Surprising My Little Sister With Charli!

Thomas Petrou

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    Surprising My Little Sister With Charli!
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    1. Bennny Boy68

      Turn to Jesus

    2. Macy Reitz

      No one Kouvr licks ring cam

    3. Macy Reitz

      Pink teddy bear 🐻

    4. Amber Couvillon

      No one: Not even a soul: Kover: licks camera 📷

    5. Diego Ramirez Rodriguez

      “Can you cook?” Your dad is a prick

    6. Imani Figueroa

      pink teddy bare

    7. no one

      Pink teddy bear No one said it i think Also im pretty late but i wanted to comment now

    8. RobbieTGM TheGoldenMinecart

      1:32-1:42 I kept backing up from my phone when she was licking the camera 😂

    9. Aiden R

      summon summon summon

    10. Premendra Verma

      tony's camera recording was kinda cute ngl

    11. Genevieve Swift Eagle

      Tony looks like the guy from the rat who cooks with the guy

    12. Leah Ashley

      pink teddybear

    13. dunno bitch

      “that was my tumb” so cute 🥺

    14. federica Fallucca


    15. Jasmaine Shorty


    16. Vanessa Zuniga

      pink dummy thick teddy bear

    17. samantha johnson

      😂😂 Bryce's phone call with thomas

    18. Gaelle Chidiac


    19. Shardey Martin

      I am joining the hype House I am about to move in LA

    20. Lucas Ensley

      pink teddy bear

    21. Alena Brentise

      I had to do that in softball but from a pitching machine and I had to stand just like he is because I didn’t have a face mask 🤓

    22. saliya wilson

      pink teddy bear

    23. Daddy and son fun Toys

      We just saw Chase at he room Close the door why bro

    24. Munir Hussain

      Pink teddy bear

    25. Aleksandra Kot

      Omg i wish i was Thomases sis

    26. Maddie Morrissey

      pink teddy beers

    27. Joana Rosales

      Pink teddy bear 🧸 lol 😂 I respect you Mia 🥰😭😂💀

    28. Okya Band

      1:51 Fav moment

    29. Aleksandra Petrova

      I don't understand how they don't get lost in that HUGEEEE THING OF A MASIOOON

    30. Chazie Deavours

      Since Calvin wears his hair half up and half down you should die the bottom half pink and call him Charlie😂😂

    31. Avery Maar

      pink teddy bears

    32. Miley chacha

      for Mia pink Teddy bears : -D

    33. Alexandra Natelli


    34. PB Mule

      Ahhhh i wish i met charli 😥

    35. rgalat1975

      pink teddy bear

    36. nadai wade

      Pink teddy bear

    37. Fizza Azmi

      Pink teddy bear

    38. sloane cannarsa

      His sister is so pretty wtf

    39. ramona swaney

      pink teddybear

    40. Kealia Kubojiri-Lee

      Pink teddy bear

    41. Nahomi Anteneh

      nick: gets a teddy bear tattoo me: ThErE Is A ReAsOn WhY PeOpLe CaLl NicK TeDdY BeAr

    42. Emma Megan Jenkins

      thomas's face everytime the ball hits his hand =😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    43. Madelyn MIller

      LOL kovur

    44. Marissa Sam

      Back in your dungeon *weird scary noises* I'm deadddddd

    45. ranno Ranno

      Omg he shows his butt👈

    46. DustBunnyHunter

      Your so nice to your sister :)

    47. Victoria Ruiz

      Pink teddy bear

    48. Roblox Time

      "hEy i wAnTeD tO fILm a VidEO wItH tHe liTiNg"

    49. Afra Zakir

      Pink teddy bear 🧸

    50. Ayush hrishikesha

      Pink teddy bear

    51. Alertte Alexis

      This is the first time he says good morning and for me it is actually morning 😂😅🤣😄🤟🏻

    52. ParmisTheFantastic

      bruh this was premiered on my birthday

    53. weeah boba

      Nobody: Not a single soul: Thomas: DOING THE SAME FACE FOR EVERY VIDEOS THUMBNAIL

      1. Sedona Allen-Brodeur


    54. DeLightedRi

      2:49 is so adorable 🥺🥺🥺

    55. kira talty

      2:25 literally look at the purple ceiling and it looks like a raccoon sticking out of the wall hahhahhahaha

    56. cori oneill

      punk teddy bear

    57. isabella edwards

      Thomas face whilst catching the ball

    58. Abdul Kabeer

      imagine the ball hits the tv

    59. Mackenzie Paterson

      Can you please say hi abby

    60. Emma Medina

      Charli looks like Tomas little sister though

    61. Mayowa Ifanse

      Pink teddy bear

    62. jendeukcore

      My fav (no one cares but me) part was chase saying RAHHH and lookin like A VAMPFIRE and charlu closing the door. for me it was just i needed

    63. Gaming with Yara


    64. Rachel Mwaura

      pink tedbear

    65. Rossy Brich


    66. Nevaeh Caudle

      Pink teddybear

    67. melissa Nairn

      Pink teddy bear

    68. Nutella Kouvr

      Dixies head though on the ring😂

    69. Olivia Hunsicker

      Pink teddy bear c:

    70. virgínia

      pink teddy bear

    71. Edwin, Giada and Samuel James

      Not true but probably true I’m the biggest fan of charli

    72. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      Pink teddy bear

    73. Kayla donuts

      so cute

    74. MistyMaisie

      people just waving at the camera on the door: 😀🖐 kovur: 👁👅👁

    75. Cris Ren

      No one: Thomas:back in Your dungeon! Chase:Rwar

    76. Noga Gavrieli

      Pink teddy bear 🧸

    77. Zooey Kyrie Vizmanos

      I tHoUgHt I wAs In A aPaRtMeNt

      1. Zooey Kyrie Vizmanos


    78. Gosha

      You sister went to standley middle with me

    79. CM P

      Pink teddy bear

    80. Marlie Sprouse

      The hype house are my favorite people to watch

    81. Lucia Heideman

      Ryland: that was my thumb I was like 🥺

    82. dini anggraeni


    83. Michael polizzi

      post longer videosss

    84. Jessica Evans

      if you ever meet charlie all you say is hay hay cha cha ever gone cray cray hahahaha

    85. Jessica Evans

      that is so cute

      1. Jessica Evans


    86. Katelyn Wyatt

      pink teddy

    87. Estefasni Sanchez


    88. Paulina Farina

      pink teddybear lol

    89. Raulvega9 93

      Is it me or dose dixi look like dore from finding Nemo

    90. Cordeasa Jefferson


    91. Kayleigh Patterson

      OMG WHEN MIA SAID "i want my back to be rubbed" i thought she said "i want my back to be broke" like yk in that way🤣🤣🤣

    92. Molly McGurn

      Can we just talk about how cute Thomas and Mia are together

    93. Mareta Leofo

      omg lil mosey

    94. Valentina Carvajal

      2:50 🥺

    95. Kennady Vlogz

      Pink teddy bear

    96. Jiana Kensi

      Well Chase I'm sorry to say This are you a bath abbat because your Room is so dark

    97. Itz Maddie Here

      pink teddybear

    98. Josephine P

      Me to:)

    99. Cinthia artiga

      i love the hype house

    100. Sadie x x x

      Imagine being able to say to someone ‘Thomas Petrou is my brother’ like that’s crazy😂😭