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    1. Mario A Crespo

      Which hype house member is taller than me I’m 5’3 in height or 160.02 in cm?

    2. Charlie D'Amelio

      Why the fuck vinnie is soo cute 😑😑😑😑

    3. anny kimana

      2:50 im doneeee lol. God loves yall and bless yall. praying for yall to accept him before its too late ily

    4. Zeynep

      I am happy than vinnie joined =)

    5. Molly Tonini

      Vinnie is officially the only good thing about hype house

    6. Billie is daddy

      I forgot they exist 💀✋

    7. KNiyah Carthran

      Sweet Larray

    8. 0fficially. Zoe

      sweet larray😩✋

    9. Kaydance Grant

      You should do another omegal with vinnie

    10. Donnayia McCullough

      Why can’t I go in the hype house that really sad bro ! Remember that when I do the same thing

    11. Josie Alvizo

      I made it till the ens

    12. Rel Jones

      Where’s chase tho

    13. Lucy’s Corner

      Sweet larri

    14. Emmy C

      I’m happy for vinnie

    15. Kim’s world

      vinnie is so cute lol

    16. nikole Rapoport

      Vinnie vinnie vinnie vinnie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

    17. nikole Rapoport

      Vinnie vinnie vinnie vinnie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    18. nikole Rapoport

      Vinnie vinnie vinnie vinnie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    19. giuliana Neslund

      i have $315

    20. dances for you

      Sweat larray

    21. Megan Cork

      Why do I feel like every video is like 'so I found this video on tik tok'😂

    22. Nightcore Music

      am I the only one disturbed by how Mia was held at 4:21??

    23. Lily May Phipps

      Sweet laray

    24. Coderrick ben Tso

      I been watching all ur videos but sometimes don't even subscribe 🤠

    25. Coderrick ben Tso

      It was good Thomas

    26. Andrea McNamara

      Hi K0 ver

    27. lily marley

      sweet larray

    28. Softballq 511

      Who else had to double take at the girl in the pink to see if it was Mia

    29. wnnalis cioov

      I’m I the only person who is actually happy that vinnie is joining the hype house??

    30. Kaylee Baker


    31. lou Charles

      Look at the way papar touched Mia

    32. levina

      honestly the hype house looks so fun to live in

    33. Marjorie Buchanan

      sweet larry

      1. wnnalis cioov

        In the thumbnail I literally thought it was Noah lmao

    34. Jocilyn Agler

      Sweet larray

    35. miko foin

      You’re on trending! Yay!

    36. Roley Royy

      Welcome to lovely hype house vinnie. Hype house they are all lovely ppl .🙄🙄🤗🤗🤗🤗

    37. zylo

      What is that bed frame, Micheal has bro 🔥

    38. ItzSarah _ M


    39. hoiy vinosa

      Yay I really wanted to see this yay

      1. miko foin

        7:24 jojo is that u?

    40. Aries07

      SWEET LERAY ÙwÚ also yay new member the more the marier \(^o^)/

    41. Sofia Reece

      I want more vinnie content pls and thank you

    42. Kimberly Hupp

      Sweet larrie

    43. Alyzabeth De Luna

      sweet Larry

      1. hoiy vinosa

        can we just talk about the bond they all have I mean go to 4:18 and look at Conner/papper and Mia

    44. Kaylie Bosserman

      Sweet larray

    45. Sky

      u are the best thomas

    46. mikea hiooi

      I thought he would of moved in with sway or James Charles

    47. Sarah Richey

      In the thumbnail I literally thought it was Noah lmao

    48. Kayden Powell

      Sweet larray

    49. bella

      4:18 watch paper with Mia

    50. Gali Angulo

      Vinnie is going to have fun at the Hype House. I loved what you said at the end Thomas

      1. mikea hiooi

        Shity content

    51. kai2 _jazmine

      I commented on someone else's video about the content that was displayed on said video, and even though I am not a fan, they have very little respect from me, and it is their life. I do not like the hype house, and no I will not capitalize that. I dislike what they say regarding certain topics, but they are humans who are no higher than me, so they get little respect no more no less unless they do something even more "human like" that is more degrading.

    52. N K


    53. Anna Waggoner

      7:24 jojo is that u?

    54. Jose Castanon

      Came just to put a thumbs down on ur vid cause it trash

    55. Sophia Hahn

      Look at 4:18 to 4:20 in this video he is grabbing Mia

      1. Arctic Six

        That is not Mia

    56. Cookie dough

      I’m actually happy for vinnie!! Idek y ppl r so mad about it!! That’s his second step!! Let him do whatever he wants as long as he’s happy!! I hope he doesn’t change tho!! Also remember that everyone make their own decisions (doesn’t mean u can’t share ur opinion!! But just don’t let someone feel bad or regret doing something) !! Spread positivity!! :)

    57. Tenley Cotarelo

      can we just talk about the bond they all have I mean go to 4:18 and look at Conner/papper and Mia

    58. tiktok nation

      Sweet Larry also I love you guys❤

    59. Annabella Anthony

      Did chase leave the hype house

    60. Miley Varela

      Where’s Mia word for the day🥺

    61. Katelyn Belanger

      7:15 - 7:20 siennas hand on another guys leg, that is not jacks! No one else noticed this? Must be-because you all so concerned about vinnie joining the house lol

    62. Azia Knowles

      He said that vinnie wasn't joining the house

    63. soinhu foitu

      No one: Literally no one: Michael: lift ur shirt Vinnie: lifts his hoodie up Thomas: this is not Tik Tok Michael, chill

    64. Addison Tolsma

      Swear Larry ❤️💋

    65. jaime fernandes de soares

      Shity content

    66. Fadinq_Galaxy

      Sweet larray

    67. Thais Ettori

      sweet Larri

      1. soinhu foitu

        loved the new video?

    68. Kauane Oliveira

      vinnie is so cute

    69. Kauane Oliveira


    70. Ainhoa I

      why people dont want vinnie there?

    71. Mariam Mirtskhulava

      Sweet larray

    72. sammy wholf

      Sweet larry

    73. Daisy Mills

      “sweet larray“ “wHat dID yOu jUsT caLL lARrI?“ “sWeet“ “aWWwWwEeeE“ “KiLl iT“ 😭💀🤚🏻

    74. Chassy Milan

      Sweet larray

    75. Issy B

      Sweet larri

    76. Savanna Gomez

      I just remembered that you guys moved so the kids that annoy micheal won’t annoy him anymore

    77. Bella Whittenberger

      I thought he would of moved in with sway or James Charles

    78. Zailyn vlogs

      Are happy being sud

    79. Anna york

      lego maze but instead of legos mouse traps

    80. Talia Salz

      sweet larray

    81. Lisa Liyah

      Sweet Larry

    82. Courtney Thomson

      sweet larry

    83. Valentina Valerio

      We need to see vinie more

    84. Brodi Lambert Mann

      Um just me or did y’all see the way paper was touching Mia Time-4:18 😳

    85. Darina Muhametyarova

      thomas all the time: heheheheheh

    86. Emily An

      That was brilliant.. thank you!!!?

    87. Kiyah Milner

      I like Vinnie, but not for this house.

    88. Sazz Salic

      Am i the only one who finds this boring expecially parts where Vinnie is not seen

    89. eva

      i can’t believe you made vinnie do this

    90. Nicole Burchell

      4:18 did anyone else notice the guy in the blue shirt trying to hold the girl in the pink outfit

    91. Guirat Arij

      Vinnie doesn't even fit with them they're bunch of child who make childish content

    92. Jocelyn Valeria

      Sweet larray

    93. Sondos Khdour

      I love that he is in but just I feel like hype is sway now haha

    94. Andebreeze

      why are they at the old hh

    95. Tayla Long

      i honestly forgot there was a hype house

    96. Kate Records

      Let’s not talk about how cardi be is on coin master 😂😂😂😭

    97. Layla_Limelight

      sweet larray

    98. Jaycee Cutler

      SAVE VINNIE 2021

    99. Sidney Hathaway