Michael Is In Love

Thomas Petrou

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    Michael Is In Love
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    1. Ava Smith

      I call Michael

    2. no one

      Thomas: Before we start this vlog ill let you know that the hype chains dropped Nick be like with his hands :hi , f**k you Sorry if i writed dropped wrong 👉👈

    3. Kristin Koekemoer

      Creamy Brockley !!!!!

    4. Gamer _Girl

      So hi Thomas I bought the chain and I ask if u guys could reship it because I was moving and we’ll guess what I just put 20 dollars down the drain thanks Thomas not all people are born rich PS... with love still love your content but I am mad

    5. Caroline West Abildgaard

      4:25 LOL 😂😂😂

    6. Nick Terry Autographs

      Not surprised the fake diamond chains haven’t sold out yet.

    7. Samantha Cruz

      okay idc i love micheal with all my heart. PERIOD!🥺❤️

    8. kineh gloria will biye

      I really wish I joined the hype house

    9. Faith Bhagwandeen


    10. jessie levale

      i want the micheal with it

    11. Sam Fransisco

      Creamy Broccoli

    12. daniela paute

      I think Olivia and Michael would make a good couple

    13. Talat

      I would love to

    14. Lucas Ensley

      creamy brockly

    15. triple trouble truffle

      honestly that was traumatic...the blonde one getting pulled in

    16. Wall-Hope

      Anyone hear geese?

    17. Millie Themelkos

      I love you thomas

    18. Riley Jones

      Am I the only one who does not like Olivia bc of kio

    19. Tyler Hahn

      i want a mickael

    20. umm chile anywayss


    21. Miss Rata


    22. Diede de Bruijn

      Creamy broccoli


      Creamy broccoli

    24. Hala Alobidi

      How much but I don’t know your name do you really have been a funny old are you realise and everything my name is mad byemalak my name my dad and I love you girlfriend😍😍😍😇😗🧐

    25. destiny segura

      thomas in every thumbnail: 😧

    26. Audrey Summerford

      creamy broccoli

    27. Jumere McGruder

      How is it free if the shipping is 20 bucks 😭

    28. Sky Tabin

      Jesus loves you pray to god!!!

    29. Weird Cousins

      Can you make longer videos plz because these are the only videos that are enertaining

    30. edits of whatever

      Tell harry to date harry styles b* harry is hella ugly so he will be perfect just try to my him gay then they would be PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER

    31. Wolf GamerGirl

      Creamy broccoli

    32. Anthony John

      hype house chains are trash

    33. Madli Vint

      Creamy brocoly

    34. Mini_Sunflower Plays!

      Creamy Broogli

    35. Leo _lmao3


    36. Leo _lmao3

      creepy broccoli

    37. Tamika Wallis

      I swear they speak about the chains 3/4 of the video, but we love em

    38. Kyle Achor

      Preme brohlie I don’t how to spell

    39. Sophie Smith

      hairy shut up ok

    40. Draco Malfoy

      Does the chain come with a Calvin

    41. Adam Martinez

      How much they no money???

    42. tracey smith


    43. Alanna Shilling

      here´s the real question: ¨When in Micheal not in love?¨ 👇

    44. Alexandra Villarreal

      Creamy broccoli

    45. caylee allen

      I ship marchell and micheal.

    46. Kya Costa

      Yo 100 for shipping no dollars u mean a 100 dollar chain stfu who ever bought that is dumb

    47. Bxddie chxrry

      people who didn't buy the chain 👇

    48. Kamryn Espinosa

      🤗 tell kovur annon she's the most beautiful and inspiring person in the world and that i love her so much, she's my idol.🥰😊

    49. Beepboopthetroll

      Ok but like I mean micheal likes everyone

    50. Jared Du Preez

      Yp you need to check your spelling

    51. Elqwenalae Robert

      free me berokly

    52. Aiden R

      the hype chain is a scam 😌😌😏😏

    53. Danyel Naidu

      Can I get a chain

    54. Mayowa Ifanse

      Creamy broccoli

    55. Gamer Oj


    56. Alexis Temple

      Creamy 👉🏻👈🏻 broccoli😶

    57. Rachel Mwaura

      creamy broccoli

    58. Erin Daniels

      y’all are really hanging out with everyone. Next it’s gonna be bringing Micheal Jackson back from the dead.

    59. Kira Kim

      low-key im shipping em-

    60. michael Franklin

      creamy broccoli!!!!!!

    61. Terrie Josia

      04:12 Michael serving Eddy realness from Ed, Edd & Eddy

    62. Tia Playz

      Wait is that the man from ace family!!?

    63. Destinie Mccrea

      Creame broccoli


      me going to go buy a micheal

    65. Melinda Martin

      Nobody: Thomas:hey..where are you taking my cat 👁👄👁

    66. Mar Mar Sanders

      Can I please join 2hype house I live in America

    67. RosxyFlowersx Roblox

      ill take the hype chain. oh and ill take a Michael too, please

    68. Crafts and hacks and cool things

      I want to be in the hype house so bad

    69. Nataly Rivas Rodriguez

      They don't look real

    70. ELNAZ

      every single vlog thomas has to do a omg face for a thumbnail

    71. Korrina Sieckman

      I got the chain I did get michael ?

    72. Raegan Games and Has Fun!

      People who didn’t buy the chain 👇🏽

    73. Anita Ajaryan

      this was on my birthday

    74. Carol Leo V yt Vilela

      I’m small

    75. Carol Leo V yt Vilela

      I’m not a pipsqueak I’m a umpalumpa

    76. Albert Reaves

      i was going to get one but it sy 20 dollers

    77. Nataly Rivas Rodriguez

      They look real

    78. Skyla Hill

      I love all the hype house members

    79. Maddy And Destinee Plays!

      0:00 When Nick's Saying Hi MY HEART 🥵❤🧸

    80. Joselyn Ferralez

      Creamy broccoli 🥦

    81. Leah’s Vlogs

      Who else thinks Olivia and Michael would look so cute together.

    82. Katelyn Robledo

      Creamy broccoli

    83. Rosie Hopkins

      Creamy broccoli

    84. Melinda Bojovic

      you don't look cool Thomas dos ❤️

    85. NYB Idk man


    86. TheRoblox Account01

      wait was Harry in Netflix? Too Hot To Handle

    87. Saraya Tikaram

      Creamy broccoli💚😂❤

    88. Michelle Lopez

      Nick in the begging

    89. jaesha perez

      creamy brocoly

    90. maria thomas

      Pretty brocly😍🥦

    91. Adamaris Giron

      I like how y'all are just like how could I break elles toy and Austin is just wating the fries

    92. Sage Alexander

      What are you talking about Michael is always in love

    93. edits of whatever

      Michaels head is shaped like a balloon

    94. Micaela Castelli

      People who did buy the chain

    95. deraso lemako

      this is the best 6min 34sec of my life

    96. Queen

      umm- am i just SUPER dumb I’ve never heard about Olivia.. 😬 anyone else?

    97. Twilighttns

      Creamy broccoli

    98. Ava Frost 2024

      creamy broccoli

    99. Tiffanie Howes

      i literally have one of those small bikes when i was 8

    100. Simple Clvudii

      Nick in the background from the start😂