Nikita Did This In Public!!

Thomas Petrou

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    Nikita Did This In Public!!
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    1. Lara TheExplorer

      Did he say three fourths instead of a quarter lol

    2. Tatiana Stanley

      salty butter

    3. Breanna Wagar

      Salty butter

    4. Bennny Boy68

      Turn to Jesus

    5. Angelica Hernandez

      Salty 🧂 butter 🧈

    6. Imani Figueroa

      salty butter love you mia

    7. Emma Leach

      Salty butter

    8. Kehlani


      1. Kehlani


    9. Dakota Lopez

      Salty butter

    10. Ava Munro

      ThATs Why cHarli broke up with him the first time

    11. Siimplly Robloxian

      y nikita change hair color mid vid

    12. EliteDragonKin

      I’m about to roast roses are red violets are blue I have five fingers and the third one’s for you

    13. Anslee Hornsby

      Hary looks so much like my ex i mean identical that ,thats how i imagine him looking when hes older.

    14. Layla Nelson

      salty butter

    15. Gacha Sunflower

      a i high or did i just see tom holland in the back ground put in on 2:00

    16. Jasmaine Shorty


    17. beni nika

      i love mia

    18. Addison Dena

      Salty butter

    19. Jayden Coburn

      Salty butter

    20. Kassidi Hairfield

      omg i love markell he is so funny lol

    21. Kaya Brooks

      Salty Butter

    22. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Salty butter 🦖💜✊

    23. Lucas Ensley

      salty butter

    24. Premendra Verma

      "FIRST TIME" ??

    25. thatgurl. nay2


    26. Parker Matthews

      Salty butter

    27. Andi U

      Salty butter

    28. kuroosleftey e

      "liL huDdy, liL hUdDy caN yOu sAy tHe n-wOrd?" HE DID THAT-

    29. Megan Goniwicha

      SaLtY bUtTeR

    30. lyriq glenn

      are marcell and harry hiting on eachother

    31. kyla brobie

      Salty butt

    32. Kailey-Ann Prem-Kuapahi

      AND I GOT THE HYPE CHAIN SO YEAH saltybutter

    33. Kailey-Ann Prem-Kuapahi


    34. Layla Lou

      salty butter

    35. Adopt me Team

      Salty butter

    36. Tox on Gfuel

      The way Markell said Oh Mehy god

    37. Audrey Summerford

      salty butter

    38. Sky Tabin

      Jesus loves you pray to God!

    39. Roblox Wonderland

      #saltybutyer for life 😂😂😂😂

    40. Ashley Blake


    41. Zoe Gauthier 1

      Honestly I really wannna be friends with chase 😂 He’s such a mood

    42. Rblx Kiwiz

      Salty butter

    43. Wolf GamerGirl

      salty butter

    44. random acc

      we stan chase for wearing a masks always

    45. ____teee Lee

      Wtf was this

    46. vetali bansal

      4:10 NIKITA AND TAYLOR ................

    47. Mia Day

      Salty butter

    48. Jordan Milkins

      Vlog idea: put mike into a bedroom with Willy wonka

    49. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Salty butter."


      salty butter

    51. camila jimenez

      five nights at freddy's

    52. Ruby Cedeno


    53. Lesly Quezada

      salty butter

    54. Alexa Alvarez

      salty butter :)

    55. Sally Stewart වාඩි පමණක් ඔහුගේ කාර්යාලය සහ හිතුවේ ඔහු

    56. Gionni topics

      Im kinda simping

    57. Jxrxick

      3:02 swipe up to get the chain Thomas: *grabs shirt*

    58. sofia lara

      salty butter

    59. Lucia Heideman

      Salty butter 🧈

    60. Vienna Phan (581viephan)

      Honey ads: sO I jUsT bOuGht...... AnD i SaVed......WiTh HoNeY! Me: skips the ad in 1.0009 seconds

    61. Leah Fitz

      Salty butter ofc

    62. Reachel Venson

      3:46 where u wanted to see

    63. Pink Dragon

      The first time... Please explain🧐🧐🧐

    64. Isabella Marroquin

      Mia:Harry is blushing

    65. Wilberlis Duran

      taylor you single i can be your birthday gift

    66. Caryn Ewell

      Salty butter

    67. Julia Connelly

      Vlog idea: Give Charli your camera for a day and just see what she does. (this wasn’t my idea but i wanna see it happen)

    68. Yung Weezu

      Lil huddy... can you say the n word

    69. Hazel Amethyst River

      What is Mia's brother's name and is he single??

    70. Sherlyn Bonola

      The table broke bc on the last vid Nikita kept sitting on the fricken table 💀

    71. Christine Moody

      May be chase still love charlie

    72. erin tober

      Salty butter

    73. lps _winter_paws

      I wish you guys were still together but that is why she probably broke up with you for the first time 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    74. Asha Stevens

      I sAw WiLlY wOnKa

    75. Victoria,s A crackhead

      “I slapped the spaghetti on the man”

    76. Adrienne Simmons කිව්වා ඔයා පොරොන්දුවක් අතර එය පූජනීය හා

    77. Meiqin Wang

      Who love them ⬇️

    78. The extreme fam Emma

      How does willy wonka just sit there😂😂😂😂😭😭

    79. Kid’s Fun

      I said when I grow up I might try to come over to see you and I really really do hope I can get to do it that is my dream what to do

    80. Kid’s Fun

      I am a bid fat fan of you and the hype house

    81. Antonio Swartbooi

      Salty butter

    82. DREAM GIRL

      ill miss u guys bc i broke my phone and some years or some month ill see u guys again:(

    83. JU JU

      I like how they’re so comfortable with actin gay while the actual gay boy is around *sigh* wish I had friends like this

    84. Simplii Sour

      salty butter

    85. lucy Hannula

      I love how Thomas doesn’t even have a posting schedule

    86. Kyrianna Thompson

      salty butter 😉😈

    87. moonlight .,.

      salty butter




      The shad still love ya tho

    90. Mirella Sauceda

      Happy birthday Tony & Taylor 🥳🎉🎂


      4:10 is it just me or is that indiana from Chicken girls? . . . . . no just meh okay.

    92. Fighting with 10 year olds on Roblox

      And why? should we get the hype chain?

    93. Nani Hoeve

      ngl Chase is cute

    94. a

      THOMAS PUHLEEASE stop swinging the camera im tryna focus without getting motion sickness

    95. Umerang Alfynso

      Tea ☕️ has been spilled

    96. Marisol Guillen

      There always at Boa

    97. Alivia Garnett

      I slapped the spaghetti on the man😂😂😂

    98. Emily Stock

      SaLtY bUtTeR

    99. Ava Vaykovich

      sAltY bUtTer