Switching Lives With Mia For A Day!

Thomas Petrou

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    Switching Lives With Mia For A Day!
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    1. Aubrey Wolf Breakey

      Fluffy pillows

    2. Jacinda Joseph

      Fluffy pillows

    3. Sonia Alderete

      *Everyone getting there covid test* Calvin: HOLLY SH!T Michael: OH SH!T mia: *covers nose at the end* Thomas: -_-

    4. Sahara Gorme

      They should not hang out with him wrong person to hang out with

    5. Kristin Koekemoer

      Fluffy pillows!!!!!

    6. Laura Resio

      "DADDY I- I mean shit" "HAHAHAHA" best part of the video 😂

    7. Camila Valadez

      Fluffy pillows

    8. kmnnk

      Chase: idk Im soo bored Me: bitch your fucking famous surely you could find sum to do

    9. Bronwyn The dinosaur

      Fluffy pillows 🦖💜✊

    10. Ailyne Cazarez Guerrero

      Fluffy pillows

    11. Content Girls

      I like how chase says he's bored when he has money and freedom

    12. Ayanna Nelson

      hi @Thomas Petrou i was wondering if you can make you videos longer because i love the video but there short videos

    13. kane lorenzana

      chase in the beginning

    14. Cheyenne LaCourse

      So did calvin lose his V o.O

    15. Raychel Johnson

      nobody: literally no one: Chase: I GoT YoUr CoFfEe Mr MoOn...lmfao

    16. Julianna P

      Thomas: is chase playing with the cat or is the cat playing with chase * laughter* Also Thomas: are you playing with the cat or is the cat playing with you Chase: I don’t know I’m bored 😂😂😂

    17. aesthetic roses

      was i the only one cracking up when micheal said aHaHa an flew

    18. Kari Vas

      The fact that the lady in that car laughed and then Micheal did is just so funny and pure it’s insane 😂

    19. Tyleisha Sardelic

      Love how you guys are a big family and make sooo many laughter memories

    20. Adalee Moreno

      Michael is so stupid but yet so funny

    21. yarenis calderon

      I took it

    22. Pflee Vlogs

      No body: Absolutely nothing: Chase: I gOt YoUr CoFeE mR mOoN!

    23. Amna Mustafa Hassan Elamin

      Omgggg Thomas is such a man like he is the only man I saw that didn’t shout when getting there kegs wax like omg

    24. CreativeRyeStudios 2016

      Lol chase in the start

    25. Midnight Lea

      😂🤣😂🤣😂😂when Nikita posed on the fence my sister farted so loud I was like wtf did my sister fart or did Nikita fart and I was like 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣I can’t breathe

    26. Analee Rodriguez

      fluffy pillows

    27. Melinda Fors

      Me looking up how many fingers Do cats have because I don’t know either

    28. Melinda Fors

      The waitress said no when asked how many fingers was on a cat and he didn’t know the answer it’s kind of funny he’s like I don’t know

    29. Elena Moreno

      Kelvin is a big baby dude

    30. Kyle Britt

      Thomas and everyone is my homies I love the girls and everyone is doing dancing or going out together that’s dope

    31. Oqhix H

      4:43 wtf michael 💀🖐🏾

    32. LeAnn Develos

      fluffy pillows

    33. gacha avi roblox

      No one: Michal: ahhh~ daddy- oh I mean shit-🤔

    34. Aleksandra Petrova

      You guys at the hype house must be really healthy like i mean you are ALWAYS DYING OF LAUGHTER FOR SOME REASON

    35. Meghan Morse

      I only had one tear for it being unconformable

    36. Meghan Morse

      I literally got the covid test for a surgey and was not that scred and i am only 10 i love your vids

    37. Jesse Klinkenberg

      Real heros say Charlie still standing there

    38. Gerardo Reyes


    39. Nexis Vlogs

      fluffy pillows ._.

    40. Adopt me Team

      Fluffy pillows

    41. lacie harshbarger

      fluffy pillows

    42. Kaileena Alaniz

      4:55 HAHAHA 😂

    43. leinelty

      Fluffy pillows

    44. Don Walley

      Fluffy pillow

    45. Nahomi Anteneh

      chase discribes me in this vid

    46. Latisha Ludidi

      Its so funny when chase acts like the like lizard from sing😅

    47. Janet Amezcua

      Fluffy pillows

    48. Wolf GamerGirl

      fluffy pillows

    49. Christy Miller

      Fluffy pillow

    50. Jade Gaillard

      fluffy pillows

    51. Joe Kavanagh

      Fluffy pillows

    52. Mia Ho

      I wonder why no one is typing fluffy pillows so I will :)

    53. Bear squad

      You guys are so lucky I have been tested 4 times and all of them they had to put it so far up my nose that I could feel it in my throat and then they spun it around for 20 seconds 😭😭😌

    54. christine long

      Omg chase wore white for the first time !!!!!!!!😱

    55. Haya Alshamsi

      Mia:do you know how many fingers a cat have! Chase: noo “in a baby voice” Me: *why the fuck is chase with the baby voice lately*

    56. Mariana Carreon

      larrys gay

    57. adverseify


    58. Sydney Campbell

      His impression waS soo funny 😂

    59. Maitri Chheda

      Nikitha and Harry would look good together

    60. Emily Martinez

      So we are not gonna talk about how Michael be saying oH DaDdY 😂

    61. Marilyn B

      Chase playing with the door bell in the beginning 😂😂😂😂

    62. peyton marquez

      I am 11 years old and I got my nose swabbed 2 times

    63. baka aisik

      Bruh I’m like going to get yeet off


      Fluffy Pillows

    65. Hana Hadid

      fluffy pillows

    66. Pandagirl boo

      i only liked the id cuz charli at the end im dead lolz

    67. Summer w

      I'm dieing chase 💀

    68. Dalaney O'Connor

      Fluffy pillows

    69. Sassy Cassy


    70. Autumn Rose

      Chase :I got your coffee Mr moon Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    71. Delainee Stoll

      Fluffy pillows

    72. Steffani Ng

      Intro and outro is sick

    73. Noor Ibrahim

      fluffy pillow

    74. melissa Nairn

      Fluffy pillows

    75. Riley E

      Fluffy pillow

    76. Makayla Kavea

      fluffy pillows

    77. Ibrahim Hakami

      Hi l❤️ you

    78. Nevaeh PayPay

      im 12 and im 6'3 im taller than chase and idk who else

    79. Mayowa Ifanse

      Fluffy pillows

    80. Leah Fitz

      Fluffy pillows

    81. Don Walley

      Fluffy pillow

    82. Cheyenne Dandrea

      I love how Thomas says good morning and it was pitch black outside

    83. Araxfiela

      no one is going to say how ANNOYING calvin is like wth

    84. The shluv fam edits

      Celvin I did the same test to it hurts so bad and it goes up your nose to your brain 🧠 and I am just 9 bro and I am a girl I am in forth grade BTW when I did the test I did the same exact same thing I laid down on the floor 🤣

    85. Simra Mahmood

      So if no one is commenting i will FlUfFy pIlLoSWE

    86. Phoenix Coronado

      My parents got testes and my mom said it felt like it touched her brain 🧠

    87. Pink gamer roblox

      We love how high pitched chases voice is

    88. Brooklynn Hardy

      Fluffy pillows

    89. Ariella Kerr-Kierulff

      “k0uvr, can you not cough in my outro?” “I was drinking my drink to annoy you and some ice came up.” “Well that’s what happens” and average conversation for them.

    90. The A Vlogs

      Fluffy billows

    91. Dayana Cornejo

      michael saying something else and the woman start laughing

    92. Dayana Cornejo

      charlie at the end is smiling with a bloody nose like is nothing

    93. Kenzy Ledo

      I love it or the vatu

    94. Tony Lopez Love_x.o.x.o

      How does Thomas feel ok I did it once I cried my Tony lopeey out

    95. Alexis Garcia

      Finally we see Avani smile 🥺💕😀

    96. Nancy Tillson

      I don't know why Calvin is scared if it goes to your brain then he has nothing to worry about 😂🙂😅

    97. Roumaissa Rahouti


    98. Hilary Wugalter


    99. Zooey Kyrie Vizmanos


    100. Zooey Kyrie Vizmanos

      Me:ded Me:ded