Mia Had To Slap Chase!

Thomas Petrou

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    Mia Had To Slap Chase!
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    1. ivan Godinez

      Ryland really swears 😹 I don’t like how he acts and his vibes seem weird is it just me

    2. Emily Bird

      I feel bad for their maids

    3. Maddie Marie

      Oh pshh. She “had to”? More like she “wanted to” 🤣🤣 love y’all!

    4. Michael Whalen

      Sike stop messing with chase

    5. Michael Whalen

      Stop messing with chase thats the reason he left

    6. Imani Figueroa

      bee bunny

    7. rachel kate

      sea bunny

    8. Lyliana Shaul

      i love your video

    9. Andi the roblox pro

      sea bunny

    10. Lupita Marcial-Cruz

      sea bunnyyyyyyyy

    11. Kristin Koekemoer

      See bunny!!!!

    12. Thomas Mueller

      See bunny

    13. drayvan and Lena poke mon cards

      Omg m had to slap Chase

    14. Addyson Bock

      Sea bunny

    15. Sharhera Takimoana-Tana

      can you make your videos even longer lik 25 minutes cause mst are 8,6,7,5 minutes

    16. Aubrey Lutz

      why is my nine-year-old cousin a child between Calvin and paper

    17. Chevonne White

      Calvin really said it all fun angpd games until I buss his brains when he threw that cup

    18. Nayelli

      Sea bunny

    19. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Sea bunny 🦖💜✊

    20. Alicia Jimenez

      Sea bunny

    21. Yuritzia Rodriguez

      poor chase had to get slapped it could've been conner!!!

    22. Mary Primm

      i love how you didn't link Bryants youtube channel down below

    23. Cool Recipes

      I like how Nikita said “ I wanna slap you”

    24. Alanna Boadway

      You should just make a vlog of every one slapping chase

    25. Rhayne LienhRt

      Why do I want to slap him now

    26. unicornlover!

      aaaaaaaa poor chase I mean but he let mia slap him so yea he said oooo not ohh and btw HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY!!!!!!

    27. Casoniapala



      Sea Bunny

    29. Gabriela Siarez

      Sea bunny

    30. Isabelle Elebario

      sea bunny

    31. Esta Nyabaruta

      sea bunny

    32. Jake Cole

      Thomas's eyebrows are on fleek mans got great genetics

    33. Zamyra Williams

      Sea Bunny

    34. Tatum Jarrell

      That dad moment when he yell at Conner “Outside Connor”

    35. Mini_Sunflower Plays!

      Sea bunny

    36. Lily Simpson


    37. 『Våñîllã Ättåçk』

      Sea bunny

    38. itsmesam vlogs

      I like how people don’t comment what they say to comment

    39. Lucas Derse

      Half of his vlog is Alex’s just a different angle

    40. Piixie

      No one: Not even even James saying “ShOrE”: Mia: Swinging her arms around like she’s tryna catch a butterfly

    41. Pink Peach

      Who else thought about kakegurui when Patrick said gamble

    42. Julian Sib

      I want to know why Mia is always getting involved when it’s none of her business then she’s violent

    43. Louise Martignago

      I just got click bated

    44. Avas Vlogs

      Sea bunny

    45. Emma Nazim

      I dare yall to convince Michael to be a maid for 1 whole day😂

    46. Jojo Foulkes

      Sea bunny

    47. Sage West


    48. Aileen Solorzano

      Sea Bunny🐰

    49. Tim

      Why not Michael?

    50. Bxddie chxrry

      the hug that Chase gave Nikita was cute

    51. meeram jawad

      The sound was so satisfying 😍😂😂😂

    52. Atessa Hurford

      did anyone realize that the music that played out of the bubble machine that mia bought was bijuu mike's intro song?!

    53. Adwoa Stone


    54. Jxrxick

      Sea bunny!

    55. Kelle Russo

      Nikita really said "I wAnT tO sLaP yOuUuU"

    56. Alaina Wiles

      sea bunny

    57. Zowee mckenzie Watts

      sea bunny

    58. jayde martin

      see bunny I don't know what way mia wanted it

    59. jayde martin

      sea bunny

    60. Mayte Robles

      can you make your vlogs longer

    61. Laura Takagaki

      you cannot abuse Chase like tat :(

    62. McKenzie Meyers

      sea bunny

    63. Adam El Bizri


    64. • Crxyinq •

      Hype House: *Does Tiktoks* *Kickes* *Throws* But Mostly *Slaps*

    65. Blxssm

      3:37 random chicken wing chicken

    66. Jayda Montes

      He said the n would wow at0:40

    67. Adilyn Howard

      No one: Thomas in every thumbnail:😧

    68. Halle Mackay

      sea bunny

    69. Issy B

      Sea bunny

    70. Clare Dance

      "This wasn't even for a vlog. Ok so for alex's vlog"😂😂


      seen bunny

    72. delisha sharma

      no one: literally no one: thomas:hehehehehe😂

    73. Natali Lara

      Gahahhahaaha the fact that my name is natali😁

    74. Andrea Garcia

      Did paper really just say the n-word? 00:46

    75. Fathima zahra Asmal

      When you come here because you saw chase in the title

    76. Amynah Sahibzada

      chase is going through something

    77. Matthew Richards


    78. Kate Ridgway

      Lmao. I laugh my face off when I whatch this video

    79. Monique Martins

      Me laughing my head off becuse everyone is scared of Mia 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 when Mia is chasing someone to go hit them “you go girl”

    80. Hazel Brownnn

      I don’t know how they feel comfortable being in a car with Calvin.... lol

    81. Brookie

      For mia: sea bunny❤❤

    82. Lacey King

      A random person who likes this will meet the hype house

    83. itz_shyann 123

      Chase: I don't flinch that much Mia: slaps chase! Chase: OOOOoooo

    84. Jesnishmar Pellot Rodriguez

      no body: chase slap me if you want: nikita i can slap you: chase were good friends

    85. tha official kasy 101

      Sea bunny

    86. Slay_Zylox


    87. Addison Whitehead

      sea bunny

    88. Natalie Barrera

      Sea bunny

    89. Natalie Dayman

      Sea bunny

    90. Samantha Peckenpaugh

      I’m still wondering why this gave me a notification 6 days later...

      1. Milly-Plays Roblox

        Wait sammee

    91. Amelia M

      no.... mia GOT to slap chase


      No one: Mia:slaps chase Nikita: I WaNnA SlaP yOu

    93. Victoria Perez

      Sea bunny

    94. Sheila Chalas

      “I wanna slap youuu”💀💀💀

    95. vannessa pelly

      Sea bunny 🤣🤣


      No one messes with Mia. Periodt 😌💅

    97. sara mamtaz

      Each the jumping part on TikTok in hype house

    98. janelle Luna

      Sea bunny

    99. Angelina Joe

      0:45 he said the n word

    100. Saraya Tikaram

      Sea bunny 😂❤ lol