Nikita Exposed Larray!

Thomas Petrou

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    Nikita Exposed Larray!
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    1. Imani Figueroa

      peanut crunchy

    2. Kristin Koekemoer

      Peanut crunchy!!!!!!!!

    3. Racheal Price

      you should make a bet with some1 in the house and the bet is if u dont let me hit you five times in the chest with the chest guard on you with the boxing gloves the get backhanded but heres the catch when you go to swing to hit his chest hit his down there area

    4. Gretal Kummerle

      peanut crunchy

    5. cristian Gonzalez

      Peanut crunchy

    6. Emani TuslyL

      Bruh why is nobody talking abt how nick literally got his ass beat by angel

    7. Lily B.

      1:08 Michael:Is it gonna stink Me being sarcastic:no it’s gonna smell like flowers

    8. Natalia Castro

      I love you Thomas and I love Mia every day when I’m sad and I watch your videos they make me happy and stay safe

    9. Natalia Castro

      Peanut country

    10. triple trouble truffle

      chase is the best thing that ever happened

    11. Joxavier_27

      Yo I’m so late but Nick got absolutely rocked by angel

    12. Sofia Colucci

      Peanut crunchy peanut crunchy 😂

    13. Markeysha Acosta Mendoza

      *peunut munchie*

    14. KIRAN KAUR

      I honestly love that app

    15. Lou


    16. Saotome editz

      Randolnaltica or some shit we tried it and we saw a man with like samurai we were so scared 😅😅

    17. deedra deleon

      honny hahaha jk

    18. Jack Schriber

      peanut crunchie

    19. Lucas Ensley

      penut crunchy

    20. Cara de Castro

      peanut chrunchy

    21. saliya wilson

      peanut cruchy

    22. Sophie Moran

      Peanut crunchy

    23. Jeniffer Estrada

      peanutcrunchy idk how to spell very good

    24. Caiden Christmas

      peanut crunchy

    25. Breanna kirk

      Wow I thought Nick would be able to fight😂😂

    26. I'm dumb

      100% those butt pictures of Larri's were supposed to go to Brady

    27. Ms.Diva07 #2

      Peanut crunchy

    28. Janet Amezcua

      Peanut crunchy

    29. London Howell

      I love larray and i am here for all of it

    30. Layla Lou

      peanut crunchy

    31. Samantha Watters

      Larry and Nikita hahaha

    32. Samantha Watters

      I love how Thomas got freaking beat up and he took it so well haha

    33. destiny segura

      thomas in every thumbnail: 😧

    34. ramona swaney

      peanut crunchy

    35. Paula Orriols

      peanut crunchy

    36. Gisella Davis

      peanut crunchy

    37. S Hiemstra

      Nick: AhAh I DoNt KnOw EvEn SwInG!😂

    38. no one loves you

      Peanut crunsie

    39. khamier lawless

      Nick is funny

    40. khamier lawless


    41. Yazlene Gonzalez


    42. Wolf GamerGirl

      peanut crunchy

    43. Elinor Turner ස්වාභාවිකවම සෑම දෙයක්ම සහ සෑම කෙනෙකුම එවැනි දෙයක් පසු ටිකක් අමුතු ලෙස පෙනෙනු ඇත

    44. Nika Kohinoa

      Peanut crunchy🥰😝😜😊😙💖💞💝

    45. Esta Nyabaruta

      peanut crunchy

    46. Lacey Edwards

      Nikita really be attacking Larry like that

    47. julianna

      if Thomas ever follows jjkidofishal on tik tok i would cry

    48. Matthew Witherell


    49. Hey Hello

      My sister uses that app and found a massive mushroom it was the biggest thing I ever seen

    50. Sevrra 。

      Not y’all thinking that’s actually larrays nudes-


      Peanut Crunchy - Mia

    52. Ariella Jennings

      penut crunchy

    53. Tamala Merry

      Peanut crunchy

    54. sister aubrey

      i love how i had the balls to watch this on full volume next to my dad and he laughed at it with me 🔫🧃😂💖✨

    55. Dead Bunny


    56. Alanna Shilling

      no one Literally no one Nakitia: The fact I to send that to the dolan twins........ Highlight of my day Me: How much u wanna bet the dolan´s thought that was Nakitias cake?

    57. Sahara Samara

      peanut chrunchy

    58. Brian Vazquez

      I remember SOOOOOOO long ago "the hype house is for creativity" NO parties NO drinking. . .ONE MONTH later. . .pretty much every video is ALL ABOUT PARTYING / BRING DRUNK

    59. Brian Vazquez


    60. marquez newsom-miller

      I did not even swwwinng

    61. marquez newsom-miller

      Dude I have no idea why the hype house is so hilarious 😂😂

    62. marquez newsom-miller

      I love this channel it is so entertaining and cool

    63. Kendyl Chatman

      the hype house is full caucasian straight men that could be alcholics but I'm here for it

    64. lexi

      3:00 🤣

    65. karin kartoredjo

      you sure thats larrays cake ;-;

    66. Jojo Foulkes

      Peanut crunchy

    67. Alexa Reynolds

      Peanut crunchie peanut crunchie

    68. Mayowa Ifanse

      Peanut crunchy

    69. Derlis_Whatever

      I hope larray stops hanging with these vlog squad wannabes

    70. Students Lighthouse

      i love the vlog no cap💚💉you guys are my bloods we both goofy together😹😂

    71. The Matias sisters !!

      peanut crunch y

    72. breanna mullis

      Omgg hahahah

    73. King22muchh

      Nikita really exposed larray but she should exposed for blackfishing, using transphobic as a way to get out of stuff.

    74. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      Sorry I feel no one actually listens to you guys when you suggest what to comment downn😅😂🤣

    75. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      Peanut crunchyyy

    76. Cherelle Black


    77. Emmy 7

      They really scared of mia like y’all fr 🤣 she needs to chill tho

    78. I’m Bored And You’re Too

      nobody: the intro: ...................bumdamb.

    79. bella.christensenn

      I would rather Thomas to slap them 😂 😂

    80. Cherry Playz

      Peanut crunchy

    81. Hi Excuse me

      4:11 it’s the “UM PE UM PE UM pe”

    82. Neth Raj

      peanut crunchy?

    83. Losaline Ale

      Peanut crunchy :)

    84. Kaelynn Rayne Storm

      Is chase gay ? Lol

    85. Chelsea Garcia

      Thomas love 7

    86. Ava Frost 2024

      peanut crunchy

    87. Gachalifeforever

      peanut crunchy lol

    88. Sophia Carmona

      Peanuts crunchy

    89. Gabi Gg

      Nick is sooooo cute

    90. Raelynns Nation


    91. Brynli Grace

      Peanut crunchie peanut crunchie

    92. William T Numanga

      Peanut chrunchy X2

    93. Ella C

      4:43 omfg did they forget to blur that

    94. Mariam Bassam

      4:43 I love cake tho

    95. Mariam Bassam

      4:34 ohh really cool

    96. Itz Maddie Here

      peanut crunchy

    97. I'm tried

      Nick looks cute drunk 😕 I am wrong?

    98. Meloddy

      Peanut crunchy #YourTheBestMia

    99. Azul Almager

      And i thought nick was a good boy i-😑😩

    100. Matiu Pako

      When Mia went to hurt Nick I laughed so hard 😂😂