Teaching Chase How To Drive In A Supercar!

Thomas Petrou

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    Teaching Chase How To Drive In A Supercar!
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    1. Thomas Petrou

      There’s a few clips from a vlog that got taken down a few days ago, just didn’t want them to be gone haha

      1. Boom t Trigger


      2. Charli Damelio

        @Isys Atcheynum hufast.info/plan/vide/apCyh5qn0ZSRaoU

      3. Karma Cope

        That explains a lot

      4. Mackenzie Lee

        That sounds good #hype house

      5. JMS Video

        03:50 , yes she is cute but most of all her energy and excitement she is amazing project having cute women music videos on jms

    2. ama zon

      Every time i see Thomas there is mia

    3. Adriana Wilks

      They are friends with benefits

    4. Me Isabel

      Stop means go 100%

    5. purple skull

      "No cop no stop baby"-chase hudson

    6. purple skull

      "Stop means go baby let's go"-chase hudson

    7. Kitty Mosher

      sugar lobster

    8. Kymara Saint Louis

      Calvin:*almost flys out the window* Me: this is why we wear seatbelts kids

    9. Lucia Heideman

      Sugar lobster ? 🦞

    10. Olivia Smith

      Sugar lobster

    11. Mother Gregy and Greg

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      "Sugar lobster."

    15. Arissa Chowdhury

      Pin me

    16. Arissa Chowdhury


    17. Ceceliaxgreenxo xox

      Sugar lobster ❤️

    18. gabrielle Corpuz

      No cop,no stop - chase hudson

    19. Evelyn Yeahpau

      The fact that im 12 and know how to drive already😌 just can’t drive on highways

    20. Alex_PP

      As a 13 in Mexico I know how to drive

    21. Nayelli

      Sugar lobster

    22. Marilyn B

      Chase: No cop no stop baby..

    23. Student Alexandria Foster

      i love your vlogs so much thomas

    24. Samantha Barnett

      Chase is the cutest thing ever!!

    25. Jordynnn Reeds

      Why did chase keep saying baby💀

    26. Mary Reyes

      Surar lobster

    27. Christina Wickham

      chase is literally my whole family lol we always say to my dad " hit those people I dare you 10 points"

    28. aaliyah

      Surger labster

    29. Fatma Binfahad

      I swear they are dating ''we are just best friends who kiss here and there'' witch type of best friends kiss each other

    30. Calihan Lederer

      suger lobster no cop no stop baby baby baby

    31. Ara Herdez

      Suger lobster mia i did your comment.

    32. Michelle Silva-Garrido

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    33. Nati Tzul

      1:42 i do that too people = points 😂

    34. Gabriela Siarez

      Sugar lobster



    36. Leang Tok

      Nikikada he's simp on you

    37. aqvatic

      tbh sienna and jack are more like friends with benefits

    38. irma darchia

      sugar lobster

    39. Chanel Barajas

      wait so chase is 18 barely taking driving lessons?

    40. siyona maitra

      chase trying to drive is hilarious

    41. Naeida Olivo

      Am a 10 year old and I know how to drive

    42. Zhalyn Carrillo

      the only thing you hear is thomas laugh throughout the video LMFAOOOO love thomas!!

    43. Fun Times

      Chase:why is there so many stop signs stop means go baby lets go 🦋❔

    44. Shaunna. Buggy

      When mia said "he wouldent of fed me" I heard that Thomas doesnt feed them unless the post

    45. firespittenkitten

      ovcourse he knew it was an animal

    46. Daysi Lizama


    47. Chloe Brown

      sugar lobster

    48. Nica Iledan

      🍬SUGAR🍬 🐟 LOBSTER🐟

    49. krystal decker

      Can I join the hype house

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    51. MEME BOY

      Sugar lobster

    52. Arianna Leasure

      Baby chaseh

    53. Mini Kawaii :D

      The thumbnail where chase smile’s is so cute ☺️

    54. Maya Mannan

      sUgAr LoBsTeR

    55. alex dirusso

      chase looks so happy awwww 🥰🥰🥰

    56. Deboreah Olaoluwa

      sugar lobster

    57. ECL_X_SOLAR

      thomas:chase youre doing fantastic chase:fantastic chase:*crash* thomas:*nevermind:

    58. kato cecadze

      i like how sienna is saying that jack and her arent together and in one of the vlogs she calls jack babe

    59. ava L

      I swear Mia's brother is from riverdal

    60. Gloria Valdez

      Sugar lobster

    61. Eva Watson

      Sugar lobster

    62. sofia volpi

      i once left a mean comment on ur vlog and i'm sorry u just wanted to make content for ur fans and all though i don't with you hanging out with sixnine i dont have the right to leave a mean comment on ur videos im so sorry

    63. Ava Frost 2024

      Sugar Lobster

    64. carinas crazy world

      Sugar lobster

    65. Gretell Larrea

      Sugar lobster

    66. Naruto Rayden

      What about Tony Lopez

    67. Makenzie Cowell

      They were all screaming in the car and I immediately thought are they going to Target or is Thomas driving

    68. Julian Swann

      Chase: send it

    69. Kennedy Jasmine

      Sugar lobster

    70. Alex Medina

      sugar lobster

    71. Ava Madison

      look at Alex's hand at this time 6:36 in the video

    72. zoi plavoukos

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    74. Nano Hawk

      Good day, I just want to say that i really liked your content, congratulations! I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Maybe, You can do the same and we will become "real" HUfast friends

    75. Kimberly Skipper

      Mia when Chase is driving 2:18

    76. Duaa Elfarra

      mia's face when chase speeds was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Ilysm!!!!!!!!!

    77. Jennifer Dominguez

      Sugar 🦞 lobster

    78. Clari Laplacette

      No cop no stop baby_ chase

    79. Dino June

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    80. aesthetic erixa

      sUgar LoBsTeR

    81. Lebo Boqo

      I literally want to be the youngest hype house member but I’m in South Africa

    82. Sucheata Te

      7:43 mia: "youre so cute!!" thomas *smiles* IDK BRO WHY IS THIS SO CUTE AHAFJBSVM,EWNCD

    83. Peachy Peachy

      Sugar and lobster

    84. Itz Maddie Here

      sugar lobster

    85. Jack Ames Filming & Editing

      lmao chase can’t drive for shit

    86. Jack Ames Filming & Editing

      this is like 8% of what david’s vlogs were

    87. sofia rochin

      Sugar lobster

    88. svftpeaches

      I love your videos!~

    89. Tayhlur

      anyone else see that boogey around 45 seconds

    90. dani castro

      I genuinely wish I was friends with chase

    91. Nylah Alford

      sugar lobster!

    92. Johanna Chavarria Evangelista

      You should make a hype house gaming channel

    93. Lea Kimbel


    94. pemberton fx

      is it just me or does mia's brother, look like aidan gallagher?

    95. ten_thingz

      3:07 i like ya cut g




      He said it was different on the g wagon

    98. Cynthia Melendez

      U should teach charli how to drive now

    99. Just_ abbygee

      Y'all, check out Just_abbygee