Kouvr and Mia Shouldn't Have These...

Thomas Petrou

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    Kouvr and Mia Shouldn't Have These...
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    1. Pamela Orozco

      Maicole sucks

    2. Esmeralda Murati

      OK wait.. This can't be Mia in the Thumbnail 😶

    3. Lyssiah G

      Michal sucks

    4. Hiba Pathan

      Michael sucks

    5. Chantell Moyo

      micheal sucks

    6. Oumaima Oum

      Michael sucks

    7. Kymara Saint Louis

      Ryland is woke

    8. Imani Figueroa

      when tony bit in to the the apple he was chomping like an apple was in his mouth

    9. Grabiel feliz alvarez

      Michael sucks

    10. Jodie Lower

      I love this so much😋😋😋😋😋

    11. Karolynne Jackson


    12. Aliyah Scott

      michael sucks

    13. A & R FreGuz

      My real name is mia

    14. Ivy Guerra

      It's like in every sentence RYLAND has to cuss or in every tiktok he has to stick up the middle finger

    15. Londynn Pacheco

      OK Michael sucks 😑😐

    16. Elaina Loos

      Michael sucks

    17. Alexandria Summer

      Michal sucks

    18. Ileana Terrazas

      Michael sucks

    19. Ragmah Raspberry

      Michelle sucks

    20. ana tesf


    21. Nya Olson

      michel sucks

    22. Lexie

      Michael a stupid as in the comments

    23. kmnnk

      I just had to michal sucks (not) lol

    24. how to stupid

      Michael sucks

    25. Jennifer Garcia

      Michel stuck

    26. jaymie reyes

      Comment Michael sucks

    27. Olivia Nuttall

      This video was so funny # Michael sucks

    28. Emilene Aller

      Michael sucks

    29. Abigail Ridgel

      Tell me why Tony went to chew when he took a bite of the plastic😂

    30. Lenya Sleeman

      Michael sucks

    31. Lenya Sleeman

      Michael songs

    32. hou zaku

      Michael sucks.

    33. Travis Tatsey

      michel sucks

    34. Maria. Games

      Mike is sick

    35. Unicorn Jay

      Michal suks

    36. Dabington Taylor

      Michael sacks

    37. Evelyn Facundo


    38. sunkissed_dorbyn

      nobody: Tony: bites into an apple juice and chews it Also: michael sucks

    39. Anthonysh Ford


    40. Lila Griffith

      Michael sucks

    41. Brooke Harrison

      Michele sucks lol

    42. Haiden Booker

      My buddy’s my palls

    43. ruman muhumed

      me fist part of video: i can,t pass this fvcking exam ready to fail

    44. Andrea Davis

      Michelle sucks

    45. Amani Jimenez


    46. malani's vlogss

      ryland is such a mood.

    47. Marie Sedano

      i love hoe its basically all boys in the attic.

    48. Jamila Hudley

      reply if u have a nintendo switch

    49. Kimberly Skipper

      This is the reason Chase is my fav 2:08

    50. Shawnah Desouza

      Michael sucks

    51. Crazy girl 101

      Micheal sucks

    52. saliya wilson

      micheal sucks

    53. Sophie McArdle

      Michael sucks xx

    54. Chloe Brown

      michael sucks

    55. Cailyn Davies

      Micheal sucks

    56. Style_Aylen

      Michael sucks!!!!

    57. AVAS life

      Michale sucks



    59. Ïšmãh Ćhäūdhärŷ

      Is it just me or is nick so cute? 😂

    60. Andrea Warrick

      Micheal: Are u in a game Ryland: yes im in a freaking game

    61. Leah Keffer

      Michael sucks.

    62. vanessa arod

      Michael sucks

    63. Yuritzia Rodriguez

      the way ryland said comment calvin sucks

    64. Melany Munoz


    65. Brooklynn Jachimowicz

      DADDY CHILL 😌 ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

    66. Kynnedy Whittington

      michale sucks

    67. Izhrath Idohou

      Mia looks like Nina dobrev

    68. Gamergirl15

      Chase sounds like a baby

    69. Gamergirl15

      OMG that scared me Chase was sitting right behind you

    70. gogo gogo

      this shit made me want to eat an apple an go to the store and buy one and it does.

    71. Menna Pope

      mhmy each a game

    72. Weird Cousins

      Micheal sucks hey Thomas you said in a video to say Michael is mean I did it

    73. Shalesha Patterson

      michael sucks

    74. Emily Roalty

      Mikel does suck

    75. Cassidy Anahi

      4:53 he aint wrong but i loved when they was in the attic

    76. Glam

      michael sucks

    77. Harper Lawrence

      michael sucks

    78. jaliyah talley

      They hurt poor boy heart awww

    79. Rosanna Smith

      mikl sucks

    80. Oqhix H

      Thomas's laugh is sending me 😭

    81. leighton Dowden

      Michael sucks

    82. leighton Dowden

      I love cuase the hype house is so funny

    83. Madalyn Peterson

      ill say this for ryland micheal sucks he actualy does....

    84. Yoongi’s Cat

      Michael sucks


      Tony bites it and then is chewing. Like chewing on what? AIR?! hAhahahahahahah

    86. Greta Ferguson-Hair

      Michael Sucks

    87. ganapier

      Micheal sucks

    88. Clodagh McKay

      MiChAeL sUcKs 😂

    89. A L L I E P O C O C K

      Tony try’s to eat it after he bits the juice 😂😂😂


      Micheal sucks - Ryland not me

    91. Angle Kueen

      Michael sucks

    92. Hana Hadid

      micheal nono word

    93. Anna Abhilash

      michale sucks

    94. Janiya Dixon

      michael sucks

    95. Rebecca Penny

      Ryland is the cutest who agrees

    96. Sassy Cassy

      Micheal sucks

    97. Aileen Solorzano

      Michael doesn't suck😂

    98. Strawberrykixxs

      “That’s why white people die why did I go look”😂😂😂

    99. Akier Mabing

      When he said that is why white people die in movies I was like ikr why do you’ll go look at what it is you run u are gone in less then 0.5 sec like y do u have to go hunting do the dash and get out your way