They Left The Hype House...

Thomas Petrou

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    They Left The Hype House...
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    1. RaizXxDrip


    2. Imani Figueroa

      crunchy lemon

    3. 1-YAY Smith

      I don’t have the option im on the ground so that sucks 😂

    4. saliya wilson

      crummy lemon

    5. Eva Levonyan

      4:50 LMAO

    6. Marla Rosario

      I like your cute g lol

    7. ramona swaney

      chrunchy lemon

    8. LilShawty_XD

      Calvin talking about not being in vlogs Micheal: “I think I’m getting hard cus this seat is warm” Me: 😐😐

    9. Wolf GamerGirl

      why have i watched every single video of Thomas'

    10. Tati Rivera

      Why they leave

    11. 『Våñîllã Ättåçk』

      Crunchy lemons


      Does anybody see this.... Calvin Likes Mia. It is so dang Oblivious.

    13. Mayowa Ifanse

      crunchy lemon

    14. Vintage

      Tony can go but ondrez can stay

    15. Kamalay Williams


    16. Anastasia M

      The caption didn't age well...

    17. Michou Gelin

      Why does ondreaz have to leave

    18. Raimi Alford

      Do a video where everyone has to be gay that goes to the Hhouse.

    19. Neth Raj

      crunchy letus

    20. fayoona alrughaib

      crunchy lemon

    21. Iman Suleiman

      You destroyed the hype house

    22. Dodi the best

      I am done I did everything you asked I want a phone

    23. Allison Neo

      Title: They Left The Hype House Me: *To go shopping*


      That did not age well

    25. Itsme Mill

      Omg tony changed his hair back

    26. Thomas Sileo

      scrunchy lemon

    27. Itz Maddie Here

      crunchy lemon

    28. C S

      now they really are leaving the hh 😪

    29. Dezirae Ramos

      Me 3 weeks ago: ok their not leaving Me right now: THEIR LEAVING😭😭

    30. Megan Mair

      Whos here when tony and ondreaz are actually gonna move out of the house cause they want there one big place cause they only have a small room to stay in in that massive house

    31. winter _vibezz

      I can't see Tony and not smile 😇

    32. Jocelyn Gil

      Did the Lopez brothers leave the hype house nooo that’s sad 😱😭😭

    33. Ella Harding

      cruncy lemon

    34. Someone ??

      Mia is really violent

    35. hailey vincelette

      i dont pay attention to the hype house but calvin thooooooo

    36. Temeira Govender

      I love your video's so so much ❤ and I don't go to sleep if I don't whach your videos Love from Angel Govender

    37. Shanice S

      All the OGs are leaving the hype house 😥😥

    38. Andrea Hunter

      Tony can leave just not ondreaz

    39. Draco Malfoy


    40. Sejal Sharma

      Basically this video was false but I kind of have started to feel they have the hype house now

      1. Sejal Sharma

        2 days and no information as to where they are and notbin any of the vlogs like recent ones?!

    41. Khloe Camille Buchanan Buchanan

      no matter how much i try i still dont get to see them:(

    42. Khloe Camille Buchanan Buchanan


    43. Rihanna Cobaxin

      Cranking love

    44. Aimee Ede


    45. Reynolds chanel

      At the start that gave me chills

    46. lucia Lara

      Hi Thomas I got a hype and it’s not her so give me my money back

    47. Skylar Rose

      Thomas: this car is probobly the most beautiful car I’ve ever driven. Me: uhhhhhh didn’t he own a Tesla?

    48. IamAshely Playz

      Target 🎯 is a girls home

    49. Chelijay 11

      Your recording sucks

    50. Jaden Reezy

      i think this is the first thumbnail without thomas opening his mouth

    51. Xu_x_clan


    52. Jake Skates

      fr why r they still called the hype house the hype already left

    53. Allison Hernandez

      2:31 😂😭 this is literally my favorite part of the video lmao😂😂

    54. Eazy- Austin

      Crunchy lemon!

    55. Taylor Pham

      Finally the one time he doesn’t does the 😮 face in his thumbnails

    56. don’t try me

      Who cares if the leave pervs

    57. Alejandra grosso

      I love you ondreaz hope you know that I love you

    58. joana stardoll

      I loved how Thomas said: Don’t curse there’s a child!

    59. noe guzman


    60. Amber Cloete


    61. Kalia Morales

      Click bait

    62. Karina Gallagher

      is there a discount code

    63. Jtf9


    64. shadiamond Irving

      this would go good that tok meme why are you living me✌️😏

    65. Ashlyn McLean

      I’m glad he changed up his face for the thumbnail like finally lol 😂!

    66. Ashley Acosta

      my dumbass thought the revving was coming from the prius

    67. Jessie Jimenez

      Am I the only one who thinks Bryant is Attractive

    68. IDRK why I'm here

      Bruh why u speeding???

    69. Victoria Tyynismaa

      I thought the prius was the car.

    70. Gloria Valdez

      Crunchy lemon

    71. Alina Naheed

      Crunchy LEMON 🍋

    72. NotSo Sari

      We are here for the job interview? Thomas: who’s hosting it? Them: Lil huddy, we from the mafia 💀

    73. NotSo Sari

      How to get views; show half your face the whole time you film, Boom! So many views

    74. annelise Estrada

      Crunchy lemon

    75. Kerri Jarman

      Hi Thomas

    76. Alexa Carr

      when he hits 2 million subs he should film the right way!

    77. Uziel Rhymz

      "Crunchy Lemon"

    78. Bored

      Who's here after Tony Lopez got exposed for messaging an underaged girl?

    79. Percy Fritz Camus


    80. Dora The Explorer

      im here to tell u rn....we dont care, we dont care xd

    81. Amiyah I make edits

      Crunchy lettuce

    82. Ashley Tully

      scrunchie lemon

    83. Ava Forkum

      scrunchy lemons

    84. Johnathan Hardman

      Hold on...... Wasn't Tanner positive for Covid-19? He's spitting into Thomas mouth basically in the beginning Bruh.......

    85. kaseyrr

      Is it so hard to social distance and wear mask hype house y’all are always having people over and having party like there is a pandemic and people are dying you are putting your and other peoples lives at risk and you call your selfs influences when you are basically showing that partying and always inviting people over is okay people are losing the people they love so stop being selfish and wear make stop partying and social distance

    86. Lovely Miya

      I wish lemons were crunchy, combining one of my favorite textures and tastes

    87. skylar

      " every white mom going up to the hype house ohhh which house it it?!?!?!!" "its on google maps, means we should go there" 4:50

    88. Charles Miranda

      Okay good I love the dancing videos with the Lopez brothers

    89. Arthur Caer

      more clickbait

    90. Phoebe Deighton

      No one: Me: crunchy lemon

    91. aMaL aBali

      Omg I really thought Shane dawn... I mean tony left the hype house 😲

    92. fateme p

      The best part of the velog was were sb elso was filming likeee a HUMAN

    93. ohoud ibrahim

      HHahHah😂 I love you so much ❤❤

    94. Evie Palmer


    95. Makayla Lister

      Crunchy Lemon

    96. Brynn Price

      Who else thought that Micheal was talking abt his chin hairs when he said “I’m gonna miss you”

    97. Dakota Lopez

      Tanner:get 1 million views in like 5 hours i dont care Me:more like 1 million views in like 5 seconds

    98. Emily K

      Crunchy Lemons😂

    99. Nicolas Aguilar Villalba

      Bro hype house content is fake af