They Surprised Me For My Birthday!

Thomas Petrou

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    The Hype House Surprised Me For My Birthday!
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    1. Zoe Thompson

      Tony still said 🔞

    2. Imani Figueroa

      purple canalope

    3. _Itz._. donut_

      Okey- sorry late comment buttt! Purple cantaloupe uwu

    4. C o f f e e

      When they did volleyball skit I was getting Haikuu vibes UwU

    5. Dakota Lopez

      Purple cantaloupe

    6. cHuG man72

      Tony Lopez is so gay

    7. EliteDragonKin

      If you guys are the athletic team then why does Michael dance

    8. Roblox girl


    9. Kristin Koekemoer

      Purple Cantelope!!!!!

    10. Sophia Long

      this is why i love watching your vids and ik this comment is a few months late but happy late birthday and i also like how you are nice to people especially your fans if you see this comment just please like or reply . thank you for your support in the hype house also even tho im just a little girl who is a fan of the hype house

    11. Bruh hurB

      Angel had the best compliment 3:43

    12. Sandra Keener

      By the way happy birthday

    13. Esha Bhader

      Happy birthday

    14. Yaned Burgos

      Mia:he’s the best boyfriend and I love him Me:awwww🥺

    15. rae

      Purple cantaloupe

    16. Jd GR

      HAPPY B-DAY NAKITA!!!!!!!!❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🤎🖤

    17. Mallory Owen

      god that is the first time you guys where nice well most of you

    18. david adams

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🥳🥳🥳Love your videos the make me laugh 😂 all the time 🐈🍰🎂🍿

    19. Jayda Marie

      Tony lookin like a cheeto puff

    20. Jolly Black Slime Gaming

      Ww have the same brithday

    21. Basic Vibes

      The Hype House:Plays volleyball Weebs:OmG OnE tOuCh

    22. Lenya Sleeman

      Purple Cannelo

    23. Lenya Sleeman

      Happy birthday boo

    24. Hafsah Bby

      Purple Cantaloupe

    25. Rosalinda Diaz

      No one. Not one person. In the entire world. Except Nate. *im around so many Caucasians so much that I forget im black sometimes* 🤣🤣🤣

    26. Genesis Rodriguez

      Wow I can't believe they say bad words l

    27. jamila mohamed

      same happy birthday

    28. Nayelli

      Purple cantaloupe

    29. Amber Tulley

      perpal canalop

    30. Lucas Ensley

      purple canalope

    31. lilacaddi i

      ✨purple cantaloupe✨

    32. Juliette sanchez

      Happy birthday i Love you

    33. Lilli _Peanut

      purplr cantlaope lol its rong

    34. Lily Weller

      Purple cantalpe

    35. Mindy Leah

      *HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!* belated. Here's to your new AWE-mazing year.

    36. Dara berenice Cruz

      Happy birthday!!!

    37. Layla Lou

      purple cantaloupe

    38. Jalanie Houde

      Lopez brother got me lik😍🥰

    39. Carmella Rogers


    40. JW Jumping

      if nikita was a dog, shed be a chihuahua and nobody can change my mind.

    41. lyriq glenn

      the twins are3 yrs apart and happy late bday tohmas

    42. Gabriela Siarez

      Purple cantaloupe

    43. skylar. robloxaesthetic

      “I’m so drunk I forgot I’m black” LMFAO HAHAHAHA

    44. Narta Bexheti


    45. Narta Bexheti

      Stop ruining the moment i love u thomas

    46. Kailey-Ann Prem-Kuapahi

      PURPLECANTOLOUPE ( i spelled that worng ) ima just go HAPPY B-DAY THOMAS

    47. Lily Archer-Flo

      If Thomas holds a guitar it looks like he is holding a ukulele 😂🤣🎸🎻


      purple calliope

    49. Donna Chung

      Its likes zombies trying to get in your room

    50. MacDonald s

      My family don’t care about my birthday

    51. jason tucker

      purple canolope

    52. Weird Cousins

      Nikita is so freaking funny OMG

    53. Matilda Waters

      Nikita is such a mood

    54. maria thomas

      One thing I like about thomas is that he's buff and his first name is my last name and you always make me smile when I'm sad and you're very sweet to people and especially your beautiful girlfriend mia

    55. Hailey Cronk

      My favorite thing eh UT there group is Calvin and Patrick there so fuckin funny and I love them btw happy birthday Thomas ly

    56. Samantha Sanabria

      love this=

    57. Chloe Affy

      There like this to the door*👊👊👊🤛🤜

    58. Zamyra Williams

      Purple Cantaloupe 🍈

    59. Sky Tabin

      Jesus loves you pray to god!

    60. Wolf GamerGirl

      purple cantaloupe

    61. Валари Георгиева

      Happy birthday Tomas😂

    62. Christyn Baylor

      Virgo gang I'm a Virgo to

    63. Shelly Angus

      My birthday is September 3 too (year 2000)

    64. Arianna Spotted Eagle

      its almost my bday can you please ryply

    65. Mini_Sunflower Plays!

      Purple cantaloupe

    66. Kaitlin Mathis

      I love the Lord more than my loveable bothers but I love them to

    67. Brooke-Lynn Marcus

      Happpy Birthday

    68. Jake Cole


    69. Kristina Nance

      Your b day is my b day too omg 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    70. Annis Gould

      Nikita might be promermatic but she's funny :,-)(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)ʘ‿ʘ

    71. Slime Unicorn

      Purple cantaloupe

    72. Esteffanie paz

      NiKiTa GeT oFf ThE dAmN nEt 😂

    73. Lindsey Cortez

      Happy birthday thomassss

    74. Samantha Watters

      I love how everyone is drunk af all the time while chase is drinking a Capri sun

    75. Kailey Puntiel

      Purple catalog

    76. Paloma Uribe

      I how almost everyone said Thomas is buff

    77. Elizabeth Hall

      I love volleyball

    78. Tran Lam

      I'm late but happy birthday and I love you guys

    79. Thomas Sileo

      purple cantaloupe

    80. Serenity Dennison

      awh mia is so cute

    81. Heaven Keys

      I like you tic tok

    82. Mickleen Efren

      Haha tayler

    83. Zareyah Pulalasi

      2:56 she getting angry hunny lol dont ruin her shot people she will scream at you!!

    84. Nylah Calvin


    85. Nylah Calvin


    86. julissa galvez

      happy birthday thomas

    87. Tai Willis

      purple cantaloupe

    88. Amy Gamer75

      No one: still no one: not even my dog: nikita:Thonmas



    90. Louise Nunn

      Purple cantaloupe

    91. STAR ANGEL

      0:27 lil huddy looks like slender man 🌚💔

    92. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Purple cantaloupe."

    93. Paula Orriols

      purple cantaloupe

    94. Alyssa Entenman

      purple cantaloupe

    95. Derek Claxton

      Awww kOver🥰🥰

    96. Derek Claxton

      Really ryland😂😂

    97. Alexandra Reynoso

      Nikita is me “say SoMeThInG” “ SAY SOMETHING!!!” So me 😂

    98. Hanna Jeror


    99. Jordan Hopper

      Mia and Thomas is such a cute couple