Nick and Michael Hate Me!

Thomas Petrou

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    Nick and Michael Hate Me!
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    1. Imani Figueroa

      kittin butter

    2. Matheus Ferreira


    3. Ànida Tara

      Nessas and mias friendship is adorable

    4. ariya lalloo

      Why is nick so cute😍😍😍😍

    5. Roxanne Smith

      kittin butter?

    6. Aliana Manasek

      the way the girl was holding the dogs and i rescued a 2 week old kitten and im only 9 and i know how to hold them love u Hype House!! kitten butter

    7. Jasmaine Shorty


    8. dovid mink

      0:49 when nick said motion sickness I got nauseous

    9. Amy and Elena's Random Channel

      When I see this title Me: Why wouldn't they

    10. SELA LUI

      make the vids longer

    11. Ariel Ariel

      kitten butter


      The hype house is kitten butter

    13. triple trouble truffle

      kitten butter

    14. Daniel K

      kitten butter

    15. Elizabeth Conner

      kitten butter

    16. Chloe Brown

      kitten butter

    17. Gabrielle Ignatowski

      Dose mchle still call you daddy

    18. Olivia and my weird cousins

      Kitten butter

    19. abigail charbonneau

      kitten butter

    20. Chariclo

      Why y'all always hurting Calvin? Wtf

    21. Katie Playz

      Kitten butter! For Mia man for Mia👏

    22. Layla Lou

      kitten butter

    23. ramona swaney

      kitten butter

    24. rgalat1975

      kitten butter

    25. Paula Orriols

      kitten butter

    26. firdaws ezekiel

      Kitten butter

    27. Wolf GamerGirl

      kitten butter

    28. Samantha Watters

      I love Mia and kouvr omg


      They are not real fans bc a real fan would respect them and not go on their property( not saying im a karen)

    30. Roblox Player

      I just found out Nick vapes idc I still like him.

    31. Lucia Heideman

      Kitten butter 💙


      The End how Mia made that funny noise at t

    33. Keeping up with Bella

      She really said “ask tony” 😂


      Kitten butter

    35. Ariella Jennings

      kitten butter

    36. Mia Kio

      I miss when mia was high

    37. Mia Ryan

      Calvin: I tried to give kouvr ahugthe other day a d she hit me

    38. It’s Tea

      Name:Mia Enemy: Michael and Calvin

    39. Julyanna Adriene De Villa

      What was the banging sound

    40. OBplayz With olive and brook

      Kitten butter

    41. michael Franklin

      kitten butter!!!!!

    42. Riley Boen

      kitten butter

    43. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      Kitten butter

    44. Leah Haislip

      kittenbutter XD

    45. Maddy And Destinee Plays!


    46. • Mariane •

      Kitten butter


      kitten butter

    48. Nikka Kloobnika


    49. Olivia Hunt

      Kitten Butter

    50. Avery Pufky

      Idk why it gets me so mad when fans show up at peoples house it there house they didn’t give permission to go to their house so please don’t come

    51. Dominic Olivas

      I want you to dare nikita and tony to sleep together for 24 hours

    52. marisa leanne

      Okay soo ummm.... wheres the vlog of him calling you daddy

    53. Nora Hopkins

      Thomas trying to be responsible is so funny

    54. Kendal Petre

      Purple flamingo 💜

    55. C S

      is there a series called ‘ keeping up with the hype house’ ?

    56. Laney Santos

      Mia said at the end of the vid “ mmña” lmao 😂

    57. HoneyAngel Playz

      Okay but like why do people come EVERYDAY to their house like yes they appreciate y'all but it's too much and is lowkey creepy

    58. Itz Maddie Here

      kitten butter


      nick is my favorite out of everyone

    60. julie galvan

      I look at all u vids lov y'all I wish y'all follow me on tik tok but it will never happen

    61. Allies Vlogs


    62. Mia Butcher

      1:19 you can here someone say “wow that’s a nice broom where did you get that”😂😂😂

    63. Mariyam Sura Zakariyya

      Kitten 🐈 butter

    64. Paul Mansfield

      Kitten butter

    65. Is water wet 2.0 Reid

      Have Mia and kovur hurt the boys more

    66. Emmy 7

      Kovur and mia need to chill alittle tbh

    67. Someone ??

      Mia is really violent

    68. Samanta Strelauskaite

      Kitten butter

    69. It’s Tea

      No one: Mia:comment kitty butter! Thomas:ok?

    70. Anya Mehay

      Mia: ahh that's a nice broom where'd you get that one?? Kouvr: I ordered it one amazon Like what????/

    71. Oluchi Eze

      Thomas thumbnail always has the same face like how👁👄👁

    72. Momo Restaurant Kamila

      Hi I love you guys.I can’t watch you on TikTok cos my account got band so I wach you on HUfast

    73. Madison Flores

      Kitten butter

    74. StrongAlli

      Thumbnail looks weird😂😂😂😂😂😂

    75. Marley Wolfe

      kitten butter :)

    76. xxcharlixtonyxx xxcharlixtonyxx

      Me dying wen Nikita said Thomas:why where you late Nikita: is this the new Hollywood fix , Thomas:the fans wana now Niki: ask tony Me:👁👄👁😂😂

    77. Alina Stranger things

      Kitten butter

    78. Hay Oliva

      How do I join tier 3

    79. alexis bleasdale

      kitten butter

    80. Eloise Garcia

      They are talking about not drinking in a public restaurant when they are 17-18

    81. Sierra Cook

      no one: Nick: I hope your family is safe forever

    82. Rihanna Cobaxin

      Kitty butter

    83. ValDays

      liked my comment ا ago

    84. Maisie Rich

      Is anyone gonna talk ask Mia sitting on nessa so cute ❤️

    85. Juni Hay

      I clicked for one reason and one reason only micheal in the fucking thumbnail

    86. Annoying Campers

      Sway boys can’t take a joke...... cause they are jokes

    87. Emma Bud

      Kitten butter

    88. Jaelyn Noten

      I love kouvr

    89. Shannon Rispin


    90. Diann Storms

      Kitten butter

    91. C C GAMERS

      Thomas: 😧 Everyone else: 😀🙃😒😣😁😐🙂 In the thumbnails 🤣

    92. Paislie Vlogs

      Thomas: I’m warming my hand up Micheal: why Thomas: just in case

    93. Megan

      James 😌 once your addicted your addicted 😌🤚

    94. Starlight Kitty cat

      Kitten butter Mia said it so I did it

    95. Promise Fite

      Kittenbutter 😂😂

    96. Ian Loveridge

      Kitten butter

    97. harry styles

      Lol mia:ooo thats a nice brum 😂😂😂😂

    98. Xena Suman

      Well done to the people who don’t come to the hype house ever time peps act like they F# normal people act like they not even famous k kitten butter

    99. Sister Love

      Kitten butter