Should Josh and Chase Box Next?

Thomas Petrou

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    Should Josh and Chase Box Next?
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    1. no one

      No one Angel:that was scary *after 2 seconds* I that it was gonna hurt😂😂😂 Who is watching this after the snail drama

    2. Bennny Boy68

      Turn to Jesus

    3. Imani Figueroa

      happy sauseges

    4. Audrey Dart

      Don't we love how Thomas only shows the good videos of Michal.

    5. Gabriel Mendoza

      This isn’t even boxing it’s just guys wearing gloves in a ring throwing punches😭🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    6. Rihanna Thompson

      Yes josh and chase should box for charli I think josh will win

    7. Valeria Hernandez

      Anybody wanna help a small youtuber out?

    8. Samantha Watters

      Larray: we’re the gay wiggles 😂

    9. Bubblez

      Lexi should be in the hype house tbh

    10. ramona swaney

      happy saugegessssssssssssssssss

    11. Mahogany Morgan


    12. Bethany map Stevenson

      YES Josh and chase should box

    13. Alexa claire

      they've done it twice now where michael boxes someone and beats the crap out of them to the fact where they're bleeding when michael comes out scratchless and then call it a draw 💀💀💀

    14. LauraNaomiEfrainX2 Barrios

      Josh and chase should box

    15. 『Våñîllã Ättåçk』

      hAppy sausages !

    16. Gisella Davis

      happy sasauges

    17. Reset 101

      Bunnings snags (tell him that)


      Happy Sausages

    19. Paxton B.

      Mia is me with animals

    20. Kruz_ Vague

      happy sausages

    21. Paige Mann

      I sorta wanna see bryce box someone lol

    22. Don Walley

      Happy sausages

    23. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      Happy sausages

    24. Tutorials With me

      I’m i the only that want to see josh and chase fight 😳


      WAIT GUYS PLS READ: Thomas' phone, lockscreen thing, has some goals as well as a pic of Mia and him, they hype house and Loverboy. His goals: 2.5mil subs, and 5 mil views. CMON GUYS! 3:12

    26. Nancy Tillson

      I think Thomas Vs the sawy house

    27. Nora Hopkins

      Noah in the background of the boxing match is like wtf is going on

    28. karen flynn

      Larray and Mia are moods 😂

    29. Alia

      Mia is a moooooood so is kouver but yk


      happy sausages

    31. Let's get to 400 subscribers before December 29

      Notice that Josh is wearing James’s Merch

    32. Let's get to 400 subscribers before December 29

      The title says Josh and Chase while in the thumbnail it is Josh and Micheal

    33. Itz Maddie Here

      happy sausages

    34. ayeza iqbal

      Happy sausages

    35. 101_ Daniel

      We all know mike won

    36. Mariyam Sura Zakariyya

      Happy Sausages 🤣

    37. Τάσος Γεωργίου

      Hi thomas

    38. Ryleigh Kirkland

      is no one going to talk about how cute nick is

      1. Ryleigh Kirkland


    39. Salma Al Sabah

      I think josh and Thomas should box next

    40. Germicha Devis

      Thomas: josh and chase next Josh:Alright let’s do it

    41. Alyssa Tatge

      Who was fighting Micheal?

    42. savanna_

      happy sausages.

    43. Lavareyia Franklin

      we all not finna act like we did not see that bird shit fly pass thomas face

    44. iimxocha


    45. Rihanna Cobaxin

      Happy sasegous

    46. xtinabeats

      wouldn't gay wiggles be giggles or gaggles not twiggles ?

    47. Emily Outwater

      I've watched this twice in two minuets

    48. Kaylay Yong

      Anyone else miss jase

    49. Juni Hay

      Anybody else think micheal is hot??

    50. Hayleigh Shearer

      I mean he is the real reason for still softish

    51. Bob The builder

      It’s two am on the freakin’ morning and I’m getting hyped up about a match where I can’t tell who is who

    52. sarah erlichman

      is it just me but when harry is in the vlog it is automatically 1000 times better

    53. Bit Life

      U only showed clips of micheal fighting

    54. Kaylee Picken

      Anyone going to talk about how jake Paul was there

    55. Rosie Hopkins


    56. Emiley Barefoot

      Josh and chase next please

    57. I love black pink Holla

      Well he just exposed himself now we know all he does is go on Twitter and beef

    58. Gaming with Juan Lopez

      They should box next

    59. Kawaii Kats YT

      I love that josh is wearing sisters apparel merch

    60. JIHYON HAN

      literally every. single. video. the comments are like: "cAn We JuSt TaLk AbOuT hOw ThOmAs'S tHuMbNaiL, tHoMaS's ExPrEsSiOn LoOkS tHe SaMe"

      1. Kawaii Kats YT

        JIHYON HAN little late for late sweety

    61. Lexie Landin


    62. Vanya Shroff

      You should have had Chase in the thumbnail

    63. lyla amy

      *Harry hits* Is that okay??

    64. Aesthtic vsco Sister vlogs

      happy sausages

    65. Aesthtic vsco Sister vlogs


    66. Lusiahntay Ahotolu

      #ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪𝕊𝕒𝕦𝕤𝕒𝕘𝕖𝕤 😎😎

    67. Kylie Tsang

      happy sausages

    68. Marielle Maalouf

      I didn't know brent was friend with thomas😑

    69. Karmen Kapov

      Yessssssssssssy pslsllslslsl lollllll

    70. Isabella Childs

      Happy sausages

    71. يوسف عوض

      Happy sosgies

    72. Hannah Maisner

      happy sausages :D

    73. April Campos

      Were in a pandemic

    74. Anais Bhullar

      Happy sausages

    75. Amy Lola


    76. Niamh Carr

      Happy sausages

    77. Nany Pedraza

      yes yes

    78. Garline Petion

      Happy sausages

    79. Aaliyah LeSure

      Happy sausages

    80. Kamela himes

      Happy sausages

    81. Tilly Rose

      I literally think I’m addicted to watch Thomas’s vlogs I’ve nearly watched all of them

    82. Alissa Pili


    83. 100k subscribers without any videos challenge !

      0:01 omg I literally thought Mia had a filter on

    84. Amiayah Lambert

      Happy sausages

    85. Christineme lopez

      Happy souceges

    86. Sarina Paramo

      I dont think chase likes fighting and i stole my moms phone so yeah

    87. pulZe LaVaTuS

      This is ass

    88. pulZe LaVaTuS


    89. Ana Cicak

      Am I the only one that noticed that Josh Josh Richards is wearing sisters hoodie like right when Thomas says next is Chase & Josh

    90. Arianna Lep


    91. Lauren Goby

      I love the vlogs

    92. livin' with alayna

      happy sausages

    93. bby grl

      caleb didnt say michael needed to stop talking on the internet, he said he needed to stop shit talking online. theres a defference.

    94. Lexi Morfe

      Can we just pint out how in the sway boys videos the showed the whole fight while Thomas over her is only showing the couple contact hits that Micheal even had

    95. Söphiä

      Happy sugausags

    96. b r i e s v l o g s


    97. Carissa McDaniel

      OMG I JUST REALIZED THAT AND I was just about to comment it

    98. Peyton ashleigh

      Happy sausages

    99. Joe Belansky

      Josh and Chase should totally box. Just imagine the amount of views that would get. But for real, lets finally settle t he beef between these two once and for all.

    100. Lilliana Cruz

      Yes (chase and josh should box)