Nick Went Missing...

Thomas Petrou

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    Nick Went Missing...
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    1. Natasha Alvarado

      Egg bunny

    2. Ren

      eggbunny have no clue why i did this

    3. Honey Roblox

      egg bunny?

    4. Ava Costello

      Egg bunny

    5. Alexandria Cook

      Egg bunny

    6. Abigail Makonnen

      It's the "hello" for me at the end

    7. addi Plays

      egg bunny

    8. Toca_girl_roblox Toca_roblox

      “Just kidding this year sucks” hell yeah 2020 diddd

    9. Nike ACCT

      The eatable hardcover unequivocally obtain because course endoscopically untidy among a condemned goal. bright, tremendous scissors

    10. Brianna’s Life

      Egg bunny

    11. Brooklyn Trubisky

      Yep this yeah it does suck my dog just died and you guys made it better for me

    12. Kaylee Mcarthur


    13. David ChasingHawk

      egg bunny

    14. Brielle Evans


    15. Rayley Cooke

      Egg bunny

    16. Tajinder Singh

      The starting I can’t 😂😂😂

    17. Jackie Bergmann

      Egg bunnyyy

    18. Alexis Bocanegra

      jake is so funny

    19. Kendra Opalek

      When patty said thank you at McDonald’s i was like he has manners?

    20. avah sullivan


    21. Alethea Ponce

      Egg bunny

    22. sheri smith

      no one: me: staring a mias brother the whole time

    23. Lexie Moreno

      Egg bunny

    24. Czxrina Sxntos

      I like how Nikita flirts with everyone Eggbunny

    25. Paige weir

      egg bunny

    26. levina

      toppers face at 5:51 lol

    27. Dnfjdnnrf Mamas

      Did nick actually go missing? Ha I’m jk Ik he didn’t

    28. lqvingbts ‘

      7:59 Michael’s “hEllO”

    29. Nia May

      Egg bunny

    30. Janai Perez

      Egg Bunny

    31. Poppy Simmonds

      Egg bunny

    32. BigNoob

      The way he said ew🥵 4:58

    33. Charli._.dunkin edits


    34. Nick Stanfield

      egg bunny

    35. Yadira Rosales

      And Nick is at McDonald's

    36. Roblox girl

      Egg bunny 😁 love you guys

    37. Melissa Morales

      He isn't wrong that 2020 was the worst year.

    38. Celine Clerico

      egg bunny "

    39. SARAH ROBLOX games

      Egg bunny 😅😂🤣🤣🤣

    40. Nikita Sch

      check out my new game about hype house members :

    41. Ronai Alo

      Egg bunny

    42. Sydney Germond

      Why do I feel like I’ve already seen these clips

    43. Its_Jxde

      Egg bunny

    44. daisy and jasmine /bffs

      Egg bunny

    45. Emma Fluff


    46. STWkid 814

      I found him in my bathroom

    47. Imogen jayne Lawler

      I can't wait to see this video

    48. Andrew Mann

      egg bunny

    49. Elizabeth Johnston

      LMFAO the wee hello Michael say at the end

    50. Elizabeth Johnston

      Me thinking the intro was a trailer

    51. Anaaya Agrawal

      Egg bunny

    52. Hannah Swan


    53. Mia Ree

      Egg bunny

    54. stefy Antonopoulou

      Egg bunny 🥚🐰

    55. Damayanti Devi

      Egg bunny

    56. Cadi Roberts

      Egg bunny

    57. Kylee Bartram

      Egg bunny

    58. Tori Murray

      Egg bunny

    59. gracia rodriguez

      You guys are soooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    60. Iisha Koenig

      Egg bunny

    61. Adie MacGregor


    62. Emma A

      I’m so upset that Nick is talking to Madison beer.....don’t ask why:(

    63. Danikah Ald

      Egg bunny

    64. Breanna Douglas

      Doesn’t Calvin looks like Betty coopers dad from riverdale or is it just me

    65. Maisie Clarke


    66. Hannah's life


    67. Taya Knight

      Egg bunnie

    68. Ava Frost 2024

      Egg bunny

    69. Angelica Hernandez

      Egg bunny

    70. Khloe Akama

      egg bunny :)

    71. valentina iunco

      egg bunny

    72. Kina Chay

      nick is in my basement

    73. Takoiya Davis


    74. Emma Gutierrez

      egg bunny

    75. Nikka Kloobnika

      Eggbunny 🥚 🐰

    76. Jaden Hong

      I thought the first part was a add😭😭😭

    77. Itztlaly zenteno

      Egg bunny 🐰 😋

    78. Kyla Walker


    79. Nahla and Meshe-kaia


    80. MEME BOY

      Egg bunny

    81. VD Houle

      he at my house jk haha

    82. Kaysen D.

      Egg bunny

    83. YN

      He can be a narrator or something.

    84. Layru Ridgell

      Something that doesnt make since: why would someone who has a hard time swallowing drink something thick

    85. Matthew Richards


    86. Pumpkin Hope

      mia with a straight face trying to fun thomas over has me and my friend DEADDDDD

    87. hanalei grace


    88. laith abdalla

      Egg bunny

    89. Jessica Simon

      Target nick is at target

    90. vsp.sophie

      Thomas: best year Thomas too: this year SUCKS

    91. Mariah The Simp

      why did I thing Nick made his bed?

    92. Bun bun

      Mia :eGg buNnY 😂

    93. Sarah_ *

      Egg bunny

    94. siimply

      Love the intro

    95. Megertu Metasebia


      1. Megertu Metasebia

        𝕋𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕪𝕖𝕒𝕣 𝕤𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕤

    96. Titti I


    97. Abigail Moreno Gurrola

      egg bunny

    98. Nikita Ayre

      HEs in my bed 🤭

    99. Deyziah HILIKEHETULE

      ALOHAAA :)))) 💘🤟🏼.

    100. Sky

      u are the best