🕎 🌽CORN🌽

    77. Zahmora Johnson

      God bless whoever is reading this and I pray that you turn to the Lord before his return and please seek the Lord so you can be i forever be in happiness you font have to suffer because the Lord already did so for you as long as you follow him, God bless you and Jesus has a plan for you keep your head up 😃❤️🙏

    78. Cieni Fevaleaki

      the wish version of davids vlogs :((

    79. osl 20

      Sometimes your video titles anger me

    80. Katelyn Robledo

      purple corn

    81. Maria Towne


    82. Crystal Flores


    83. cookiiesquad

      Purplecorn XD

    84. Maya Mannan

      PuRpLe CoRn

    85. Eva Watson

      Purple horn

    86. nugoliveira

      Eles tão namorando ou não?

    87. Gloria Valdez

      Purple corn

    88. Donut

      why do I kinda ship nick and nailea tho?

    89. Karina Marquez

      Jacks “girlfriend” and jack go to my highschool and his “girlfriend” used to bully people so it’s kinda funny how she’s trying to be all nice now I think she just wants fame she hella fake

    90. Ava Frost 2024

      Purple Corn

    91. ツAriGachaPrincess

      Love 🥮🥮

    92. Pratima Sharma

      Purple corn and happy birthday Addison

    93. Alessia

      Awww Mia and Thomas are so cute!!! 💞

    94. Brad DaddyBastard

      Bro your laugh is so annoyingly annoying.

    95. fam tastic

      It is so funny👁👅👁

    96. Chris_YT _

      Friend with benefits MAJOR BENEFITS 😳😛

    97. Hi People

      Purple corn

    98. sofia rochin

      Purple corn 🌽

    99. Brittany Briggitte Pozo Ca�ola

      Does mia have acne? :(

    100. Luvsammy_

      The only person I like it’s jack seina and avani