Saying Goodbye

Thomas Petrou

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    Saying Goodbye
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    1. Louise Abbott


    2. Imani Figueroa

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    3. Isla Martin

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    4. Shequita Dotstry

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    5. Matheus Ferreira


    6. Jayda Marie

      Il miss ondreaz but not toney hes a pervert he was talking to under age girls when hes a grown man

    7. Anthonysh Ford

      This is a very sad moment. All the times they shared together. They will be dearly missed. Goodbye Lopez Brothers.

    8. Nayelli

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    9. Lucas Ensley

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    10. Pot Smoker

      I hope you enjoyed this nunchucks I sent to you#😏😏☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

    11. Abigail Shaw

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    12. Simply. gummies

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    13. Grandpa Yoongi

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    14. Brynne Johnson

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    15. Gabriela Siarez

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    17. Paula Orriols

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    18. Gisella Davis

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    19. cahmiyaa

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    20. Taleen Skits

      Ondreaz makes everything better i love him so much

    21. Makenzie Corley

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    22. Mia Day

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    23. Mayowa Ifanse

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    24. goda salim

      Nate's crying what the fucking thing

    25. effxayy

      man pissed in nicks mouth wash lmfaooo im dead

    26. Olivia Mack

      they got there couple mouths of fam but they barely would be in videos so I'm fine with them leaving.

    27. marmar orbiso

      The luagh hAhA

    28. Mckenzie Dreisonstok

      larray nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo perit

    29. ida beathe

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    30. Melanie *I’m not putting my real name* Heh

      Ondreaz:like Tony: comment Both: subscribe

    31. Viry Ochoa

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    32. Raylynn Moralez

      holy shit nikita buyig ysl boots 1,200

    33. Gamer Girl E

      Lemon pants -Mia A wonder tired comment

    34. Its_Raiinbow_ rosiie

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    35. Makena Crawford

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    36. Kritika Rao

      Will miss the lopez bothers... On a totally unrelated note can I move in 😂 Just kidding...

    37. Wilberlis Duran

      what age do you have to be to join

    38. Wilberlis Duran

      i would love to join the hype house

      1. Eman husam

        You have to be a TIKTOKER that's viral

    39. Sukanya Ashok

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    40. Yara Sollman


    41. Denise Austin

      then who is gonna own the house

    42. amelia dyra

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    43. Lissa Addy

      Lemon pants😂😂😂😂

    44. Zaina Kanagi

      Why is charli not present in most of the videos 😒😒 we need more charli

    45. AbbyPlayz Roblox

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    46. Nenad Milosevic

      Nooo ondreaz is moooddd

    47. Rasmie dell Rautoka

      This is the only video that he has a different face on his thumbnale (dont come at me for spelling)

    48. Chantelle Barden


    49. Timothy Knowles

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    50. Rosa Ceballos

      Is je going to de in the hepy

    51. Taylor Sanchez

      im not mad tony is leaving im actually happy but ill miss ondreaz

    52. Halide Mercan

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    53. trish tv

      The old members of the hype house really said " Bye Felicia "

    54. Hannah McMillan

      I literally cried when I found this out wtf did u have to premiere this on my fucking birthday I just found out that big daddy ondreaz is moving out

    55. ali a

      What happened to Nick ??

    56. Aesthtic vsco Sister vlogs

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    57. Briana Rodriguez

      Omg y’all he changed his face expression for the thumbnail 😂😂😭

    58. Aaliyah Wadi

      Everyone in the comments talking about how they're gonna miss ondreaz but dot five af and Tony is giving me life

    59. gracie woodward

      What was that laugh when he broke it hey WA WA WA

    60. Isabella Annis

      pleeeeeese dont leave

    61. Zoe Cain

      Nate was genuinely sad

    62. Leah Montero

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    63. Molly Fredriksson

      The hype house videos dont need laugh in the background b/c they laugh so much😅

    64. AD - 05FS 805386 Rowntree PS

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    65. Alyssa Hernandez

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    66. Melinda Popovich


    67. Saraya Tikaram

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    68. Rinat Katz


    69. fayoona alrughaib

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    70. s vargas

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    71. Jenny Jarvis

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    72. Brayden Earlewine

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    73. It’s Lily Bear

      Every person that likes this comment will achieve there dream

    74. Emma Mae

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    75. Koa P

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    76. Dodi the best

      can I win the iPhone pls I am done

    77. heather gove

      okay but did they QUIT hypehouse.. or they just MOVING OUT lmao HUUUUGE diff people....

    78. leyda Garcia

      nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu not the lopez brother

    79. Shuchi Bhadoria

      I can’t be the only one who *e s t a t i c* tony is leaving. Ondreaz on the other hand literally made the hype house what it is

    80. Tiona Friedman

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    81. zoi plavoukos

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    82. Insta and TikTok


    83. Destinie Mccrea

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    84. NytroxTV

      Pls we love them

    85. NytroxTV

      Why won’t you give them a room

    86. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Lemon Pants."

    87. Melany Muñoz

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    88. Nova_Noelle 123

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    89. Lucia Lulgjuraj

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    90. Lyndsey Bernier

      The first person who likes this it's going to be a millionaire

    91. Im bored Hehe

      Wow thats the last person to leave

    92. Caitlyn Brown-Hayes

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    93. Lexi's Vlogs

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    94. ffion jones

      Why are they saying bye

    95. Braden Matthey

      I love how Mia says to comment stuff down below but no one does it

    96. Reagan Atkinson

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    97. Gloria Valdez

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    98. Maria Jimenez

      I got my hype chain and I love it thank you so much I love y'all ❤️❤️❤️

    99. Addison Cruz

      Will the bros be posting more