Ryland Tried To Kiss Patrick’s Sister!!

Thomas Petrou

2,1 M megtekintés232

    Ryland Tried To Kiss His Sister!!
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    1. Yazmin Alguino

      Wow my hype house chain broke easily

    2. lemonss_playz

      not me spotting madison beer! 2:55

    3. Rblx Kiwiz

      Me:cringing through the whole thing and then thinking patty’s sister it’s the luckiest person in the worlddd

    4. Forever Davis

      We need more videos with Markel cause honesty he took over 😂😂😂😂

    5. Maryn Paige

      Micheal: You guys either look like siblings, or a married couple.. Me: SWEET HOME ALABAMA

    6. iidxwnii

      2:55, now did she make nick Austin missing?

    7. cusins for life

      yummy beans

    8. Tatiana Stanley

      yummy beans

    9. Vanessa Carmona

      Whenever Michael gets bullied in the house I kinda feel bad for him even though if they don’t or do treat him like this outside of the video

    10. Bennny Boy68

      Turn to Jesus

    11. Rory Brown

      I fell so bad for Michael

    12. Ava Smith

      Yummy beans!

    13. Michael Whalen

      Ryry and tommy sis look like

    14. Arianna Ochoa

      Tummy Bean's 😋😂

    15. Dakota Lopez

      Yummy beans

    16. Lupita Marcial-Cruz

      YUMMY BEANS!!!!!!!!!!:)

    17. SunflowerAwesome

      yummy beans

    18. Dalaney O'Connor

      Yummy beans

    19. Kristin Koekemoer

      Gummy beans!!!!!!

    20. Kehlani

      so true

      1. Kehlani


    21. Kitty Mosher

      nodle lama

    22. TheFeindFan

      4:04 got crazy.

    23. Jalissa Crittenden

      Yummy beans

    24. Lilianna Lugo

      Yummy beans

    25. Gracie Fisher

      yummy bedns


      Yummy Beans

    27. Anwar Q8

      Ryland kiss a girl he also have a girlfriend I think better he has a girlfriend then broke up and then maybe

    28. Jasmaine Shorty


    29. mayrin Saldana

      jelly beans

    30. stride z

      Madison Beer just casually chilling

    31. Brendan Mades

      Just Michael whimpering and saying no was hilarious

    32. Ana Karen Garcia

      If you know you know lol 3:38

    33. Zach Moore

      Yummy beans

    34. Lucas Ensley

      yummy beans

    35. anonymous kindness spreader

      Yummy beans

    36. It’s me Makaila

      Yummy beans

    37. Camila Zuñiga Monterde

      gracias ahora se me rompió el corazón bye iré a llorar

    38. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Yummy beans

    39. Elenise Tuigamala


    40. Mickey Power

      I get it u are supposed to watch his vlogs drunk or hight cos this is funny of u are drunk like me

    41. Fadhi Warsame

      Yummy beans ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

    42. No Name132

      Who asks someone how much calories they eat ?

    43. rylie nicole

      "im a little strONGGG'' LMFAO

    44. Benjamin Ronlund


    45. Ashley lets Play

      Yummy beans

    46. Jess’s World

      Crabby patty

    47. Mariela Rodriguez

      bunny beans right???????? love you guys


      Yummy beans

    49. Diana Ranirez

      Jesús is coming soon!

    50. Michele Andreina

      Who else at Takis during this

    51. Isabella Gregory

      Yummy beans

    52. Blessing__Osayi_Queen

      yummy beans

    53. Desiree Evans

      Noah is my husband but he doesn’t know that he is my butch no matter what

    54. •Atsumu Miya•

      im a litthe strONG

    55. CoRe Gunn3r

      Yummy beans

    56. _Crafting_with_nina _

      Yummy beans

    57. destiny segura

      thomas in every thumbnail: 😧

    58. Zaynab Najafi

      I love markwell

    59. Alyssa P�rez Feliciano

      James literally looks like Five from Umbrella Academy

    60. Aryanna Rodriguez

      "Michael's face"😂

    61. Roblox Wonderland

      Hey y’all #yummybeans4life 😂😂😂

    62. valarie garo101

      i ordered a a chain like a month and a half ago and it still has not come

    63. marnie line


    64. Myra Hanaoka

      me looking at nick lookin at maddison 👁👄👁

    65. Ja'Kyra Otto-Wright

      What is Patrick’s sister name??

    66. Allyson Vazquez

      Yummy beans

    67. Cassidy Anahi

      Markell was a king in this video🤣!

    68. Cassidy Anahi

      2:10 best part :)

    69. Dena Reynolds

      Yummy bears I love mia

    70. Honeyxxa Roblox

      Is addison in thenhype house...

    71. Kyle Cabanilla

      Yummy brands

    72. cheyenne kaylin

      I love that markell is like the body guard of the house 😅

    73. Crystal H

      2:30 had me dead I’m talking rolling on the ground choking on my hamburger 😂😂

    74. Khanyi Mokoneng

      Patrick and his sister look identical

    75. Cheryl Bower

      Hi Thomas can I ahem free merch please cos my family is poor so I have an thing that can watch stuff not an iPad and I have no home so can I have free merch I live in milward road 33

    76. xoSelenaaMariixo

      low key harassment

    77. Hana Hadid

      yummy beans

    78. Andrea Flores

      yummy beans

    79. Caio Sousa

      I wish I could dance like nikita..

    80. iiAurorasii

      Yummy beans

    81. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Yummy beans."

    82. Henrietta Solomon

      Markell ✨carried ✨ this vidddd


      yummy beans 3:44 Your voice is STRONG too. " It doesn't work with people like that" - Markell 4:12 - 4:18

    84. Claudiacaleeeee

      markell i fucking love u

    85. Caroline Cobb

      Yummy beans

    86. Simrah Haque

      Yummy beans

    87. Skyla Henry

      I really wish the videos were longer 🙁

    88. Noelia Prado

      Tummy beans

    89. XxLacey JayxX

      I’m so sad 😞 ANGEL, IS PRETTIER THAN ME!!!!!!!! 😠😫😣😞

    90. ashley hufnagel

      Madison beer goes there

    91. Ashley Hernandez

      I can’t stop laughing when Markell hit the splits😭

    92. Martha Osuna

      Thomas laugh is adorable 🥺❤️

    93. Jessie T

      Love you guys

    94. Anadarleth Flores

      None sees Maddison beer I can clearly Maddison

    95. slow music

      yummy beans?

    96. Mayowa Ifanse

      Yummy beans

    97. Rachel Mwaura

      yummy beans

    98. Yzzy Taboada

      uhhh madison beer & nick?

    99. Cotton Candy The Twilight Wolf


    100. shalene estrada

      i feel bad for michel