Mia and Kouvr Shouldn't Have Tasers...

Thomas Petrou

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    Mia and Kouvr Shouldn't Have Tasers...
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    1. Emily Provenvio

      she sais ZAP ZAP

    2. Robert Cook

      Kouvr is literally the house mom that everyone fears

    3. Morgan Kennedy

      You're right they shouldn't have Tasers

    4. Alana Heswall

      omg Michaels face at 2:41 is so funny!

    5. regan tobin 09

      nicks so cute

    6. London LeBlanc

      mia and kouvr litterly have to just look at each other and know to go afer the boys in the house

    7. Audrey's Dream vlog

      When one guy said that the other guy looked like a Hobo does he know that Hobo is someone who gets on a train illegally

    8. Dijaniero Smith

      Cuz I'm supposed to🙃🙂

    9. Mia Perez

      Why do I laugh exactly like nick😂

    10. Isabella Persad

      Is'nt it sweet of Micheal to tell Nick to watch his head awww

    11. Meghan Morse

      taze the later

    12. L i L y :p

      When Nick laughs he always got me chocking 0:24

    13. Claire Kang

      The pun at start

    14. Caidan Buckley

      If Kouvr was smart she would have touched the ladder with the taser.

    15. Reagan Engstrom

      Why do Kouvr and Mia always wanna hurt the boys?

    16. Maliyah Potts

      Kouvr is a literal vibe

    17. Lenya Sleeman

      Shiloh pops

    18. Shatiq Prescod

      My sister want's to data nick

    19. Unicorn Jay

      Im very mad

    20. amy gonzales

      Tell nick austin a 9 year old likes him

    21. Alexis Benavides

      I love kouver she is the best

    22. Genesis Rodriguez


    23. Genesis Rodriguez

      Wow this shit is so funny

    24. Genesis Rodriguez

      It is so funny I men I am not allowed to see this shit because my mom and dad will fucking kill me

    25. Rose Role Play

      1:25 when Micheal said Nick you look like a hobo because of what he is wearing, i wear that type of shit.

    26. ミsonosomi

      I have watched this every time I study, its keeps me "calm" :>

    27. Reynaldo Cordoba

      i love nick

    28. The Real Life Of Zoey

      I miss Darianka

    29. Spooky Melio

      This is my whole friend group but mia is so mee

    30. Peyton Fish

      i feel like me and mia and kouvr would be amazing friends

    31. gina stewart

      They are the exact defintion of stupid but smart

    32. Kyle Britt

      I love everyone on the hype house because they are my homies and the girls are so beautiful I love them

    33. Serenity Wilson


    34. Jordyn Ching

      Nick's laugh is just classic

    35. ممدرح العبدلي

      FRIEND ❤️❤️

    36. only bakr

      I feel sorry for Michael

    37. maria thomas

      I'm 8 years old how would I be able to spell that Calvin Shy lafone

    38. Kayla Tregloan

      How do I change my profile picture I’ve had the same one for 3 years

    39. The olive oil

      I feel bad for their maid tho

    40. Sophia Chavez

      Michal:why do you want to tase me!? Kuovr:CaUsE iM sApOsE tOo Michal;NO YOU NOT!

    41. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Pufflufogus ya idk if that’s how u spell it 🦖

    42. Zoe Steenvoorden

      Nick is so cute

    43. Christy Miller

      Michael not knowing who travis Scott is Me:😶

    44. Janine Goethe

      Thomas can you say I like your cut G and smack Mia on the back of the head

    45. Rhayne LienhRt

      You should play hide and seek in the house

    46. Sadie Williams

      shilo puff

    47. Indiana Swan

      man I be in the hope house

    48. kylie bain


    49. Lemon Candy

      You guys should play a game in the hype house. Play a game PPL In The hype house!!

    50. Ashley Hotoyan

      because I’m supposed to

    51. Madison Veloza

      Where do you get those tasers 😭


      3:03 ear rate

    53. Saleena Hopkins

      shia la'puff 🤣

    54. Shylee G

      Nick has the funniest laugh out of the whole entire house😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😄😄😁😁

    55. omg mf

      The end 😹

    56. caylee allen

      shiloh pup

    57. nobody knows

      is being chased by a person wielding a w weapon really amusing...? or just fucked up?

    58. nobody knows

      this is kinda frightening

    59. x.Kek_ba1.x


    60. HappyLand_ Squad

      Who else wants them to do hide n seek 👇

    61. Gamer Girl E

      I love that the girls have taysers. They should get kelianne one

    62. Alexarae Casas


    63. Pup Xcorn


    64. Gabriella Olvera

      me feeling bad for michel

    65. Nick Terry Autographs

      Same thing with kovur. Don’t give crazy annoying people tasers

    66. Jayda McCall

      The way Kouvr said “Because I’m supposed to” had me laughing 😂

    67. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      Charlotte puff

    68. Melifox :}

      I'm confused did he get shocked or not

    69. Janessa Um

      All these kids in the comments are " Yeah mia and i are SOOOOO alike i mean all my GUY friends are scared of ME- and even my family members. haha Im SuCh a bAdDiE" kids.. just uh- like- STOP. If u don't like my comment then just dislike and move on.

    70. Kelisha Mills

      You guys are ducked up

    71. Krystal Chavez

      Lol I love your videos

    72. Ma. Rubeth Ronquillo-Hipolito

      Dang he doe be strong as fawk


      i love it when mia said '' and its purple it made my day''

    74. Jocelyn Ambris

      Can you please tell them that I said hi

    75. Duncan YU

      yeah....... i thought the hype house would be like this.

    76. Daisy-mae Ratcliffe

      Poor Michal

    77. Jillian

      Michael and Thomas have the best friendship period

    78. ivan Godinez

      White needs to stop taseing Michael 😐 if I was there id push her in the pool or buy 2 tazers and scare her dafaccccc

    79. Madison Hufnagel

      Some one save my crush michael

    80. Tiktok Fam2019

      It’s funny how when Mia comes around michal with her hands behind her back he will run

    81. shirley lai

      yes am ready holy shit

    82. Jayce Zeman

      Michael shit

    83. L i L y :p

      Nick was ugly😗✌️

    84. Shahd Mh

      Kouvr is scary as hell

    85. deraso lemako

      nobody nick laughing:hihihihihihihi

    86. Denisha Marrow

      I love you all

    87. lucy Hannula

      Is no one gonna talk about what Connor is wearing

    88. •Lois Edits•


    89. Diem Pham

      TBH Kouvr is a good friend to Mia!

    90. kiefer hartmann

      when boys become wimps

    91. Attalay

      00:30 Nicks accent LMFAOOOO🤣🤣🤣🤣👁️👅👁️

    92. Marcela fee

      Who else feels bad for Michael

    93. Crystal Segovia

      Is the hepy house nice or mean because you guys so a lot words 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    94. m&m squad ya we lit

      Nick is soooooooo cute


      I wish I lived with them

    96. Amelia M

      thomas: you just got hit by a tomato michael: yea thomas: you better ketchup...

    97. Reecel Kristine

      Im amazed there still alive


      Nick is not a dummy he is cute 💞💞💞

    99. Itz Maddie Here

      Welcome back to another episode of........ MIA AND KOUVR SHOULDNT HAVE THESE!!!

    100. Alivia Harlan

      Michael: y do you what to take me Kouver: because I’m supposed to The people watching the video:😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣