Larray Flirted With Me In Front Of Mia...

Thomas Petrou

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    Larray Flirted With Me In Front Of Mia...
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    1. Ali Okojie

      Blue bear p.s. blue my fav color

    2. Cali Golden

      blow bare

    3. impeckaple -

      birds are fake tho

    4. John Fleet

      Hi honestly whenever im sad thomas you cheer me up i always wish of meeting you but sadly i cant bc first its covid and i have it and i live in a different country .

    5. Andrea Bihouet

      blue bear

    6. Charli damelio rare tiktoks

      Omg we love the charli part

    7. addi elise

      we all know charli realized tony lopez was around LMAOAO

    8. Zoey Warren

      Blue Bear

    9. Kelly Wilson

      did mihle hit dixi with a chair

    10. Ava Costello

      Blue bear

    11. Sione Worrell-Tilghman

      She is a timely person

    12. Caden Clark

      id like to talk to nick to continue the bird theory

    13. Skylyn Latendresse

      blue bear

    14. Tine Borgselius

      Blie bare

    15. Isobel Attenborrow

      Blue bear

    16. maggie Robertson

      Blue bear

    17. Debra Jean

      Blue bear

    18. sad nugget

      Blue bear

    19. Layla H

      Blue Bear


      no one : charlie: lEt mE iN pLeAsE

    21. Skyler Foxy

      3:05 imma be honest but i thinke hes right ;-;

    22. Judy Cardiel

      LeT me IN LEtmE In LEtMeInPLsSsSs im a big fan of char char chacha4life btw i have a fp of her on tt

    23. Caoimhe McConnell

      Blue bear

    24. Amelia Dunker

      blue bear

    25. Kaylynn Orona-Leyva


    26. Gabriel Contreras

      i wonder what thomas keeps in his safe🤔

    27. DazGamesFp iLove_Daz

      Omg Thomas is so cute 🥺🥺

    28. april

      i can't be the only one who also thinks birds are robots 💀💀

    29. krishna beltran

      blue bear

    30. Carla Zambrano

      michal: dO yOu hAvE bReAnD aNd wInE lmaoooooooo

    31. Shayea Jackson Houle

      blue bear

    32. S Dugi

      Blue bear

    33. verta gooden


    34. avah sullivan


    35. Abby Jackson

      Charli watching the ending about what Thomas said 👁👄👁 💧 💧

    36. Samantha samer

      lblue bare

    37. Lola Tomlinson

      Blue bear

    38. Brydie Killeen

      blue bear


      Blue bear

    40. Sadeem Ali

      Charli: “ I said two minutes I’m a timey person”

    41. Avery Brennan

      blue bear

    42. Molly Thornton Sleator

      blue bear

    43. Rosecoffxe

      The DiSrEsPecT -charli 2020

    44. Animal lover Sloth

      I wish I was in the hype house

    45. Jerney Donerson

      Ballou bear 💙🐻

    46. Thea Bloor

      Blue bear

    47. Jamya Sipp

      Blue bear

    48. Hannah Casey

      Aww when Charli said let me in she sounded soo adorable

    49. Connor Peterson

      Charli- “I’m a timely person”

    50. Kendra Solien

      Awwww charli sounds so cute saying “let me in!” This made my day🥺

    51. Nansbs Jajshdhgs

      Blue bear

    52. Angeline DeLaRosa

      Charlie hi Charlie I'm a big fan

    53. lilly nation

      blue bear

    54. Rxse X Petals

      #BlueBear || #ILoveTheHypeHouse || Love The Video! ❤️

    55. Pipers Squad

      Blue bear

    56. Pipers Squad

      Blue bare Blue bar

    57. Swaggyisaa

      Blue bear

    58. Bubbles •

      Omg charli sounds so cute i cant-👁👄👁

    59. Ava Reece

      BLuE BEaR

    60. Allie Volgs

      Bruh I was laughing so hard about the pillow fight that I woke my mom up bruh that was funny

    61. Morgan Blythe

      “how many birds have you seen dead on the floor” Obviously nick hasn’t come to Australia

    62. Celine Clerico

      Blue bear

    63. Abbie Soleil_eq xX X

      Who didn’t let her in

    64. Chris Murphys

      awwww so cute how thomas thinks Charli is his sister

    65. Nathalie Nidal Akar

      Blue bear

    66. Jocelyn Mendoza

      Blue bear

    67. Deirdre Lomeli

      Blue bear

    68. DobbenGamer

      thomas said in the outro " as well as the lover boy berch " and not merch

    69. levina

      mia: “i want to try the pillow fight” also mia: * lets kouvr hits here with the pillow 10 times *

    70. Sam Jett

      Charli is so patient

    71. Renae Taylor

      Blue bear

    72. Whitley Noland


    73. Elizabeth Johnston

      I like how I watch all the videos and don't comment the 2 words

    74. Maida Muñoz

      Blue bear 🐻

    75. Cadi Roberts

      Blue bear

    76. Kylee Bartram


    77. Danikah Ald

      Blue bear

    78. Tiffany Rodriguez

      Blue Bear

    79. Ava Frost 2024

      Blue bear

    80. mariam aburashid

      We just love the doorbell

    81. Genesis Cortez

      Blue bear

    82. CocoXnut Rxblox

      The part where they don’t believe that birds are real what about da chickens I like chicken 🥺

    83. Melanie_martinez

      Blue bear

    84. Annabeth Chase

      Nick is so cute

    85. xxfidget.toysxx

      blue bear

    86. Gabriella Valdez

      Charlie let me in let me in

    87. Tara Reid

      blue bear


      nick is so cute

    89. Denise Arzate

      Blue bear

    90. itschirstina_playzYT fan Huge fan

      LArRi wAs KDDInG

    91. Camila Romero

      blue bare

    92. Mia Glenn

      blue bare

    93. Brianna Vanegas

      Blue bear

    94. Oof Yadiel

      Let me in let me in plssss

    95. lindsey changes

      blue bear

    96. Jessica Simon

      That is her trying to get in the vape store when it is closed

    97. Matthew Richards


    98. Sayuri Ballico

      blue bear !!!1

    99. Boo Wade

      Blue bear