Nick and Chase's First Big Fight!

Thomas Petrou

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    Nick and Chase's First Big Fight!
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    1. KatieKat

      When Thomas said " my unicorn's cuter though" my heart MELTEDDDD😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

    2. Katia Papadopoulou

      If Mia and Kourv Weren't in the house everyone would probably be dead😭✋

    3. Emma Leach

      Tittle milk

    4. Diane Orellana

      When paper said "get the cat"and mia and Micheal fighting it made me laugh

    5. Imani Figueroa

      ***** milk

    6. Lynne Harb

      ~My unicorn is cuter ~ i can’t

    7. Aiden R

    8. Londyn’s World

      It was a wild Mia

    9. rachel kate


    10. Madison Lestrange

      😭🖐🏻 I'm done this video is too much

    11. Goth Angel Kid


    12. Baby Yoda Ram Goat Ψ

      So a stick finger vs him bruuu

    13. Ankita’s World

      People say Thomas is the father of the house but in reality Mia and Kouver are

    14. evyllin vivian

      I miss this hype house

    15. Cailyn Hennessey

      i only come for nick soooooooo

    16. Maric Raddi

      Can I join the hype house

    17. dayna diamond tehe

      3:14 ngl that giggle was so cute

    18. Bff Craziness

      Lol Tony

    19. Gamergirl15

      Chase is creepy staring at something

    20. Gamergirl15

      At the end why was Chase just sitting there

    21. mariam alfalaasi

      i think nick is one his period 🤦🏼‍♀️

    22. Tony Lopez Love_x.o.x.o

      My bae Tony Lopez

    23. Josephine and aubreyanna Besties

      I love hello cover said will someone has corona here😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    24. Wolf GamerGirl

      i am just not going to say what chase said to say

    25. Joseph Villarreal


    26. Gabriella Pietrakowski

      Nick and chase acting like my mom and my older brother who name is nick

    27. Rufinda mahn

      Tidy MiLk

    28. Sophia Chavez

      i like how Mia and Michel are fighting while Connar is worrying about a cat on his fing back LMFAOOOO

    29. Sophia Chavez

      Mia:I cant punch! Thomas:pretend its Michal Mia*knocks down the thing* Michal walks in:👁️👄👁️ me:oOoOoOpPpP


      Thomas: Mia use a little pressure Mia: Punches the bag and it falls to the floor Thomas just stands with complete disbelief

    31. Hana Hadid

      ill coment tadymilk idk what it means

    32. Hana Hadid

      his pants are bad srry bout that and I'm not a hater i wach every new vid

    33. Saleena Hopkins

      nobody: no one ever: paper: "gEt tHe CaT" 🤣

    34. Kayleigh Lourenco


    35. Austina 19

      cowboy bebop opening

    36. Kamari Nguyen

      Mickle is scared of every girl

    37. Kayla Spinks

      Thomas: Yes I’ll put a pole Thomas: *Doesn’t put a pole*

    38. Avery Hossler

      The only thing I can hear in the start is *****************************************

    39. Yasmine Debbah

      tony could sing

    40. Genevieve Perez

      OK we all know probably nick said that’s why Charlie broke up with you

    41. Queen Ze

      replay the frist 10 secs of video 'mad funny '

    42. Jake Cole

      Pretend its Micheal *drops the fucking punching bag*

    43. Karleen Perez

      2020 anyone 👇

    44. Mariyam Reem Wajdhee

      Chase come to Maldives I wanna meet you I live in addu

    45. Draco Malfoy

      Never ask a girl if their on their period..

    46. Betty Foons

      Mia: Thomas I can not punch Thomas: Pretend it is Michael Mia: ok Mia: *knocks down punching bag Michael: *walks in to Mia punching the bag down* Michael: oh sh*t

    47. Benji

      Why does chase remind me of a butch lesbian

    48. Chloe Collett

      peanut butter

    49. Lindy Crane

      Everyone talking ab Mia but like that animal

    50. Jillian

      Thomas is a whole mood

    51. Ma. Rubeth Ronquillo-Hipolito

      The most stupidest moments xD

    52. Rose Lucagbo

      If Tony’s my lil brother.. I’m gonna love him to death either. A ball of cuteness. I feel ya Ondre!

    53. Getgamining519


    54. Carla Ramirez

      Me realizing a lot of shit can happend in 1 minute in the hype houes😂😂😂

    55. Mels F

      I am on my period

    56. Chars Bees


    57. Londyn’s World

      It was a wild Mia

    58. MAR ALR

      I really thought that it was an animal then I paused then I saw that it was mia

    59. Abrahanna Mieses Barcelo


    60. Msp player

      No one chase: tiki milk

    61. Victory Manumalealii

      Could I have 5

    62. Crystel Empire

      My unicorns a little cuter 🥺🥺 my heart 💔

    63. Cash Ramos

      noe one me what is one thomas neck

    64. Itz Maddie Here

      tidy milk

    65. Emily Kinney

      "pretend its Micheal"*punches**breaks*"fk that" lmao

    66. Roblox Variety

      People are talking about nick but that “animal” scared the living shit out of me

    67. Luke O'Sullivan

      0:42 is making me die

    68. Daisy-mae Ratcliffe

      T...y man

    69. Sophie Maillard Armendariz

      Chace is so perfect!!!!!

    70. Marveya Espino

      i love you thomas and your videos

    71. Infinite Kris

      Chase is still softish according to bryce and josh

    72. Joselyn Maldonado

      I got you

    73. Emery Roblox Roblox

      Tony a good Singer by the way

    74. Ashalia Shylo

      Click bait

    75. s i e n n a

      4:33 tony’s actually a really good singer!

    76. Barrett Belletto

      Before I went to bed I bought a white hype house Jacket and pants

    77. Rose Role Play

      every day that i have a bad day, you guys make me laugh!

    78. Shaunna. Buggy

      Thomas:what u doing kouvr Kouvr:barring my hamster Thomas: that's a big hole for a hamster Kouvr: well it's in your fucking cat Thomas:your not barring my fucking cat Me:so your going to Barrie the cat alive

    79. Mariano Salazar

      I love Thomas jokes

    80. Charlotte Xox9722

      Poor Michael he is always being at takes by the girls, well for a reason I guess.

    81. Pink Crystals

      0:41 *Bush man* 😂😂

    82. Pink Crystals

      0:13 MOOD

    83. Söphiä

      "Bittie milk" only true fans with understand

    84. Maha Aldaithan


      1. Maha Aldaithan


    85. Zara Roden

      Mia and Michael fighting pappa get the cat off me 😂

    86. Juf. C. Boekhoudt


    87. Chelsea Casimiro

      Chase likes tiddy milk

    88. Tiana Owens

      Nobody. Literally nobody Kovur trying to get Thomas’s cat

    89. Piper Fan

      My siblings have that unicorn sprinkler

    90. Sassy Girl

      Did Thomas get three hickeys at 1:45

    91. Addison Salyer

      My unicorn is a little cuter

    92. charli damelio

      Mia is not on her period....Chase is on his period😂 Imagine if Thomas Pinned this😚😂

    93. charli damelio

      Mia does have PERIOD ✔

    94. Trinity Newton

      the pants are fine

    95. Rachel Gudar

      I think it was fake

    96. Rachel Gudar

      At first what kind of animal was dat ?

    97. Rihanna Cobaxin

      Tidy mouths lol

    98. Athenas Barragan

      Titi milk

    99. Aneta Boguski

      Tidy mouth chase

    100. Gaming & crafts with Izzy

      Lmao 3:12