Nailea Stole My Girlfriend!

Thomas Petrou

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    Nailea Stole My Girlfriend!
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    1. Isabella Persad

      Yellow button

    2. Haedyn Bland

      Yellow button

    3. Jonah Jane Atanoso

      I MISS NAI

    4. JoGamerBeast

      Bru who else saw Alivia smoking at the end

    5. Rhucha B

      Thomas's laugh

    6. Isabel Arbelaez

      i am here just for Nai

    7. Eba 06

      The one in the pool looks like leonardo dicaprio

    8. Uzi Luthuli

      Yellow button

    9. yourlocallechera

      the two words are..... yElLoW bUtToN

    10. Dakota Lopez

      Yellow button

    11. Lupita Marcial-Cruz

      YELLOW BUTTON!!!!!!!!!

    12. Avery Hime

      Yellow button

    13. Cutecookiie- UwU

      If u take the e out das my name Naila

    14. alyssa

      when u understood every word harry said abt the esky, beach and thongs

    15. Munira Yasin

      kio was right next to olivia at 1:54

    16. Rhia Elise

      yellow button

    17. Janai Perez

      Yellow button

    18. Cely tejeda

      ✨Yellow button ✨

    19. Jade Beaut

      Harry is a liar

    20. Oscar Santos

      Bruh where’s larray

    21. Abi

      yellow button

    22. Kaydee Strickland

      yellow button

    23. Britny Amaya

      Mia kinda looks like Elena from vampire diaries

    24. taekook 765

      bruh the hug in 1:54 . I shippp

    25. Dante Salas

      Yellow button

    26. Elissa Mcadam

      Yaaa Nailea, i’m only here because I seen Nailea in the thumbnail ❤️

    27. Hafsah Bby

      yellow button

    28. Gashi Xhevdet

      My birthday is on the 9th ocktober

    29. Die Now

      Nailea and your girlfriend are GODDESS!! ❤️

    30. Astrid Rodriguez

      I think Harry has a secret crush on nailea 😊

    31. Breanna Ricks

      Pranks the hype house

    32. Bryan Hadden

      Yellow botton 😁

    33. Jason Kigew


    34. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Yellow button

    35. Nayelli

      Yellow botten

    36. Lucas Ensley

      yellow button

    37. Merrick Ryan

      the look on your face when mia said yellow button was hilarious

    38. Olivia Tenorio

      Ondres video😂

    39. Amt AA

      We need more vlogs with Harry

    40. Jaydah Lynn

      bruv Mia should dress as elena from Vampire Diaries

    41. Cookie Stories

      Yellow button🤔

    42. Sophie Moran

      Yellow button

    43. Charley Lynch

      Yellow button

    44. Bronx Velasquez

      Nailea is kinda annoying

    45. LIT_FaithyBoo27


    46. Sophia Westover

      Thomas's face every video: 😮

    47. Mollie-Mae Roberts

      Yellow button

    48. Fadhi Warsame

      Yellow button💛

    49. Gabriela Siarez

      Yellow button

    50. TLS. 1004

      omg that vlog was a total mess but i luv it

    51. ocean vlogs and fun

      Yellow button

    52. Mary's Shaker

      Hi deach

    53. arianna villasana

      yellow button


      Yellow Button

    55. Kayla Hargrove

      mia look 18 and u looks 22 thats illegal sir

    56. Maria Barlow

      Does anyone else think nailea should join the hype house . I’m so glad she moved to LA

    57. Janai Perez

      Yellow Button

    58. Asiya Nayise

      Yellow button

    59. Brenna Fetterolf

      yellow button

    60. Layla Lou

      yellow button

    61. Jonathan Bumberger

      Yellow button

    62. Abby Short

      Yellow button also love the vlogs

    63. Jordan Dennison


    64. destiny segura

      thomas in every thumbnail: 😧

    65. Kelsy Maldonado


    66. Karyn Besley

      hey harry my name is the same and I'm form Austraila as well

    67. Katy Meiklejohn

      Wow. She be a stealer

    68. Taya Knight

      Only Australians who know who Harry is can like

    69. ramona swaney

      yellow button

    70. jason tucker

      yellow button

    71. Chloe j mojo Johnson

      Yellow button

    72. Aaliyah LeSure

      Yellow button

    73. Wolf GamerGirl

      yellow button

    74. L Rey

      Yellow button

    75. iiBlueBlxssxm_ii

      Harry: “I’m gonna go to the beach with my esky and put on my thongs” Harry “Do u know what I mean by that Nailea “No” *laughs* Harry “you guys are uncultured” Me: Lmao and knows exactly what he is saying

    76. Saniyah Ayub

      Yellow button

    77. Mason Fekete

      Yellow button

    78. Kayla McC

      No one ever comments what ur meant to🤦‍♀️ yellow button

    79. Tshepiso Phihlela

      yellow button

    80. Sun Hunny

      Yellow button 🔅

    81. Elijah Morisset

      yellow button

    82. theresa 17

      It’s the ✨social distancing✨ for me🥰

    83. Maddie & Paige Life

      yellow button

    84. Keilialexa

      The cat 👁👄👁

    85. Grace Holliday

      yellow button

    86. Alberto Picciurro


    87. Khanyi Mokoneng

      yellow buttons

    88. Adrianne G

      Can I be your child

    89. fatima khaled

      yellow button

    90. Miley Games

      Yellow button

    91. Liyah Jones

      Yellow button 💕

    92. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Yellow button."

    93. liyan bayusuf

      Not a soul Cioyr and olivia


      yellow button

    95. Erianna Griffin

      👁 👁 👄

    96. Eveling Palomares Carrillo

      Kio and oliva are together

    97. Anthony Lauer

      Harry I'm Aussie