Olivia Lost This Bet So She Has To Date Him!

Thomas Petrou

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    Olivia Lost This Bet So She Has To Date Him!
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    1. Adri Martinez

      Admire the fact that Calvin and Olivia is sitting next to each other 😂

    2. Imani Figueroa

      shoe ham

    3. Angelica Hernandez

      Shoe ham

    4. Gianna Berardi

      what are those led lights i want them haha

    5. Elqwenalae Robert

      shoe ham

    6. Madisyn Eysaman

      Shoe Ham

    7. Abigail Shaw

      shoe ham

    8. Nayelli

      Shoe ham

    9. Paige Stenner

      Mia: shoe ham Thomas: shoe ham? Mia: yeah like shoe and ham Me: TRYS NOT TO DIE LAUGHING

    10. Lucas Ensley


    11. Ever Robinson

      shoe ham

    12. Gabriela Siarez

      Shoe ham

    13. Kabir Pandey

      Pls tell the name of the song in intro

    14. Grandpa Yoongi

      is it just me that doesnt see why Micheal is hated so much??

    15. Eduardo Ortiz

      Is anybody noticing how micheal said the n word

    16. Aleayah Card


    17. Mariam Alkaabi

      Why is the vid so short

    18. Rehan Ramlogan

      i saw the hype house in the movie unbelievable!!!!!

    19. Lacie Salas

      Did he say n***** at the 4:31

      1. Lacie Salas

        Idk I tried to listen closely

    20. Tiktok Fam2019


    21. Scarlett Castillo

      does anyone else think kelvin is fine

    22. Khloe Camille Buchanan Buchanan

      I wish I saw them they are so fun and cool even kover she’s the best everyone is

    23. Rblx Kiwiz


    24. Roblox Wonderland

      Shoe ham 😂😂

    25. leala jacobs

      shoe ham

    26. iiBlueBlxssxm_ii


    27. Blessing__Osayi_Queen

      Shoe hand

    28. Heather Smith

      Boys whose heart has been broke so many times: Michael Tayler Holder Tony Lopez Paper/Connor Harry Jowsey

    29. Isabella Varela-Chilito

      I'ma just use code Micheal

    30. Katie Anne

      Charli: are you getting me one Tomhas:

    31. Rosa Smith

      Mia- Shoe ham

    32. Thiqcrab _

      y'all don't know the difference between stupidity and humor and it shows lol

    33. joanee jeannotte


    34. Erika Espino

      Sounded like Michael said the N-word at 4:29

    35. Naraya Starks

      who thinks micheal and olivia are dating secretly? this is the second time thomas made a video regarding them too. and olivia said that she would date him.

    36. Jennybear h

      I would not friend zone Michael

    37. Alyssas Vlog channel

      Shoe ham

    38. Payten Jenkins

      MIA and Thomas are the best couple ever in the hype house

    39. Santiago Olmos

      shoes ham

    40. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Shoe ham."


      Shoe ham

    42. Raylynn Moralez

      well ik what harry is doing today

    43. Brady Pruitt


    44. Asiya Nayise

      Shoe ham

    45. Ceasar Banaag

      Shoe ham!!!!

    46. PJ Pringle

      I just read into it on Today is Tuesday sept 29, 2020 a U.S. judge denied the trump administration the ability to ban new downloads on u.s. app stores the initial was that trump wanted banned period but they said he could only ban incoming downloads and further app updates but when he tried to the leading jusge said no but just in case i suggest that all TikTok stars get youtube channels

    47. Oqhix H

      2:04 Micheal is so stupid 😂😂

    48. Vasiliki _the_gaming_girl 11

      Shoe ham

    49. Vanessa Ramos

      4:30 ... interesting, i didn’t know Micheal was black LMAO

    50. The Beans

      Michael got friend-zoned by a cat 😂😂😂

    51. Prisha Dewani

      There are so many Olivia's Can someone please help me

    52. Marissa Obergfell

      shoe ham

    53. Tahlia's Subs

      I'm using code Michael idc

    54. sofia rochin

      Shoe ham

    55. Justyce Miner

      i love the hype house

    56. Col Facey

      patrick" rock paper scissors whos stupider"

    57. Emma

      omg not olive oil

    58. Simmoli Playz

      Shoe hand

    59. Aimee Finn

      Shoe ham

    60. angelina guzman


    61. 50K Subs Without Videos Challenge!!

      Only people who remember "your favorite French youtuber" can like

    62. thalia khanafer

      Micheal is so dumb😂

    63. Viviana Martinez


    64. Emma Mitchell

      Thomases vlogs:〽️〽️⬅️↙️⬆️↖️⬇️↗️⤵️⤴️➡️↘️🔄🔃⤴️⤵️🔀 And that’s the end of the video, if you enjoyed...

    65. Georgia Melo

      Shoe ham

    66. Yelicios Life

      Kio be watching like 👁👄👁

    67. Ellieinnit

      shoe and ham :)

    68. Betshua Kerubo

      I love how Noah loves the dogs

    69. random person

      0:40 "Harry...Harold" Yes 😌


      me at the start after Thomas asks the question: MEEEEEEEEEEE ME ME ME ME I simp for waaaay too many hype house

    71. Kadence Dang

      “Why are you forgetting the H!”

    72. Naomi Butler

      I think shoe hand

    73. avoidbvb

      Shoe ham

    74. Lailana Gosman


    75. iam_monasia burrows

      4:28 she said "I really love you....your like my brother" like why play with someone heart like that😭🤦

    76. iam_monasia burrows

      Shoe ham

    77. Ayanna Batchman

      Why was the cat literally about to kill Michael

    78. Sunshine_. rblx_

      Shoe ham

    79. aminah shafal


    80. TeslerYT

      shoe ham

    81. Gabriella Collins

      While Michele sleeps you should shave his eyebrows and the hair off is he’s for fun

    82. Samantha Filmore

      Shoe ham btw I love mia bc she the sassy queen

    83. Manal Thani

      If you think you're so strong then why'd u reject the fight w/ Bryce

    84. Halle Mackay

      shoe ham

    85. Itz Maddie Here

      shoe ham

    86. Myla Moo

      Shoe ham

    87. It's Atisha

      Omg Australians speak the same but some words are not pronounced like Americans

    88. Nazifah RAZA


    89. levina

      Ryland: "Calvin is sitting there you know it's a wrong choice!!" Calvin: "You didn't graduate High School"

    90. Danielle Dunbar


    91. gg scrxffy

      he said the n word at 4:29

    92. Pénélope Steger

      Yeah bitches Thomas does the best vlogs ever

    93. Carolina Oleiro

      Shoe ham

    94. Girl Cellist

      Ayyyyy you should really have Chase in your vlogs more

    95. Samiyah Ali

      Shoe👞 hand 🖐🏼

    96. Cece Dalton

      olivia should be fine with it she dates everybody

    97. R30_ JUSTICE

      What was the name of gay guy for the lights