Michael and Mia Didn't Like This!

Thomas Petrou

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    Michael and Mia Didn't Like This!
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    1. Butch Dillard

      Noodle llama🥰

    2. Angelina Cuevas

      noodle lama

    3. cora hall

      noodle lama

    4. Kamryn Burns

      I watched this like 500 billion times noodle Llama (that was for you mia)

    5. Alisia Chaliadamson

      noddle llama

    6. Samantha Filmore

      Noodle lama

    7. M L & B

      Nood lamma

    8. laila Partington

      Noodle lama

    9. Peyten dixies Noah


    10. Jazmine Ramos

      Noodle llama

    11. Taryn Brown

      Noodle llama

    12. Amers Henry

      Noodle llama

    13. Jasmaine Shorty


    14. Tesharna Beecher-Jones


    15. Andrea Holguin


    16. Amber Halbauer

      noodle laima

    17. Anthonysh Ford

      Okay Noodle Llama

    18. Cassandra Murr

      noddle lamma

    19. Guadalupe Garcia

      Noodel lamma.

    20. Ella Soffe

      No one: Literally no one: Me: NODDLE LLAMAAAAA

    21. mxltie account

      noddle llama

    22. Bonareri Dennis

      Noddel lama

    23. Dena Reynolds

      Noodle llama

    24. Premendra Verma

      thomas: why are you handcuffing yourself ? ryland: feels like home lol anyways, noodle llama

    25. amanda fjeld

      noodle llama

    26. Alexa bubello

      Noodle llama

    27. Pauline Gramaje

      noodel llama

    28. Aaron Williams

      Yo Thomas which episode does Michael get driven in a car by Mia

    29. Yahaira Merino

      Noodle lama

    30. Zoe Montes

      Why cant kover get mad a jack

    31. Maddie and Casey

      Noodle lama

    32. Sara Maclin

      I love that hype house just swallows keys like it’s nothing

    33. AnaMaria Ochoa

      noodle llama

    34. LilShawty_XD

      Mia: You think this is funny? Micheal: Super happy mia isn't beating the shit out of him

    35. Elaine Moua

      wait did they actually swallow the keys?? #2 is gonna hurt next time lol

    36. Sophia Chavez

      NoOdLe LaMa :)

    37. Kynnedy Whittington

      noodle lama

    38. rgalat1975

      noodle llama

    39. Aubrey Anderson

      Doctor: come in for your yearly check up Thomas and kouvr: ok Doctor: so it looks like you have keys in your stomach. Do you know why? Thomas and kouvr: nope 🙄

    40. Katelynn Kendall

      NOODLE LLAMA i feel like im the only one that said that

    41. Audrey Summerford

      noodle llama

    42. sangeetha tuti

      Noodle llama

    43. Taylor Lazzaro


    44. firdaws ezekiel

      noodle llama

    45. lara messner

      Noodle lama🙃

    46. Wolf GamerGirl

      noodle lama

    47. Paula Orriols

      Noodle llama

    48. Jose Lovo Martinez

      noddle momma i mean llama :)


      Aint jack like the Cutest hahaha

    50. Ohioavanii

      Noodles llama

    51. I love horse 125 Lol

      Noodle Lamar

    52. Maddie Loveshorses

      Noddle llama


      Noodle Llama

    54. Renee S.

      Noodle llama

    55. Cady Frost


    56. Libby's Kitchen

      Noodle Llama

    57. Pauline Gramaje

      nolldel moddul

    58. Sassy Cassy

      Noodle lama

    59. Aileen Solorzano

      noodle llama

    60. Suad Bulako

      noodle llama

    61. sophie crawford

      Noddel lama

    62. Angelina Miley


    63. Evelyn Cha

      is it just me or is everyone cracking up????

    64. Oqhix H

      Nobody: Kouvr: Yummy keys... keys for breakfasttt...keys for lunch...😌

    65. Elqwenalae Robert

      noodl lama

    66. melissa Nairn

      Noodle llama

    67. Leah Fitz

      I got my cats that litter box and my cat poops on my brothers bed

    68. Sami Garcia

      Just for Mia llama noodle

      1. Sami Garcia

        Wait noodle llama lol 😂

    69. Sabine Rambaran

      No one ever comments what mia says so -NoOdLe LaMa ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    70. Ariella Kerr-Kierulff

      Noodle llama. Sureeeeeee.

    71. Lia Plays

      3:20 for later hehe 12:09

    72. Thaysha Nelson

      Noodle llama

    73. michael Franklin

      noodle lama

    74. Gabrielle Parker

      Noodle lama and also i wish i met da hype house

    75. Nancy Tillson

      Noodle llama

    76. Leslie Gallegos

      Noodle llama

    77. adrianna lynn


    78. Simrah Haque

      Noodle lama

    79. Emily Berke

      noodle llama

    80. Sophie Nybøe

      Noodle lama🍜🦙

    81. Kayleigh Millier

      Lhama noodle

    82. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      Noodle Llama

    83. McKenzie Stires

      Noodle llama

    84. Janessa Um

      noodle llama

    85. Natalya Guerrero


    86. winter_ faby

      Why is no one talking bout the key he swallowed 🤣🤣🤣

    87. Strawberry_milk :D

      Noodle Llama

    88. Lexee Allison

      I like how Mia is dragging Michael around like a puppy

    89. Storm Welch


    90. IamAshely Playz

      I like to call them the hype house twins

    91. DoggoTheGamer Yt

      Noodle lama

    92. M & M

      Me and my best friend : were kinda weird 😂😂 The hype house : swallows keys kisses everyone walks around naked HAS TAZERS and throw knifes . Us : nvm

    93. Hope Renda

      Noodle lama

    94. Olivia Hunt

      Noodle llama

    95. ed schwenk

      noodle llama

    96. Kaily Stephanie

      chile its just a heat lmao

    97. s vargas

      Noodle llama

    98. Mary Haddad

      nooodle llama

    99. Lea does Random stuff

      Noodle llama This for ms. Mia my queen from Leah my actuall name