Michael Made Charli Cry!

Thomas Petrou

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    Michael Made Charli Cry!
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    1. Viënna Marrouki

      Golden lama

    2. Amy Jeffery

      Golden lama

    3. Emily Hakes

      and this is why i watch these videos

    4. Heather :3

      Golden llama

    5. Heather :3

      Thomas! I dare you guys to fly to Australia and visit me or visit Harry’s house!

    6. Angelica Hernandez

      Golden lama

    7. Halie Davis


    8. Katie Feher

      Like he said he is homeless and he lives in the hype house

    9. charlotte crossley

      this was posted on my bday

    10. Hollie Lower


    11. Kyle Achor

      Golden lama

    12. Habiba Abdi

      golden llama

    13. Tommy Helfrich

      What % does Thomas get from all these kids checks? Is it 10% is it 20% OR MORE?

    14. Rue Hayes

      I am the onLy person to say this GOLDEN LLAMA 🦙

    15. DANISH 22

      What is he play on guitar.....anyone?

    16. Caliph Blake


    17. Limelight’s Only

      Golden llama!!!!

    18. XxartisrycloudyXx

      When they where at like dinner charli was crying and someone said be happy and thomas said stop making like jokes from HER video he didn't say her sisters he said her 💀 😑

    19. Jazmine Ramos

      Golden Lama

    20. Campbell Bologna

      This was a month ago and this is what me and friends look like in school now! 😂😂😂

    21. Game_girl

      Golden lama

    22. Nesan Mhamed


    23. Layla Nelson

      golden llama

    24. Julie Contreras

      Nobody: Not even chase Ryland:oh yeah what that I don’t remember giving you that

    25. Addyson Bock

      Golden llama

    26. Jasmaine Shorty


    27. A Hicks

      golden llama

    28. Im a Chicken nugget

      3:27 Chile ur drunk asf

    29. Eric Zimmerman

      ill give 1k to you if you get Charlie and Micheal together

    30. Brionna Graham

      I not I maki😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

    31. Ahmed AlMurar

      Omg 😱

    32. Peachii


    33. Nayelli

      Golden llama

    34. Lucas Ensley

      golden lama

    35. Alexa Solorio

      Nikita:ah im scared

    36. Dysfunctional TM

      Am I the only one who wants nick Austin’s teddy bear chain?

    37. Alysha Benavides

      Ryland good at the ukulele 😁❤️

    38. Pot Smoker

      can you do a another famous back to school

      1. Pot Smoker


      2. Pot Smoker

        Can you do another famous tik tok back to school again please

    39. Meka Legg

      I would be yelling to everyone dont beeping the the cake before I take pictures

    40. Megan Carle

      The harshness of this hype house is 📈📈📈📈📈📈

    41. Tessa Brinsmade

      lol this is click bait

    42. Legend8793 -_-

      Didn’t tanner fox have COVID or was it a joke

    43. Kayliana Smith

      I want to join the hype house. But I cant because I am 11.

    44. kathryn Johnson

      Golden lama

    45. Gabriela Siarez

      Golden llama

    46. Quin. Zilo


    47. Quin. Zilo

      Golden lama

    48. Orgis Uzhuri


    49. erinda zejn

      Thomas :are you in a relationship Nick: nope Ryland:what's up with ur neck what's this one Also ry: idr doing that Ship:😂❤❤❤ Nyland

    50. Hana Kakigi

      “They don’t click bait but in the same time they do, but I don’t exactly know..” -my friends

    51. Loren Wyman

      Where is micheal cuz im gunna punch him FOR HURTING MY CHARLI EVEN THO I NEVER MEET HER

    52. Lauren Vassallo

      3:12 “take that away from me i kinda want water” 😂

    53. Wild JAM Fam

      Michael is CEO of making girls sad 👁💧👄💧👁

    54. Emerson Chambers

      U should’ve put that picture of tony on to motorcycle

    55. C'aira Davis

      Golden llama

    56. Kathleen Angela

      So nobody gonna talk abt chase wearing bts suga's outfit in dynamite....

    57. Avery Maar

      golden llamas

    58. Among Us

      Golden llama😏

    59. Girlwhois _sad

      Charli wasn't even crying she just wants attention like always

    60. Lexi Price


    61. Kaydance Barrette

      Golden llama

    62. Sophia and Kierstyn

      Michael: I wanna be the last person to follow Charli Charli: ok you have two days left Me:😂😂😂😂

    63. Its Kayla

      “the fans wanna know”

    64. Mya Jenkins

      Thomas's face in Every thumbnail 😦

    65. Marcela Ivanna Alvarez


    66. Giedrė Trukšinaitė

      golden llama xdd

    67. Marcos Lazo

      Ugh Michael

    68. Lilyanna Lewis

      Golden llama

    69. morgan haven

      very ✨ chaotic✨

    70. Chlochlo Land

      golden lama

    71. Brenda Ocampo

      How come chase is wearing what suga wore in dynamite

    72. Izzy Santiago

      golden lama

    73. charli d'amelio

      I like how Micheal just acts like Taylor nut weak😂

    74. Mason Jackson

      3:08 modern day slavery in the background or what

    75. Addison Bheem

      stop making a sence

    76. Addison Bheem

      charli never crying

    77. Bean bag Boys

      In the beginning it looks like a gta car no cap

    78. dana savary

      Charli: Noah the fans want to know do you contor your eyes

    79. • Shadow Boba •

      sad new i dropped my chicken nuggets

    80. joanee jeannotte


    81. Jessica Rodriguez

      Golden Lama

    82. Leen A.


    83. Dana & Abby Alex

      Golden lama 🦙

    84. Taliah Echols

      For some reason I find Calvin’s voice so nice and I really like his laugh ✨💛🦋

    85. Averie Rice

      Golden Llama

    86. Vivi._. Muniz

      They definitely all drunk😂

    87. Nevaeh Uribe

      Golden Lama

    88. Maya Acosta

      Plsssssss notice me it’s about to be my birthday

    89. Dana Palacios

      Its Thomas ✨Laugh✨ for me

    90. Nalia Perez

      i aint following charli there charli haters to idiot

    91. Braelyn Sparks

      It seems like there is never a dull moment in the Hype House! Lol they are so hilarious

    92. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Golden lama."

    93. Olivia Pixel

      3:09 why Starway to Heaven!!!?? Everybody does that song when they have a guitar or an ukelele lol

    94. tayandmia forlife

      Is kover nakey

    95. Bunnybunbun

      Thomas needs to learn how to record

    96. R_T toney

      So you took those pictures and then printed them out

    97. Norah M.

      Michael: I’m gonna be the last person to follow charli on TikTok Charli: well you only have two days 😂😂😂😂


      Golden Llama

    99. Chxrli.dunkin Dunkin

      1:33 is funny