Nikita's New House Is Haunted!

Thomas Petrou

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    Nikita's New House Is Haunted!
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    1. Matilda lu

      lucky lasagna

    2. Erica Brown

      Can you please change your

    3. Isabella Sellers

      you need parental serpervision in that house

    4. Minnie Hodnett

      Lucky lossonyu

    5. Tatiana Stanley

      lucky lasagna

    6. Breanna Wagar

      Lucky lasagna

    7. Selena Heng

      4:21 what song is that?

    8. Aishath Maleesha

      Lucky lasagna

    9. Amna Waqas

      Lucky Lasagna I love all of you!!

    10. Angelica Hernandez

      Lucky lasagna

    11. Lilly Muchiri

      Lucky lasagna

    12. C o f f e e

      Just saying I would be down to sleep in Nikita's basement for a day

    13. Emma’s World

      Mia: mhmm Me: thats adorable Am i the only one that goes awww for no reason

    14. Be kind To everyone

      Lucky lasania

    15. Samantha Filmore

      Lucky lasanya

    16. N P

      mffrvkrorjnfovoforrvbfpvrjifvofbvifnvirfkrfnbvjfvfrovuhfivnfvfrjfrjfvrpnwwwwwojffkdfofnefvojeornfooppiooopopopopopopopowpofpopodsfposdfpoosdosddpodfodasoadadappdappdadspdadpaspdaosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvjrjrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgbvrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    17. Cameron Robertson

      lucky lasgna

    18. Audrey Hepburn

      Haunted by Nikita

    19. Valid_Trey

      Lucky lasagna

    20. Jennifer Hokanson

      She is

    21. Layla Nelson

      lucky lasania

    22. Naomi Butler

      Lucky lasagna

    23. Hafsah Bby

      Nobody: Me: Only watches to the end to comment Mia:Luck Lasagna ME:* Comments Lucky Lasgana

    24. Wesley Alonso

      I use to hang in that house and the owners moved out cause of the Pandemic 🤦‍♂️

    25. electro2011

      a boogie flew out thomas nose

    26. felisa Torres

      Nikita is so pretty

    27. Sash

      the whole hype house:heheheheoeeoeheieheoHHEHEHEOEEHOEHEOHEOEHEOHEEOHEOE

    28. Nayelli

      Lucky Lasagna

    29. Lola Belson

      Lmao Mia is a vibe

    30. Lucas Ensley

      lucky lasagna

    31. Parker Matthews

      Lucky Lasagna

    32. Lil_phoenix

      Chase's dream house

    33. Isabella Melander

      🧒🏻 this is Tomas 👕 he is 0 years old 🩳 1 like =1 year 👟 how old can he be 👇 klick her

    34. Mar'Iana Hanna

      me: lucky lasagna

    35. Peyton That’s Me

      tHiS iS sIcK!!!!!

    36. Gabriela Siarez

      Lucky lasagna

    37. Melissa Christiansen

      Charli is like the Mae person in the hype house But she is barely in ya vids

    38. Vanessa Karaivanova

      Lucky lasania

    39. Alesha Cooper

      Michael:Mia f*** you Mia: your getting tazed

    40. Roselyn Brito

      Omg Mitchell!!!

    41. Danni Schifler

      Lucky lasaungia

    42. A&M Gang

      Her house is so herrr

    43. Roblox -girl kim

      Do y'all have ROBLOX

    44. Kiara Hernandez

      i just realized that this video was uploaded on my birthday

    45. Rayann Perez

      I know this video is old but the house Rebecca zmolo

      1. Rayann Perez

        Used for one of her video

    46. Mikey DeKoster

      lol 😝

    47. Grandpa Yoongi

      lucky lasagna

    48. Montserrat Stuhlhofer

      Lucky lasagna

    49. Dafuckimally

      Lucky lasagna

    50. Sarah Milgate

      Lucky Lasagna

    51. lindsey changes

      lucky lasagna

    52. Riley Woods

      Is it bad that i lowkey wanna box everyone in the hype house?

    53. Your friendly neighbourhood ginger

      The hype house members: were the shit around here Elon Musk: hold X Æ-12 for me

    54. Messi Messi

      Lucky lasagna

    55. Chase Patrocinio

      I’m looking at Calvin’s room and that was Jarvis’s room

    56. Swelihle Funekile

      "Cute on the outside, empty on the inside, just like me" iconic😂😂😂

    57. Swelihle Funekile

      "Cute on the outside, empty on the inside, just like me" iconic😂😂😂

    58. Kayla Hargrove

      yall all in nikita house like dont yall have a house or........................

    59. dito medo


    60. Madhumitha Ramakrishnan

      Why do these boys look like middle aged men?

    61. Jasmine Karapetyan

      When he finishes his video: what I hear: egwyeuedyjsiwn

    62. Nevaeh Uribe


    63. Mia Delaney

      You are the best!

    64. Brianna Battersby

      Did anyone notices Hannah Stocking in the background when Ryland and Paper were fighting.

    65. Lazaria Shears

      Where is toney?

    66. Martha Nava

      Nikita is ugly

    67. Amya Bass

      Lucky lasagna hey the hype house told me to

    68. Elijah Bogle

      LUCKY LAZANYA hahaa that was amazing Mia

    69. Gorda1203

      5:30 love this part

    70. Emaan Grande

      lucky lasagna :)

    71. yusef nawasreh

      ahahah had a good laugh to this

    72. Titou Jazmin

      what was calvin playing on the piano i know what it is i just dont know the name pls some one tell me

    73. Sherri Mathis

      hi this is lainey i love your videos i am a big fan!!!!!!

    74. kaitlynn kid

      mia is just like a child

    75. haily olmeda

      Lucky lasagna

    76. Dona Gesss

      Lucky lasagna

    77. elakis29

      I love jacks laf it’s so cute

    78. joanee jeannotte


    79. Matthew Richards


    80. Des Luke

      they're giving me very jealousy vibes tbh

    81. Samantha

      Is this the old FaZe house..?

    82. Nayele Reyes

      Lucky youngsonia

    83. Вероника Кичикова

      5:27 is this nikita side profile like WHATTTT

    84. fagatoa Marii

      BrUh, is no one gonna talk about how he ordered a Tesla at a restaurant ?

    85. Charli isaqueen

      If you love Thomas 👇 👇 👇

    86. JustBlade


    87. S. Cheddadi

      Did Nikita get another nosejob? It definitely looks different from the side, like the tip is more upturned

    88. Mdeya Almheiri

      Ryland is mine

    89. Imke Ruijters

      Y'all got to much money😂

    90. Bernadette Murphy

      Lucky Lasagna

    91. bella cook

      Lucky lasagna

    92. Natalia Chavez

      Lucky Lasagna

    93. Selena Callejas

      5:44 I love the face ryland made its halirous

    94. Cristina Elizabeth Kraat

      You meant bad bitch and bitch beautiful

    95. Samiyah Ali

      Lucky🍀 lasagna

    96. assya prd

      Lucky lasagna

    97. Izabella Mendoza

      this is really haunted

    98. Keira Watson

      Lucky lasagna

    99. Jasmine Garcia

      Ok but like can we talk about how hot Calvin is

    100. Fadinq_Galaxy

      Lucky lasagna