Nick and Ryland Kiss For The First Time

Thomas Petrou

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    Nick and Ryland Kiss For The First Time
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    1. idk what to call this lmao

      its so wHitE

    2. Imani Figueroa

      purple flamengo

    3. Marisa Micale

      Nick is cute 😊

    4. Lilia Pamflett-Jaques

      puple flamingoooooooooo

    5. فارس صلاح

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    6. harey upham

      purple flamingos

    7. Mya Pacheco

      Nick Austin love you 🧸🧸🧸

    8. Allyson Alago

      At least you don't need a security camera you have a kitten behind the TV and no one will know! Lol

    9. زيدان زيد

      لوتسب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 بامكانك ايجاد اكبر عروض المخصوصصة ادوية المشكلااااااااات الي تواجه الرجال مع الحكيم طلحت ✨✨زياده حجم القضيب و اطالة مدة الجماع و زيادة قوة الانتصاب ✨✨ من يريد التواصل عبر واتساب عبر الرقم المعتمد0079672701955

    10. Mar SoOj

      I don’t even know if I ship tonick or rylick anymore😭

    11. sunkissed_dorbyn

      purple flamingo

    12. Jake Cole

      Me: watching the scenes but not listening My head: Thinking of singing All I Want for Christmas at a concert

    13. Nylon Gachas

      Title:Nick and Ryland kiss for the first time Me:”the first time? Honey.... don’t lie to me...”

    14. cheryl House

      U should make a vid on straining larays hair

    15. Isabella DeGiovanni

      Nick was trying so hard to filter with that girl lol

    16. Rhae-Nicole Holloway

      he has a ponit

    17. SELA LUI

      make your vids longer

    18. Lucas Ensley

      purple flamingo

    19. Jeniffer Estrada


    20. Jose Luis Diaz

      Quien habla español y no estiende nada pero quería ver el beso jajaja 😂

    21. Tran Lam

      i'm late but why the f is nessa here

    22. abigail charbonneau

      purple flamingo

    23. Janai Perez

      Purple Flamingo


      Purple Flamingos

    25. zaiba ada

      Thomas' outro:hfhdudhnxjjdndjdnjd

    26. Melisa Gabriela Hernández Contreras

      the times i repeated nick and ryland's kiss were unhealthy

    27. Pan San


    28. Erica Jones

      is tonick over

    29. Wolf GamerGirl

      purple flamingo

    30. Madeleine Benson

      im australian

      1. steven


    31. Victor Martinot

      4:22 does anyone know the brand of nick's hoodie???

      1. steven

        at what part

    32. Ava Stokely

      1:16 oop

    33. Alexa claire

      Tell Nick and Ryland we deserve an explanation to the uber thing >:(

    34. Kierhon Fentress

      does anyone kno who that was at 4:16 bcs i needs hear more

      1. steven

        @Kierhon Fentress what

      2. Kierhon Fentress

        @steven deadass? that’s crazy

      3. steven

        i think it was taylor

    35. Sophia Chavez

      Larry:i've been in the HH how many years now!? Thomas:About half a year Larry's mind:It'S bEeN a YeAr i ThOuGhT

    36. Izabella Hughes

      Purple flamingo

    37. Gisella Davis

      purple flamingos

    38. Cecilia Delgado

      purple flamingos

    39. Caitlyn Golphin

      I wish I could go to the hype house

    40. Minecraft man JC

      They are so funny

    41. Nadarrian Pugh

      they use charli for her hype

    42. Alyssa Morales

      When Michael said "You guys like abuse" me said " yes " lol

    43. Yasmine Lylia

      Lukas looks like nick lol

    44. Daneysha Izajar Montano

      ummm.... so the kiss no one going to talk about that btw who's here in september

    45. Eha Kamakau

      purple flamingo

    46. Umar Abdelnabi

      I have a question and it might seem dumb but is @Larray really apart of the hype house? I'm sorry if it's not my business

    47. Stelline


    48. Raylynn Moralez

      i love that thry kissed.

    49. Izayiah Ramirez

      She made you

    50. Melissa Morales

      I wish I lived in the hype house so I can help Mia and kouvr beat up Michael

    51. Alia Jackson

      Tonick 😫😫😫😫

    52. Elqwenalae Robert

      prpul fulimango

    53. Qwnxy Jhayne Fuerte

      The day when Swype House stiil exist

    54. Esther Poz

      Lucas looks so much like nick

    55. Genesis Trejo

      Who is the one singing

    56. Setayesh Noori

      1:44 the kiss

    57. Isabella Atehortua

      I’m glad nick is over darianka

    58. Antonio Swartbooi

      Purple flamingo

    59. Sarah Jane 2009

      OO charli chase and Nesa oo things bout to go fire

    60. Pp Poop

      I guess lucas likes Nick and why the hell is Nick and lucas shirtless 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

    61. Danusga Jatheswaran

      at 4:20 who was it???

    62. Angelina Andrade

      thats the girl from the chicken girls

    63. jambandfan1

      The only reason I down vote is cause of Nikita he she pisses me off

    64. Kitty Unicorn

      I didn't know that Nick was a simp 😂 ✨The More You Know✨

    65. Raksanah Bansee


    66. Jillian

      Nicks scream was hilarious

    67. Davilyn Cleary

      Purple flamingo lol

    68. siqns pluto

      why is no one talking about how whenever ryland and nick kissed, after Indiana said “this-“ and ryland went up to her like he was gonna kiss her-

    69. Samantha Yanabu

      Purple Flamingo ╰( ̄ω ̄o)

    70. keza dasha ruhigura


    71. Baelbr Singh

      Lol nick you should have a girlfriend

    72. Brooke LeBlanc

      I just love Thomas's laugh .. It's so cute 😋😘

    73. Roza Fattahi Monfard


    74. Cupcake_ Loser


    75. maria thomas

      Purple flaminfos💜🦩

    76. Diya Shs


    77. Apocalypse vision

      uhmm mias backgound lookin sus

    78. tia pizzino

      is ryland and nick, brothers?

    79. Lil Baddie

      I don’t think anyone likes dairyanka

    80. Rena Harper

      I wanna be nick

    81. Destiny McKinnon

      Purple flamingo

    82. Nunia Fotu

      purple flamingo

    83. Izzy West

      2 of my crushes kiss amazing

    84. TikTok Content

      What happend to nick and tony

    85. Kyleigh Capp

      I bet tony is jelly while watching nick and ryland kiss😝😝

    86. Milan Tran

      purple flamigo

    87. Itz Maddie Here

      purple flamingo

    88. Makenzie Andrews

      I wish nick held my hand

    89. Giovanna Nascimento

      N estava preparada para o beijo, mds

    90. Mya Diaz


    91. Akin Tomcat

      Purple flimingo

    92. Gaming_vlogs_with_Katelyn

      pink flamingo

    93. Sarai Varela

      Purple flamingo

    94. Gabriela Simmons

      You really need to make you and Kouvr and Nick and Ryland to couples Yoga

    95. محمد محمد

      عبث لهو فوضى تمادى لعب حقا عليك إن تبحث وتفكر وتدرك ان الله خلقك واوجدك لحكمة فاابحث عنها انها عبادته وحده لا شريك له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير فاتبع الطريق المستقيم فكر ثم فكر بأذن الله تعالى ستجد الدين الحق المبين دين الإسلام العظيم

    96. life why

      Why can't I stop watching I think it's cause they act like me

    97. Joselyn Cespedes Resendiz

      i hat brucy

    98. Beige Tamihana

      i realy love you guys but mostly mia and kovour

    99. Beige Tamihana

      hi im a huge fan of yous

    100. Suzanne Kilgannon

      Ok so I'm guessing nick didnt lie about making out with ryland in the back of the uber those hickeys omg 😳😳