Surprising Alex & Kouvr With The Bahamas!

Thomas Petrou

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    Surprising Alex & Kouvr With The Bahamas!
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    1. Airrin Ketrow

      ok but imagine the car they drifted but make it 10 to 15 cars on a dirt track... thats what my childhood was like from April to October every year😂🏁

    2. Ella Tomarchio

      jake is definitly my fav member

    3. Sasha hussain

      Fluffy tomatoes

    4. Emilia Hoggett Crisp

      When they where trying it climb the tree the way the water came out of mias mouth 😂😂😂

    5. Ian Callies

      gamers. all rise, to the gamer national anthem

    6. Ava Costello

      Fluffy tomato

    7. gracie lee

      fluffy tomato

    8. Abby Berrios

      Why are they so mean to jake like am I the only one who see’s that

    9. Rhydr Silva

      can i please come to LA and meet u guys please?

    10. Honey Roblox

      fluffy tomatos

    11. Taselyn McCauley

      Did you see the smoke or whatever coming from kouvr just kouvr. Is it just me or what

    12. Maria Loeza

      Is chase/lilhuddy not in the hyp house

    13. Random Stufff

      “We have a new hobby; How quick can we throw around a Rick” Thomas, if you see this, can you pls quote this and forcably but it on patty’s door?

    14. Teena Villagomez

      Fluffy tomatoes

    15. Uros Stanimirovic

      Dude whay didnt you buy a gtr

    16. Nani Mezgebe

      Fluffy tomatos

    17. eva twomey

      fluffy tomatoessss

    18. Samantha Wood

      Fluffy tomatoes

    19. laura frem


    20. Keira O'Hara

      Fluffy tomatoes

    21. -brw -

      5:49 cow

    22. Emma Hicks

      fluffy tomatoes

    23. amaarah t

      I love how they shaded charli thanks for the invitation lmao

    24. Alina Pena

      hi I love your videos so mech :)

    25. Alannah Hynes-Kelly

      Idk how to explain it but Jake and Chase give off the exact same vibe but differently??

    26. KFC Clipz

      Kouvr smokes💀💀💀

    27. Aries07


    28. Lucy Cronin

      Fluffy tamatosss

    29. Gabrielle Hamrick

      Fluffy tamatos

    30. Aby Munsey

      5:02 is it just me or does it look like kouvr hit a vape?🤭

    31. Derek O Driscoll


    32. Kaylie Bosserman

      Fluffy tomato’s

    33. Savannah Trigueros

      michael = underatted

    34. sad nugget

      Looks at thumbnail* Hmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmm HHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM

    35. Addison Woolard

      fluffy tomatoes

    36. Kaylee Baker

      fluffy tomatoes

    37. addisa dilworth

      i really want them to get engaged

    38. Julie Nguyen

      Everyone: sees title without watching the vid Also everyone: “CANCELED” f

    39. Nick Stanfield

      I ship kolex

    40. tiktok nation

      Fluffy tomatoes also my dream is to one day get famous and start my own house just like you guys!❤

    41. Laila

      ugh, i love michael

    42. Its yo gurl Ale

      Me:kovur is really normal Kovur:runs like naruto all over the rain💀😭

    43. Nina JJ

      Fluffy tomato

    44. Maddison and Willy Wonka Vlogs

      Whoever was driving crazy can't drive 😐

    45. Asande Mdluli

      The drifting part is what we wake up to in the morning in SOUTH AFRICA

    46. Tyteanna Bunch

      Did anyone else see the mickey in the back round at the end of the video lmao

    47. layan mahr

      Fluffy tomatoes😂🤣😅

    48. Michaella Peira-Lozoya

      Fluffy tomato’s

    49. Muna Mohamed

      am i the only one that didn't know kouvr vaped 5:01

    50. Mouse Dardy

      5:02 it kinda looks like kouvr is smoking 😂

    51. DancerGymnast202 Backhandspring202

      Fluffy tomatos

    52. Michelle Olivar

      Fluffy tomato’s

    53. jennifer jimenez

      fluffy tomatoes

    54. Potato Girl

      But like why in the pandemic but still loves your videos

    55. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Fluffy tomatoes."

    56. Kaydance Barrette

      Fluffy Potatos

    57. Alva Bøe

      fluffy tomatos!

    58. Kalani Khim

      ✨Fluffy tomatoes✨

    59. Paola Media

      You and Mia should start a couple’s channel

    60. Lauren fan larray fan


    61. Lauren fan larray fan

      if i could i would love to join the hype house, theres no WAY i wouldnt get along with h guys but im a little too young but when i grow up ima come over and TRY ( its the key word ) to join yall, im a crackhead, stay up all night. basically alexs and kouvrs daughter that isnt from them

    62. Courtney Thomson

      fluffy tomatoes

    63. Keziah Martinez

      Fluffy tomatoes The only one🥺😄

    64. Bloomers Riz

      Fluffy tomatoes 💀😂

    65. Sincere Santiago

      Fluffy tomato’s 😂😂

    66. Fatima Al-Harthy

      why does calvin lowkey look like niall horan in this vid

    67. Shayla B

      my only question is that why were they out there so long driving a car......

    68. Carolyn Villatoro


    69. Andrew Douthat

      fluffy tomatoes

    70. Matthew Richards


    71. zahra yusuf

      Fluffy tomatoes

    72. Jessica Denis


    73. Isla Jack

      I love how in America every time it rains it is amazing but I am from Scotland and we get rain everyday

    74. Oli's Gacha

      fluffy tomatoes

    75. Breanna Miller

      fluffy tomatos

    76. Samiyah Ali

      Fluffy tomatoes🍅

    77. Dahlia Moxey

      Who all lives in the Bahamas 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

    78. Summayah Mesto

      I saw Kovur vaping

    79. Maruf Kassim

      who cahhut kouver vaping 5:03

    80. LPueChinery

      "fluffy tomatoes!"

    81. Amanda Carter

      Ayo fluffy tomatoes 😂

    82. Chloe Mitchell

      Is it just me or did the hype house die when everybody left it’s not as fun like how it used to be

    83. lesly alonzo

      Can wait to see a TikTok saying we have COVID

    84. Bob Jim

      Right at 5:02 is the time stamp When covra is vaping

    85. Bob Jim

      Time stamp is 5:00 covra is vaping

    86. XxBonBonxX_ Avani

      Is it just me I just went to the comments to see pleople blowing up🙄😭😂

    87. Lily Dalebozik

      Is it just me or did smoke come out of kovours mouth when they were outside in the rain.

    88. Kitty Unicorn

      Jake is such a mood honestly

    89. Elise

      The fact that Michael was using a ring light to get electrocuted says enough

    90. Bri Shetsky

      Fluffy tomatoes

    91. ella the slytherin

      I like how your going there in the middle of pandemic😃

      1. Larri's girly's

        Its fake

    92. Emma Olive

      I can’t be the only one that saw smoke coming out of kouvrs mouth at 5:03

      1. Cindy Cristal

        That happen when its cold and you breath in your mouth

      2. Cinthya R

        It’s just like fog. When you breath with you mouth in the cold it’ sometimes happens

      3. Sandra Martinez

        Yes I see it too

    93. Georgia Louise

      fluffy tomatoes (aka moldy tomatoes)

    94. Irena Gutierrez

      have Vinnie in your vlogs

    95. lilly_pickles_meh_ kepler

      the only thing they bought the car for was to burn the wheels lol and do donuts

    96. Veronica Ulysse

      🍅Fluffy tomatos🍅

    97. Piper Sirr-Davis

      Fluffy tomatoes

    98. Caroline Garner

      ummmm... am i the only one that saw smoke come out of kuvor's mouth at 5:00?

    99. Mini Lilpapivion

      Fluffy tomato

    100. ii.svnnydxys

      You’d talking : crhucrhrucjdiejj mia : ShUT Upppp