Surprising The Hype House With 6ix9ine!!

Thomas Petrou

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    Surprising The Hype House With 6ix9ine!!
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    1. Rüya Değer

      kouvr's face is everyones mood when skittle comes in . Thats why we stan kouvr , vlogs are great but without " the colored thing "

    2. AH

      ok out of everybdoy why a rapist?

    3. viktoria cakiqi

      yass 6ix9ine is a legend

    4. KIM TAE김태형

      You suprised them with a rapist

    5. goldengirl

      Surprising Nate with drake would be amazing

    6. Maliya Rodriguez

      2:56-3:02🤣🤣🤣I was lmfao

    7. Raya HGhanayem


    8. hippo master

      1:03 cringe man.

    9. Makaela Tietel

      6ix9in sounds like my crush

    10. Almasi Alfea

      did 69 beet calvin in pinpong?

    11. Princess Laya

      I think they are high 💨🍃 most of the time

    12. Albus Dumbledore

      what the absolute fuck...

    13. video Kurdi

      your eyebrow are so cool😊

    14. Emily Hakes

      6ix9ine is my second idol

    15. Mia Felix-Bear

      I sub to all of you and I love chase❤️❤️❤️

    16. Evan Yang

      megan thee stallion plzzz plzz and tysm

    17. Rosa Burciaga


    18. Rosa Burciaga

      rainbow boy

    19. Zara Aquino

      u should suprise them wit megan

    20. Zara Aquino

      i wanna join the hype house

    21. Dakota Lopez

      Rainbow boy

    22. Elizabeth Wilkoff

      With me :)

    23. Kristin Koekemoer

      Rainbow boy!!!!!!!

    24. Nayde simon Simon

      Chase be like you have a problem with me eating my cookie MIA

    25. Paityn Ansell

      you should surprise the hype house with Why Don't We

    26. Rhidwan Abdi

      You invited a snitch Thomas

    27. Isaura Arias

      I love when Thomas sais "Goodmorning everyone, welcome back to the vlog" when sometimes it's nightime.

    28. joao Baimless


    29. joao Baimless


    30. Emmy Stevens

      rainbow boy?

    31. aditya venkatraman

      I can only hear him giggling the whole time ,tf you doin man!

    32. Lily Engbrecht

      can you surprising with arian

    33. Carol Menjivar

      u should do cadi b

    34. Joseph Thompson

      Thomas expecting 6ix9ne to know about the hype house, dumbass

    35. Joseph Thompson

      Bet him and Tony got along great

    36. Joseph Thompson

      The things that would happen to me if I walked in my house with lil Hemroids earrings

    37. Joseph Thompson

      Tayler is a tool

    38. James Westfall


    39. gamernet234 j

      He’s a snitch

    40. Corine Madrid

      You should surprise Charli with meagan three stallion

    41. ryan nguyen

      how my guy gonna hav 69 in his vlogs and show 1 min of it

    42. Yvette Salgado


    43. cxherry squadYT

      the comment section is so buthurt i cant even luv

    44. Anymation

      6ix9ine has really fell off doing shit like this if this video was made in 2018 it would be crazy

    45. Iconic Barbie


    46. Niko Pinedo

      hi 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💰💰💰

    47. karina

      caraio o thomas grava tudo errado

      1. karina

        tudo torto saporra

    48. Emily 696m

      lol i luv micals mask lollll

    49. Angelica Hernandez

      Rainbow boy 🌈👦🏻

    50. Liv W

    51. Liv W


    52. Teenz_ Jessica


    53. Hayley Matta


    54. Elizabeth Rodriguez

      More like Snich nine😆😆😆

    55. Goth Angel Kid

      suprise the hype house with ME :D

    56. Stqry Tapes

      Mia and chase fighting was hilarious

    57. Saigee Style

      Surprise the them with a pedifile oh wait you already did

    58. covid sssuucckkksss

      4:25 thats when they meet 69

    59. Jace gameing

      Dam he does have bushy eyebrows

    60. ItzJayduhh

      6ix9ine was actually in a movie called FLASH

    61. Tyler Marker

      who won the pong game lol

    62. Caspar Wenck

      Surprising a house full of talentless airheads with the arrival of a shitty rapper and convicted felon, great content!!!

    63. Cool Gucci suprem Roblox

      This is fake cuz 69 has rainbow teeth lol

    64. I need a bad bleep Addison rae

      Why. Out of all the celebrities, why 6ix9ine. A criminal. Don‘t give him even more attention gosh🙄

      1. I need a bad bleep Addison rae

        @Anastasia Brown oh so you think r@pe is ok? Having illegal weapons is ok? Those aren‘t mistakes you learn from those are crimes you should be punished for. So maybe you shut up because you really sound dumb

      2. Anastasia Brown

        U acting like u never done something bad people learn their lesson

      3. Anastasia Brown

        Shut up

    65. N-K_RBX

      One day he will snitch on them

    66. Mihlali Munyai


    67. fai

      Yeah you meant ‘ snitch-nine’

    68. nicholas Andrade


    69. Darwin Henriquez


    70. James Whitecloud

      I want to meet 69 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    71. James Whitecloud

      Omg I love 69

    72. Alanis Torres

      Bad bunny

    73. chicken nugget#3

      likethis comment if you dont like olivia

    74. Anime Lover ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

      That's not 6ix9ine

    75. Nayelli

      Rainbow boy

    76. muneerh zmami

      No one: No one : no one:

    77. Jay Santiago

      These videos never get to the point. It’s always a bunch of bullshit for the majority of the video and then the last min. actually comes what the title of the video is like really

    78. triple trouble truffle

      rainbow boy- surprise the hype house members with justin beiber

    79. gio

      this is so fake more fake then nicki a$$

    80. Naudy Zayas

      do cardi b

    81. Paul Norris

      hi does he reply

    82. Kurt Deters

      Rainbow boy

    83. Aland Aziz

      I’m just waiting for the day that he is going to be caught slaking

    84. Haaris TV


    85. spoiltqmiilk

      This is honestly sort of immature. Your HUfast channel is usually amazing and great but this one video was horrible. You guys are supposed to be our role models and to just bring a sex offender into your house is so disgusting. Be a role model.

    86. Mister Sacca

      Beta life 👉👌

    87. Mister Sacca

      Call the exterminator

    88. Ilinca Wolf

      No mask, no social distance...great influencers

    89. Isabella Martin

      hahha chase smiled wile freaking eating so fucking funny

    90. Mishelle Jimenez


    91. Norely Cortes Rubio

      shot i didnt think that was actaly truth anyone come get me right now i am dead because of this rainbowboy no one did that alright bye who ever likes this wins my million dolloar.

    92. Amy jerffery

      did si6nin9 just say he does not have tiktok

    93. Faze Junior

      Leaking hype house... They steal music stuff for clout There reign of stealing is bout to end.....

    94. Unnecessarily

      This whole video is embarazzing

    95. Michael Smith

      Let's all hang around with a snitch and a nonce

    96. Lauren Lord

      Sex please let daddy go home

    97. 16

      Why did I clock this it’s like watching “the cool kids” when you were little hanging out so cringe and fake lmao

    98. Kristin Weaver

      ranbow boy

    99. NotLikePinkLeaf

      ima be an tiktoker and i rlly want to be in the hype house but how old you need to be ima try to be an part of the hype when im 17