Surprising Mia With Dream Dog!!

Thomas Petrou

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    Surprising Mia With Dream Dog!!
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    1. Nevaeh Kimbrell

      lil lio

    2. Lulu sakura

      little leo

    3. Scott Adamson

      Little Leo is so cute

    4. Lassawna Kenlock

      Why is Thomas so nice and funny

    5. Ava Reece

      Little Leo

    6. Brooklynn Scott

      i hope u rescued the dog

    7. Lakota Cricchio

      mia started crying🥺

    8. Natasha Alvarado

      Little leo

    9. Catherine Shamel

      have i watched this video at least 100 times? yes. does it ever get old? no.

    10. Elsa Andom

      Thomas Did you know Michael doesn't have iQ

    11. Jackson Donlan

      Just chilling in a Lamborghini lol

    12. Jennifer Wachaya

      little leo

    13. Megan Hartin

      He is

    14. Daisy Wilson

      Little Leo

    15. Camilla Phillips


    16. Jaylee Clark Sanford

      Little leo

    17. Jordan Owens

      Lil Leo

    18. Willma Bergman


    19. Brooke Berkoben

      See Thomas, Calvin loves ice water being poured on his head😂😂

    20. Jayden Simonson

      little leo

    21. sad nugget

      Little leo

    22. Jo Rundell

      Little Leo is sooooooo cute and I would cry if you where to see this!!

    23. Gabrielle Hamrick

      4:29 i like how lil huddy keeps dancing 3:54 i like how Thomas says Lil Leo meet Lil Huddy

    24. Lps infinityside

      angel: AHHHHHHHH

    25. Daniel Biss

      Little leo

    26. Ipjfhbifjprej TrgtioL

      Mia’s cry is so cute😭🤚

    27. Tamikah Prince


    28. kayla school

      I love yall

    29. Ammaarah Londt

      Can u tell Micheal he should post on youtube

    30. ashleigh Pelkey

      little leo

    31. #anna's Ooops

      can i make a point that when ever pick a video to watch u always look confused it that just me! and why do u always good Moring when its like night time but the puppy's soooo cute

    32. Sophia Moreno

      litttle leo

    33. Ravi Singh

      lil Leo and he his sooooo cute

    34. Hanna and jenna Diaz

      little leo is so cuteeeeeeee

    35. Kimberly Hupp

      Little leo

    36. Rayaan Adam

      Little Leo is so cute

    37. Leah Macdonald

      Omg Ahhhhhhhhh Chase said Leah which is my name!!!!!!!!!

    38. jossy j

      ok how long did it take you and michiel to do that intro😭🖐️ 5:05 whisper challenge

    39. kleo_croteau22

      little leo why dont we see him in anymore vlogs

    40. Sprinklezz

      I always called the game “The Whisper Challenge”

    41. Tanyia Green

      Little Leo

    42. Savannah Normand

      Little leo

    43. Lori Nie

      we are subscribe

    44. Izabella Kerr

      Lil Leo ♌💕

    45. Addyson Morrison

      i love that the puppy was so happy to see mia he knows she is so sweet and you two will be good parents

    46. Figet stuff

      Thomas-lil leo meet lil huddy chase-hi lil leo mia-hahaha

    47. Layla Fowler

      LITTEL LOE ^^^^^


      Z my name is Mia also

    49. Lolli Ashleigh

      0:58 i get its a prank but it's stuff like this that makes me so glad that I'm not famous enough to live in a content house lol i would be moving out the next day

    50. Jade Largo

      lil leo

    51. AZ 360

      lil leo

    52. Alexa Gomez

      lil leow

    53. Larri ily


    54. Areli Galvan

      I want to be with the hype house

    55. Lilly-may Langley

      little loe

    56. Eva Guerrero

      little leo

    57. bhuvi s

      ohh myy gawdd leo iss soo freakingg adorablee

    58. Parker Pen

      little leo

    59. addi malone


    60. Kendall Stroup

      micheal: 7:54 i replayed that so much

    61. Kendall Stroup

      little leo

    62. It’s Rosaleigh

      Omg I started crying when mis was crying

    63. Fatma Binfahad

      so cute i wish i had one

    64. rythaguy12399

      Awwwww the dog is so cute

    65. Animal mystery

      I got a puppy too

    66. Eva C.

      Lil leo

    67. Susan Lira

      Little Leo

    68. Kennedy Wiedman

      It is called the whisper challenge

    69. Raquel Knight

      When you realize how stupid Michale actually is!

    70. Ashley55P

      A note to little Leo your uncle is little huddy

    71. Big bird

      Little Leo

    72. Emilia Plays

      Lil’ Leo

    73. Teagan Dumain

      Why is Mia like seriously my mood every second of everyday

    74. macy lambert

      “lil leo, meet lil huddy” 😭😭😭

    75. Juliet

      Little leo

    76. Crazy Popcorn

      I’m gonna say one thing about the puppy those dogs have a Lott energy and are you going to be ginormous so I hope you have a Lotta space for the run free

      1. Clifton Richards


    77. Aubrey Graceful

      btw the game is the whisper challenge

    78. Kinslee Burmeister

      Little leo

    79. Amahlee Brown

      little leo

    80. Yathzel Lopez leyva

      " Little Leo meet Little huddy" They are the new besties

    81. Carrie Clark

      Little leo

    82. Whitney

      Little leo

    83. Desteni Aguilar

      Is Mia from vampire diaries?

    84. Glen Friedman

      Little Leo

    85. ashley munoz

      Funny thing is my dogs name is leo

    86. Alexia Cortez

      little leo

    87. Cerys Sladed

      Puppy is a couple months or weeks old and met more famous people than me 🥲 and keep it in mind I’m 11

    88. Makinzie MG SQUAD

      little Leo Btw I love the entire hype house when I watch you guys I laugh so much! It just makes my day! When I’m sad I’ll watch y’all and I will be so happy after 1 vid❤️❤️❤️ I love you guys so much✨❤️✨❤️🥺🥺🥺

    89. シDoggy crossingシ

      That is a really cute dog but, ᴅɪᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴇᴛ ᴘᴇᴛ ɪɴsᴜʀᴇɴᴄᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ʜᴀᴘᴘᴇɴᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄᴀᴛs

    90. Jaelyn Zuniga

      Whisper challenge little leo

    91. Marlene's Corner

      You and Mia make such a cute couple I would cry if you guys broke up

    92. Poor Kid Vlogs

      It’s called the whisper challenge 😂😂

    93. Rachel Johnson

      Little Leo or lil leo

    94. guille nava

      Little leo he soo CUTE

    95. Colette Corrigan

      i love how chase is just dancing while nikita is trash talking him, like BRUH

    96. Fernanda deltoro

      Ahhhhhhhh it's so cute I love little leo

    97. Kyleigh McGowan

      5:16 the cutest thing i have ever seen EVER.lmao

    98. Mayra Patlan

      I I have the exact headphones they gave it to me for Christmas I love your videos hope you all stay safe I'm going to rough time but I'm good stay safe big fan bye

    99. Maliyah Cowan

      Lil leo