Jack & Sienna Did This In Our New House!

Thomas Petrou

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    Jack & Sienna Did This In Our New House!
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    1. The unknown Man

      Spicy romen

    2. Elyse Blumberg

      No one: Literally no one: Thomas- "If we get kicked out I am leaving."

    3. natasha duffin

      Why is Chase in a different house??

    4. Mwape Mwansa

      spicy ramen

    5. Jessica Simon

      spicy Ramen

    6. Samantha Mendez

      spicy chicken

    7. Brayden Young

      6:37 *THAT’S A MAN RIGHT THERE BOY* *spicy ramen* 🍜🌶🥵

    8. Heidi Hardebeck

      I’ve never had spicy ramen before

    9. Kelly Brungardt-Neil

      Spicy ramen

    10. Star Glow

      spice romen

    11. Pratima Sharma

      Spicy ramen

    12. Mariela Rodriguez


    13. Xxxmoonstarrr

      Flexsy roemen

    14. Tiffany Allen

      spice romin

    15. Lilz lu

      Spicy ramen

    16. Andja Djurdjevic

      Spicy romen😂😂

    17. Camila Barrera

      Spicy Ramen

    18. Emily McDaniel

      Nikita needsss to get a new freakinggg maskkkk that thing doesn’t work 1 bittt

    19. Melanie Hill

      5:05 just a time stamp for moi

    20. Hannah Ventigan

      Spicy ramen


      Spicy Ramen

    22. Aubrey Reeves

      Spicy ramen

    23. Heather Lessmann

      Spicy Ramen

    24. Stella Vaughan

      Spicy ramen

    25. Isailys Gonzalez

      spicy ramen🍝or spaghetti LOL 🤣

    26. Alisa Murray

      Can you start posting more

    27. Ndhs Shsn

      Why is Thomas face on every thumbnail now??? It was not like that I’m confused

    28. Imani Williams

      Now we all KNOWWW that his cousin was finna buss his head to the white meat👽✋🏽

    29. Emily Emily

      omg hi

    30. Jodie Price


    31. Jodie Price

      7:12 he got yeeted LOL

    32. Jodie Price


    33. Miranda Rodriguez

      I love ryland

    34. Audrey Luck

      Michale and the pug puppy

    35. Kaysen D.

      Spicy ramen

    36. kathy hearrin

      what did you thank ok larrey mices

    37. Jasneet Dhillon


    38. Jasneet Dhillon


    39. Daisy Lopez

      Dear Thomas, I love your videos they make me smile when I am having a bad day or even if I just want to watch something funny, you inspire me to do things that you do, like you have given teenagers and others a future and have inspired them to not stop what they are doing. You have also inspired me. Every day you inspire me to do better in life and to not give up whenever I feel like giving up I say to myself “What would Thomas petrou say if I did”. Thank for everything you have taught me, keep on doing you 😊.

    40. yamz

      This Thomas guy is the next Dan Schneider. Exploiting and grooming teens... 🤢🤮🤮

    41. aditya venkatraman

      your vlogs are just dying man!

    42. Amari Linton

      spicy ramen

    43. Laila- Jade

      Has anyone noticed that in ALL of Thomas’s thumbnails his face is always the same like bruh

    44. Zoha Khawar

      Vinnie's fortune was just wrong it was just so wrong

    45. micah addyson

      spicy roman

    46. Marilee Cortez Heavenly Treats 661

      Can you bring Charli plz I love her in your vogd

    47. megan cahill

      spicy ramen

    48. Eva Mastromonaco

      He got LINCHED

    49. Shaikha Faraj

      Happy birthday Nikita 🌹

    50. Abigail Mashtare

      Spicy ramen:)

    51. Hunnie Crump

      no one gonna talk about the fact that Michael is eating cereal at night?

    52. Mikayla Ten

      Sooooo...... can you give us like a time frame of when we can expect a Charli and chase handcuffed together video.

    53. Chloe Winstead

      spicy ramen

    54. Tony Spoon

      Vlog idea: give your camera to Charli and just see what she does! Lol

    55. Leah _7

      Spicy ramen 🍜 🌶

    56. Natasha Allen

      how does that girl do anything with them nails ? they are so long!

    57. Cleo Rentrop

      Spicy ramen

    58. Ace Kim

      who’s the lad at 1:16

    59. FiRe Cyro

      spicy ramen spicy ramen

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    61. Brenda Torres

      Spicy ramen and I wanna go to the hype house watch the hype house do it like Willy woks find five hype tickets in your hype chains link in discripstion

    62. Go go squeeze Squad

      Spicy Ramen

    63. luana Barros

      We need more vinnie and nailea

    64. Rowin’s Kitchen

      spicy ramen

    65. Yvie Richards

      Tana and Nikita is an icon duo

    66. Jorge Avendaño

      Spicy ramen

    67. Isa Neves

      Do more vídeos with jack and sienna i love them 🤗

    68. Ofelia Flores

      spicy ramen

    69. Jonathan Gonzalez Ochoa

      spicy romen

    70. Colynay YT

      Spicy ramen 🍜

    71. Roblox Series

      For your next video you should make the whole house take the lie detector test

    72. Hayat Al Hosai

      this one is for mia i dare you and kouvr to control what the boys in hype do for a day new vlog idea spicy ramen

    73. qiang lin

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    74. ashlyn loew

      spicy ramen... lmaooo

    75. Chloey Zouganelis

      Spicy ramen

    76. kaya mahealani

      i think you guys are really funny

    77. Becky Verduzco

      Spicy Ramen

    78. Azariah Wade

      Spicy ramen

    79. GG Viyella

      spicy ramen

    80. Leniyah Lewis

      I need there animals like AWWWWWWWWW and also SpIcY rAmEn

    81. Diane Orellana

      Did calvin shave his beard I liked it

    82. Kyanna Rupe

      People how never hated them👉

    83. Roley Royy

      Thomas your g.f is very lovely 🤗🤗🤗

    84. Blen M

      Sienna: what does everyone like about jack I like his big..*cut* cuddles

    85. Itss Lanny

      spicy ramen :PPP

    86. Roise Maguire

      This is your 100th video !!!!!!!!

    87. Emily Safeek

      Turn the old hype house into an Airbnb y’all will be making dough

    88. Alajah Curtis

      Spicy roman

    89. rebecca azoulay

      Spicy ramen 🍜

    90. billy player

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    91. Adoom Kph

      It’s my bday on 15 January 2021

    92. Benjamin Aguirre

      SpIcY rAmEn

    93. Destynee Oviedo

      now I want spicy ramen

    94. roma cherubini

      honey anoying click bait aint fun

    95. Maja Laurell

      More Vinnie✨🥺🙏🏻🙏🏻

    96. TG SOL

      U should put jack in a cardboard box and call him a jack in the box

    97. Leah LovesParis

      They be looking like Michael Jackson

    98. Michelle Olivar

      Spicy ramen 🍜

    99. Michelle Olivar

      Just saw that Nikita has new merch on !!

    100. Hailey Madrid

      Spicy ramen