Michael Hit Dixie With A Chair!

Thomas Petrou

2,3 M megtekintés246

    Michael Hit Dixie With A Chair!
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    1. Karma Moonlight

      Thomas I think it was very respectful of u to blur out Charli because u knew her mom wouldn't be happy respect to u

    2. Bxby Cxres

      i feel kinda bad for micheal, like why do they treat him like that🥺

    3. Keiri Hernandez

      Michael is stupid

    4. Mckaela Elias

      Everyone: *dancing to WAP* Me: *see’s charli doing WAP* WTF IS THAT CHARLI AHHHHHHHHHH

    5. Tatiana Stanley

      Stinky llama

    6. Emma W

      Markell is literally the funniest person ever

    7. laurita flores

      What’s iPod Ramen ABC

    8. Charli Fan


    9. Imani Figueroa

      stinky lama

    10. Angelica Hernandez

      Stinky lama

    11. Rory Fisher

      Wow what a true friend he blurred out charli! Pop off Thomas!

    12. beechbabes

      How old is jack

    13. Dakota Lopez

      Stinky llama

    14. Slimefun107 Yay

      people all about how thomas blurred charli out when they did WAP but is know one talking about maddison beer doing the WAP lol

    15. Gina Nikolova

      I love it that in the first clip its Thomas saying' good morning welcome back to the vlog' and the next clip its nighttime😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    16. Isabella Persad

      Micheal is doing everything to the d'amelio sisters


      Hehe hi

    18. horse girl

      my respect for thomas went 📈📈 when he blurred out charli doing WAP

    19. Thulisa Zukulu

      Stinky llama

    20. Liza Roman


    21. sHrOnK

      stinky llama

    22. Jasmaine Shorty


    23. Jayden Coburn

      Stinky llama

    24. Dixie stick


    25. Genieva Kenlocke

      Sorry dixe you got Hort 💗💗💗💗

    26. Carly

      Why would they accuse Taylor of being racist when he literally did what the other guy just did. Even if this was a joke, you shouldn’t show your fans that accusing people for being racist is normal. Bc it isn’t

    27. Emi Quinones

      Who else hopes Mia and Thomas get MARRIED ❤️❤️💕💎🌸🥰🥰😍😍💍💍💍💍

    28. Lucas Ensley

      stinky lama

    29. Ava 2009

      I thought it said he hit her with a car 😭😭

    30. anonymous kindness spreader

      Aww Thomas is such a good friend to charli

    31. thatgurl. nay2


    32. Angel Hernandez

      respect for thomas blurring out charli ⬇️

    33. Lazy Leia


    34. Panda_playz _1234

      Is no one talking about that chase was looking at charil while she was doing the wap....😳

    35. Aamanee F

      Because I saw Charlie doing the rap

    36. Aamanee F

      Sad try to doing that

    37. Aamanee F

      I don’t like when the blind when they billed chair

    38. Abigail Shaw

      stinky LAMA your welcome . not in a mean way

    39. Makattack

      This is for Mia stinky llama

    40. Paulo Machado

      Esse é o comentário brasileiro que você procura

    41. MM WEE!

      I SEE Charli doing the wap

    42. Ariana&alexis Diaz-munoz

      I can say what I want that on period

    43. lps lacy

      When they say the hype chains are fReE but there 20.00

    44. Chxr Angxls

      2:40 the part you want. Thank me later

    45. Jayli Cando Santellan

      Luv thomas for having respect for Heidi's desicon and blurred out charli because do the wap dance for the public

    46. Ariana&alexis Diaz-munoz

      He Blurt it out

    47. Ariana&alexis Diaz-munoz

      I see Charlie do the wap

    48. Gabriela Siarez

      Stinky llama

    49. Tiah-Nicole Brown

      did Charli do the WAP

    50. Lulu & Tanah

      I know the friend of Charli blurring her during the wap dance that is a real friend

    51. Angie M

      charli is in big trouble that girl should not be doing the wap girl your in trouble

    52. V-Crafts 52

      I love that Thomas respects that Heidi doesnt want charli doing the WAP online so he blurred it

    53. Desiree Evans

      There’s my babe Noah

    54. Pan San


    55. Pan San


    56. Pan San


    57. Pan San


    58. Pan San


    59. Sara Shiwani

      Thomas , good man thanks for blurring charli but heidi prob mad 😬

    60. Weird Cousins

      Why are Thomas’ video titles so interesting

    61. Wolf GamerGirl

      stinky lama

    62. maxita kutty

      no but really Charlie did the wap the really Charlie must regret having done that in addition you try to hide his head to say that it is not really Charlie the I think I want your fan more me who watches 24h / 24h 7days / 7 days your video but really it's not at all good what you did in addition you have only 16 really I want to be your fan more

    63. Aliya Reynolds

      Micheal: if you make that the thumbnail my life is over Thomas: *makes it the thumbnail*

    64. Aleayah Card

      Stinky llama

    65. Pink_queen .roblox

      Uhhh char- I-what

    66. Cady Frost

      i really respect thomas for blurring charli out of the wap

    67. Isabelle L

      You r good friends for charli to blurr it

    68. TheTea

      2:41 I still can see her :/

    69. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Stinky lama."


      stinky llama 1:13 Dang

    71. Katie Byars

      Am i the only one that thought/things Albert/flamingo was in there pool at 1:01

    72. Dora's Vibe

      stinky llama

    73. Kristina Vlahovic

      Thats a good friend

    74. ECL_X_SOLAR

      I am So CuNfUsEd It LoOkS lIkE FaZe HoUsE

    75. Adam Martinez

      Why he did that poor dixe 😥🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    76. Ravi Capisen

      Who went Here to see Charli doing the Wap?

    77. Maria Thompson

      they looked like fucking frogs

    78. Yamile Awad

      Porque tapan a charli del baile estoy muy indignada no entiendo porque la mamá no la deja

    79. Teresa montalvo

      I was trying to figure out who was blurred in the wap but its Charli I respect you srry I can't spell

    80. Lara Avakin

      1:37 thank me later✨

    81. Caleb F

      This video is the definition of dixie's song

    82. Jxrxick

      StInKy LaMaS

    83. Bryonna rennee

      why noone talking about charli doing the wap and thomas blured her

    84. The Dino’s


    85. •blackberry•

      Good job Thomas you blurred charli when she was doing the wap dance her mom should be proud ❤

    86. Hannah Caridi

      So everyone else in the world can see her do the wap dance and in public but she can’t do a ticktock 🤯🤔

    87. Sofia Dog

      Respected Charli's of Charli doing a lot of dancing posting it Public because her mother was scared of her getting bullied by jerks and stuff full respect to Thomas Charli's mom was watching this she would be so proud of you

    88. Faith CC

      Hes mean

    89. Ive Rivera

      2:37 is where charli does the WAP

    90. Juliet Lee

      Thomas: the hype chains are free......... But you have to pay for shipping

    91. Itz Lolaaa

      I’m still confused if the chains are free or not!!! 😐😐

    92. Dayana Cornejo

      i like the dance is so funny when they did it

    93. Dayana Cornejo

      is funny when they are in the pool when thry pull their heads down

    94. Emma Tran


    95. Kira lei ancheta

      My sister said that ur a boto

    96. emely robles

      hi dixi

    97. Breanna Rios

      Charli is doing the wap

    98. Jada Ingram

      wene they were doing the wap the blured face was CHARLIE DAMILIO i saw she good at it doe i guesse

    99. Thomas Sileo

      stinky llama