Surprising Nick With His Tik Tok Crush!

Thomas Petrou

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    Surprising Nick With His Tik Tok Crush!
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    1. Thomas Petrou

      I’m blacking out social media tomorrow but my vlog is still going up. I just want to put out content even if it makes you all laugh for 5 minutes of your day.

      1. lol ok


      2. Llamas are cute

        Hi tomas

      3. edits of whatever

        HI THOMAS

      4. Paola Cazares

        I have been wanting to meet you guys and ik that will never happen. I will do anything to meet u guys even if it takes waiting till corona ends i will do anything just to meet you guys i am a big fan and im sorry i aint trying to act creepy but all of you guys are my idols and not that many people get to be my idol but you guys just have verything a idol needs. *everything* but anyways im hoping one day i could meet u guys🥺🥺🥺. Im gonna start crying now

      5. Hönėy Tėa

        @Charli Damelio you arent the real one (if you're trying to be)

    2. Danielle Garcia

      I love darianka.

    3. Imani Figueroa

      nicks new girl friend

    4. Isabella Persad

      Do not trust darianka

    5. cutexhamsters

      Nicks new girl lol lmao

    6. Kelin Ceballos


    7. ASMR Babes


    8. Jaiden Walsh

      nicks new girls

    9. Xxlollypop 247

      Nicks new girl wish she was his girlfriend

    10. Amadita Sicre


    11. Heloisa Andrade Jaques

      who's here after the fight

    12. rae

      Nicks new girl

    13. Kiera Thomas

      thank god hype house kicked drainka out

    14. Νικόλαος Λιναρδάκης

      nik's new girlfriend

    15. Adryanna Valencia

      Nicks new girl

    16. Sonia Guerra

      4:53 Darianka went in for a kiss but Nick dodged it

    17. Cenya Cadette

      nicks new girl

    18. Purple Minions


    19. Lucas Ensley

      nicks new girl

    20. Kitten_ Thatgamer


    21. saliya wilson

      nick's new girl

    22. Anaja urbas

      Nick's new girl

    23. Cherry Gaming

      am I the only one who likes her

    24. Julie’s Vlogs!

      Mia is a total mood, love her! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! yOU GUYS ARE SOOOO FUNNY

    25. lyriq glenn

      nicks new girl! huh?

    26. Madeleine Odendaal

      You I’m actually bro I’m so mad what nicks new girl did

    27. Ryan Wallace

      Nix’s new girl

    28. Madeleine Odendaal

      Hehehe nicks new girl teheheheheheehehehehe

    29. Америка бой

      у него райли

    30. Alyssa Larade

      nicks new girl lol

    31. Rblx Kiwiz

      Nicks new girl 😂😂😂

    32. Crystal Gamboa


    33. Crystal Gamboa

      can you come to my b day

    34. R W

      Nicks new girl

    35. Holle Tucker

      I love your videos you so they try to workout and they fail.epic fail

    36. Pani Kurei

      Nick's new girl

    37. 1 person25

      I watched this and was 😠

    38. Valerie

      For those of you who do not know what Darianka did, she basically hacked Mackenzie Ziegler Icloudand IG, hacked Kendall Vertes IG and wrote the n-word, she also talked behind chase's back, and liked comments that made fun of Charli D'amelio, she also stole stuff from the hype house, she stole 30,000 dollars from Abby Lee Miller got arrested slept with the cop And only joined the hype house for fame pls spread

    39. Sarah Scott

      Nicks new girl

    40. Kierra Jones

      nicks new girl

    41. Ariella Jennings

      nike;s new girl ps nime has a girlfriend wow

    42. Lillian Wilkinson


    43. Brianny Lozada

      What was the girls username

    44. Hi Hi

      Nicks new girl

    45. Summers life

      I'M NICKS

    46. Zyn Gibson


    47. Alli YT

      nicks new girl JDKXBXIK

    48. Llamas are cute

      😂😂 I'm so happy for Nick ❤️

    49. Nina Pineda

      Really !!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    50. Summer Leitl

      Nick’s new girl

    51. kira playz roblox

      Did anyone else’s audio cut out?

    52. LDK Limited


    53. SKILZ

      Ok haha

    54. Devika Maharaj

      nicks new girl

    55. Nevaeh Caudle

      Nicks new girl

    56. Mia Rodriguez

      omg love you guys!

    57. Lisa Poirier

      nobody: not a single soul: Mia: This is your local car shop,they're for sale for 5 $

    58. PJ Pringle

      All in favor of shaming darianka for being problematic like this comment

    59. Aaminah Chhadat

      Nicks new girl

    60. Noga Gavrieli

      Nicks new girl

    61. Danielle Garcia

      I truly love darianka the past is in the past shes an amzing girl

    62. Braylon Losey

      ill take a tesla

    63. Raymond Sambo

      3:28 I saw the news as well lol!!!

    64. Pink stuff Grace


    65. Jade Young

      You need longer videos

    66. Roblox Player

      I call dibs on Ryland and Nick.

    67. Neth Raj

      nick's new girl

    68. grace McKay

      Why does the audio cut out at 2:28 or is that just for me lol

    69. Lily Martin

      About those cars....

    70. kitty cat

      nicks new girl

    71. roblox abigail


    72. Leah Morton

      Nicks new girl

    73. Bailey Berry

      Did anyone else’s audio go out with nick in the gym?....

    74. René Joseph

      Darianka is a wolf in a sheep’s skin

    75. ed schwenk

      nicks new girl

    76. M4RY4M CLAPZ

      Nicks new girl

    77. sximplycloudxz

      nicks new girl

    78. Marta Hoffman

      Nick's new girl.💜❤

    79. Emery Jennings

      nick new girl

    80. badvibeZ Zz

      Nick's new girl!!!!If he is not a cheater 😁 and if bon of his friends dont back stab him and hook of with her🤪

    81. Toxic Diamonds

      nicks new girl

    82. Yanine Ruvalcaba

      Can i join hype house:3

    83. STWkid 814

      Nicks new girl

    84. Min Vanessa

      NĚKDO Z ČESKÁ ?🥺

    85. Marjory Semevi

      You guys havé no proof she actually hacked the account so leave the girl on peace shit 🤨

    86. R Z

      Whattt!!! Nick has a crush on Darianka 🐍?! 🤮

    87. Ashley A

      Nick i really like you but you have the WORST taste in girls

    88. Ramadhan Owen

      I liked when nick was surprised when she kissed him


      when the sound cut out i thought it was my phone and them i realised in a dumb ass

    90. HoneyAngel Playz

      I- she stole from y'all, hated Charli, and hacked people yikes

    91. Kaysea Mcdermott

      Nick's new girl

    92. Teiah Fu

      I love char and chase for kicking them out!!! MUAHAHAH

    93. Kennady Vlogz

      Nicks new girl


      niks new girl

    95. Kylene Murphy

      Nicks new girl

    96. Bismah Bashir

      they would be such a cute couple xxxxxxxx hehe

    97. arianna chappell

      nicks new girl

    98. It’s Just oil her

      Nicks new girl

    99. Jaxon Meranto

      I love y’all 💜💛💚

    100. Emma Bud