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    1. Yessa Enteria

      Nick: Oh my god i’m so hot

    2. Bennny Boy68

      Turn to Jesus

    3. Crina Necsu

      This is a dream come true lol

    4. Imani Figueroa

      boxing match

    5. Angelica Hernandez

      Boxing match

    6. Danielle Garcia

      anyone else miss when there wasn't any drama between the hype house and sway house?

    7. Lilly Andrus

      is anyone gonna talk about how cute jaden hossler is whenever thomas, mia, and michael came in the movie theater

    8. Janette Wiliker

      Boxing Match

    9. Clara Minott

      I feel like this video was called something else- í dont think it was called "nevermind" 😂

    10. Roxanne Smith

      boxing match

    11. chloe bae

      *boxing match*

    12. Jedaiah Jallah

      How are you guys still alive with all the crazing things that you guys always do.

    13. Amanda Herzog

      My cat has that same thing

    14. Arnaud Gazelle

      boxing match

    15. Jack Schriber

      boxing match

    16. Lucas Ensley

      boxing match

    17. saliya wilson

      boxing match

    18. Makayla Weise

      his name is baymax micheal

    19. shania Vlogs

      Why is no one talking about when nick kissed micheal

    20. Kyle Britt

      I love you all guys vloging and you guys are my sisters and brothers to me and miss you guys and I love you

    21. Sprinkles Trackle

      Did anyone notice jaden slept over

    22. Lillie

      So we're just gonna say nothing about 1:44

    23. Romy Yolee

      no importa

    24. Jeri Starr

      Boxing match

    25. Karen Rosas-Munoz

      I wish nessa actually join

    26. 100 subscribers before Christmas

      Is nobody gonna talk about how it glitched at 5:02

    27. Lexi Price


    28. ramona swaney

      boxing match

    29. Speesy Cheesy

      These vids always make my day better

    30. Erica Brown


    31. Emma Barnes

      Anyone gonna talk about how cute the cat looked?

    32. sydney

      who search nevermind to find the nirvana album and found this shit 🤠

    33. Brenda Ocampo

      Yay she is not going to the hype house

    34. riley rose

      Thomas do be petty

    35. Myra Hanaoka

      first off: michael it’s baymax second: awww nick w his lips all big 🥺🥰

    36. Kyle Achor

      Boxing match

    37. Lemon Candy

      Some people online are just UGH!!!!

    38. Sakura Haruno

      O gato com roupa zuada 😮 😿Gato: FOI PARA ISSO QUE VOCE ME PEGOU THOMAS????.. KKKKKKKKK

    39. Mayowa Ifanse

      boxing match

    40. Jesse Lopez

      Can you come to my home Wilh charli call 6192191600

    41. Faith Emma

      Boxing match

    42. XxJJxX Xx

      Odrea and riling or nick I didn’t see who it was but the way her said that’s so cute🥰💞 and hugged Mia I can’t 💞🥰

    43. Sophia Chavez

      i wish i could be apart of the house

    44. ECL_X_SOLAR

      NeEsA wiLl JoIn NeXt ViDeO NEVERMIND

    45. Ella Smith

      It’s baymax 😂

    46. Maria Mendoza


    47. Damien Eldridge


    48. Good girl /pinkAbz

      I can’t see tiktok

    49. Teresa Galvez

      Never mind

    50. Hannah Norris-Parsons

      The fact that Micheal repeatedly said Beethoven instead of bay max

    51. Kylie Weasley


    52. 14klexii Playz

      Ur cat: Smh bai b*tches

    53. Germiah Griffin


    54. Riley Hamilton

      boxing match.

    55. Keira L

      Thank goodness

    56. Daniella Martinez

      Boxing mach lol 🤣🤣🤣

    57. Abril M


    58. Tandia Stanford


    59. yakin Alhassan

      Noooooo dont do date plssss

    60. Cambrea Stark

      Honestly I think it’s a good idea to keep the people that are in it now...

    61. Zoi McCauley

      Atlees let nessa in the hype house

    62. Evelyn Nava


    63. Rita Nakintu

      ............ Edit: I'm weird

    64. Jessi Pamplin

    65. Jennifer Lisec

      Yes thanks

    66. Addison Whitehead

      boxing match

    67. Emele Hia

      Tbh they always invite problematic people and he knows chase and Charli are not confident with it you know what I’m done

    68. Raksanah Bansee


    69. Leona Simblante

      boxing match

    70. Desiree McFadden

      NASA should not join the high-powered she should go where she where she came from

    71. Anime World

      Yeah kick the others who’s not the hype I miss the original krew

    72. Alexxa Henriquez

      *Cough cough* Stan charli for clear skin *cough*

    73. Janisha Briones

      Awwwww Mia was petting jadens head so cute

    74. Adyson Reid

      He syaed batoven instead of bamax! lol

    75. chrcloset

      Who thinks Mia and Nessie’s should be friends

    76. Alexus Barnes

      Michael was wearing an originals shirt it’s klaus tattoo



    78. Ruby Smith

      Boxing match

    79. IamCheyenne

      Nick:OMG IM SO HOT😩

    80. Ava Frost 2024

      boxing match

    81. Hi

      boxing match.

    82. Chyanne Mora

      you should make longer vlogs :)

    83. DR2025 AylinB

      yayyyy nesa not in huyp houes

    84. Sanchita Chaturvedi

      boxing match

    85. Itz Maddie Here

      boxing match

    86. Team Vargas

      Should message or in the hype house never mind dud the hole Comment section has that

    87. Farah Bassam

      Hahah good I dont want nessa in the hype house

    88. Yaqout Abualhaj

      what happened to Addison

    89. Zoe Robertsbradley

      I was waiting for Tay 😂❤️

    90. dynkiin


      1. クラピカKurapika

        I am laughing xD

    91. Dylan Nunez

      come to 1863 .w 38street

    92. savy weatherford


    93. Isabella Melander

      Hey ❤️

    94. Anjum Kazie

      i hope you ande Mia never backup

    95. Muslims Believe in allah

      What really makes me fall of my bed and laugh is when the girls hit the boys bc they look like there nice and sweet but in the inside they be like like hitting the boys with taser!!!😂❤️

    96. Addison Rae

      Can you plz let Loren gray join I saw a vid that Loren wanna join hype house you did not let or Loren did not want but plz let her join plz

    97. DD YT

      Don’t let nessa join the hype house let just have 10 more days to let her join the hyper house plz or 20 plz

    98. Raycho Raychev

      Boxing match

    99. susana burris

      no one: literally no one: no even kouvr: *ondrez see's unicorn* ondrez: aww this is so cute!! aww

    100. emmaligne siqueiros

      Omg these are my people