Nick and Jack Got In A Huge Fight!

Thomas Petrou

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    Nick and Jack Got In A Huge Fight!
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    1. Julianna Amato

      Thomas in every thumbnail: 👁⭕️👁

    2. The 3 Musketeers

      the way the boys fight in the car is exactly how I and my siblings fight!!!!

    3. Dana Bashiti

      School boy

    4. simplystarz

      who’s watching after nick ran away??? 👇🏻

    5. مروان ذمام

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    6. منيفة منيفة

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    7. زيدان زيد

      الواتـــساب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 بامكاك ان تجد على افضل عروض المخصصة ادويه المشااااكل التي تواجه الرجال عند الخبير طلحه ✨✨اطالة القلم و اطالة مدة القذف و زيادة قوة الانتصاب ✨✨ لاجل التواصل من خلال تطبيقات واتساب على الرقم المعتمد0079672701955

    8. Ava Borja

      Chicken cat :D

    9. 1003838 1003838

      when he said give her some love i love that girl.....i was like omg awww

    10. Gisella Davis

      Babe No he's wreck it Ralph. That made me laugh so hard i feel on my floor cause I was literally crying from laughter and um that is where i fell asleep.

    11. tiktok charli damelio

      The only reason I am here cause of larray

    12. XxX.Exotic_Deanne. XxX

      I did not know goats can climb trees?😂

    13. Roblox girl

      I love them they all have a cute friendship

    14. Avatar and Larray fan

      0:49 babe no wreck-It Ralph


      school boy 💖💖



    17. Brayden Young

      *skullboy* ☠️🖤

    18. منار مغاني

      الـــواتساب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 يمكن لك تحصيل اكبر العروض المخصوصصة علاجات المشاكل الجنسيه عند الخبير طلحه ✨✨زيادة حجم القلم و تطويل مدة الجماع و رفع قوة الانتصاب ✨✨ الي يريد التواصل عن طريق تطبيق واتس اب على الرقم المعتمد0079672701955

    19. Sally Walker

      Skull boy

    20. x Roblox channel x

      Jack said cereal killer

    21. ريَّان بسول

      الـواتـس اب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 بامكانك ايجاد اكبر الاوفرات المخصصة علاج المشكلات الحنسية عند الخبير طلحت ✨✨زياده حجم القضيب و تاخير القذف و تقوية الانتصاب ✨✨ من اجل التواصل عن طريق تطبيقات واتس على الرقم المعتمد0079672701955

    22. Alexa the world’s friends

      School boy

    23. تائب سعود

      الـواتـس اب 0079672701955 whatapps📲 بامكانك ايجاد اعظم العروضات الخاصة ادوية المشاكل الجنسية مع الخبير طلحت ✨✨تطويل العضو الزكري و تطويل مدة الجماع و زيادة قوة الانتصاب ✨✨ من يريد التواصل من خلال تطبيق واتس على الرقم المعتمد0079672701955

    24. amaya gomez

      i’m in love with nick💍💍💍💍

    25. Yana Net

      Ник сказал что он вечно улыбается но не счастлив 😟

    26. isabelle dalton

      i fucking love larray like 'babe no wreck it ralph' 😂😂😂😂

    27. jayrose peta

      mood i love larray best friend

    28. Kyleigh Davis

      You are not supposed to touch dry ice!!! 😂

    29. alourella


    30. XCLOUDSX

      You should do a video called who knows Thomas better?!

    31. Aubrey Reeves

      Skull boy?

    32. Maya Rodriguez

      Hand cuff Charli and chase

    33. Marianna Alvarez

      Can u do a vid on how u and Mia meet

    34. Brady Moore

      Lmao it’s Shaheen

    35. Apia Møller

      School boy

    36. Marielisr20 9

      :) every video from a HUfastr I like I writes a smiley face to see witch HUfastr notices me :)

    37. anime tiktok

      Larray: no i'm going to sway 🤣

    38. Justin Arnold

      How stupid is this

    39. Wolf GamerGirl

      school boy

    40. Linnea Wälivaara

      ive seen peppers ball now. ive seen it all so

    41. Erica Munoz

      you and Mia should fake break up in front of the hype house to get there reactions

    42. Aesthtic vsco Sister vlogs

      shool boyzzzz

    43. macyishere _121

      I can’t get over nick falling in the beginning omg 😂🥺

    44. Taylor's World

      did Mia get her pasta

    45. Charlotte Morlock

      "so we are going to get pasta" - Mia (laughter)

    46. Songs Lyrics

      I don’t like how Mia is so aggressive like she hits people and they don’t do anything but if they do something to her she gets soo mad and aggressive it’s annoying.

    47. Basego Moroe

      School boy

    48. macyishere _121

      Yes finally nick in some Content. I want to see nick more 🥺🧸🧸🧸

    49. thatgurl. nay2


    50. Fadinq_Galaxy

      School boy

    51. Tiffanie Howes

      I love you guys so much but nick is my idol I have fan page and he never gonna notice me

    52. Wilberlis Duran

      i never new they climbed

    53. Wilberlis Duran

      love you mia and thomas

    54. Matthew Richards


    55. twinkle toes

      school boy

    56. schcison n

      have the cop come and arrest all the hype house members and take the to a fake jail for 24 houres

    57. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "School Boy."

    58. Amelia Argott

      School Boy 🏫 👦🏻 For: Mia

    59. LexandTess

      skull boy

    60. aaliyah

      School boy

    61. Keira Sum

      Thomas: u know who i am The man: Yeah Thomas LARRY: BABe no WRECK-IT RALPH

    62. Raychel Johnson

      everytime larray is in a video, i am laughing my *** off

    63. Emma Padilla Márquez

      School boy

    64. brain brain

      why is he ALWAYSSSS getting a new car when the one he had cost a fortune.....

    65. Mikaela Ollarves

      wait am i the only one that noticed if that is Charli at the end of the vid in your car

    66. Mayowa Ifanse

      School boy

    67. K I M B E R L Y

      Why does he laugh like that and for everything

    68. Dana Al Mannaie

      school boy

    69. Phillip Brown

      I love y’all

    70. Clxxdy Skies

      But I thought Larray had a, “Rocket ship” which there is proof in one of Alex’s videos

    71. Noha Algamali


    72. Ty Brown

      Do dumd shite

    73. emmah0718

      There called mountain goats

    74. Eric Musser

      I live on a farm and have 6 goats and i did a little goat yoga

    75. Shawn Ramlogan

      yo tha is so sick best vid

    76. Gissel Avalos

      fill pictures of Chase in his room in his musically days

    77. sensitivexflxwerx

      Nobody: Not even Tony Lopey texting 15 year olds on sc: Thomas every week: sO gUyS iM cOlLeCtInG mY nEw CaR!

    78. Kristianna Jeffords

      i showed two days ago

    79. Barneyishot

      Like if they should do among us in real life!

    80. Gabriel Johnson

      School boy

    81. Doua Youssif

      Mia and Kovur should do a HUfast channel together

    82. Yadira Nuñez Calderogaffjn

      Play among us with the fam/friends

    83. Hxna RBLX

      Who likes thomas’ puns XD my favourite is: Hey! It’s Lil Huddy, in a lil hoodie!

    84. Jasmaine Shorty


    85. Kayla Marie

      I thought there was so many more people in the HH than the same 5-8 people in the videos every week. What happened to making sure all of the HH was in the vlogs?

    86. Jaydene Goldie

      Can you handcuff charli and chase

    87. Ndongo Njie

      Nick Jack

    88. Lexis Cunningham

      Thomas , ur makeup was so sick, who did it

    89. flex five

      Damn bro Thomas's content has taken a hit. The views for this video is so low. Hope he's taking time to plan out good vlogs, I really like this guy.

    90. Lilly Willuweit

      school boy

    91. pan88 AJ

      Handcuff ondreaz to ryland and nick to tony

    92. Cecilia Villanueva

      School boy

    93. Meghan Morse

      i shower every single day

    94. Thato Makoro

      school boy

    95. Chloe Brown

      School boy

    96. Brooklyn Cumbee

      Jack hits Different😳🥵

    97. Sami Mohammad

      Thomasss aren’t you saying that you are working on handcuff charli and chase together !!!!!!!!!

    98. x.hype. house.x

      School boy